Title: Playing the Game
Author: Neko-Chan
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: 2X1, hints of 3x4
Warnings: AU, Cross-dressing, Lemon, Yaoi, OOC?
Status: Unbetaed
Type: One-Shot

Disclaimers: I don't own any famous characters… just imagine what my perverted little mind would do to the GW universe… oh wait, you already know ^_^

Notes: Dedicated to Lena-San whose drawing talent has me completely in awe. The matching picture is in my fanart archive. It comes from one of my doujinshi's. I haven't done a 2x1 full length lemon in a while so please let me know if anyone liked it. LMN


Playing the Game
by Neko-Chan



"Wanna date?" a cute blonde asked with a smile and Mr. Jones almost choked on his tongue. He could barely believe his luck! He had wanted to do something special is last night in Tokyo but this was too perfect.

"How much?" He questioned and her smile widened.

"30,000 yen." She purred and the sound went straight to his groin. He quickly did the calculations; a hundred yen was a dollar so she was $300.00. He reached for his wallet but she stopped him with a surprisingly firm grip.

"Wait till we get a room." He nodded in understanding then blinked in surprise when she latched on to his arm and started to drag him off.

The front desk clerk at the love motel didn't even look up as he ran his card through. He just stated that the room was 5000 yen an hour. She giggled and visions of what he could do with her for an hour made it almost impossible to walk.

In the room he rushed straight to the circular bed and looked up expectantly. She just held out her hand and he blushed like a bumbling teenager as he grabbed a handful of bills from his wallet. She counted out the 60,000 yen carefully with a smile in her aquamarine eyes.

"Two hours? Eager aren't we?" She questioned with a smirk then pocketed the cash. As she walked closer hand on her uniform bow he could barely breathe in excitement. Then in a flash his whole world exploded in pain. Curling up in fetal position to clutch his abused genitals he heard mocking laugh.

"I'm a boy, hentai bakayaro!" Said a surprisingly male voice "that's what you get for trying to pick up a middle school girl! ECCHI!"

The door slammed in the background but Mr. Jones was in too much pain to give chase. He never returned to Japan for business again.




It started as a game. Sometime after they had been accepted with scholarships to Gundamian High school. Heero had laughingly said if they were girls they could use their uniforms to street walk. After all a few girls at their old school had made their extra cash that way. Wufei had been scandalized ranting he wouldn't trade his body for money and Heero said he wouldn't have to. He said all you needed to do was get the guy to the hotel then run with the cash.

Quatre had agreed pointing out that any straight guy would be so humiliated that he picked up a boy he wouldn't go after them.

Trowa pointed out that out of town business men would be the best targets since they were still a few years shy of the sixteen-year- old age of consent. They had laughed it off that night. Attributing their crazy ideas to too much pocky and caffeine.

Then one of the scholarships had fallen through. Their group was faced with the prospect of being torn apart for the first time. After all in Japan where High School was a luxury paid for by parents, orphans had to choices get a scholarship or join the workforce and do night school. So they began brain storming on how to pay for Trowa's tuition.

They all worked the scam that summer as Trowa searched for a job. School girl uniforms were easy to borrow at the orphanage so they were set. One of the girls, Meiran showed them how to dress and where to go. She helped them find their first johns. Quatre was able to bring in a hefty chunk of cash but Wufei and Heero were in competition for the lead.

Trowa found out and had been horrified by the danger his best friends had faced for him. He made them never promise to do it again. The three boys readily agreed because by then they had the money. Trowa's scholarship for the next year went through fine so that summer was forgotten; only spoken of in good natured banter and jokes.




At the soda shop they all sat at the window booth and watched the people passing. Heero having lost the bet on who would win the national soccer championships was stuck in his old outfit for all of Sunday. He looked unexpectedly delicious. It was surprising how quickly he got use to moving in a skirt again. After all they were far from their normal hangouts so Heero had no reason to fear. And old routines were far too easy to fall into…

"I bet I could take him." Sweet, deceptively innocent looking Quatre was the first to start the old game. If they had been at war his analytical mind would have made him a brilliant strategist.

"Hmph…easy pickings." Wufei scoffed as he eyed the lost looking middle-aged man.

"What about him?" Trowa asked getting into the spirit of things and nodding toward a man across the street in a tailored black business suit.

Looking at the obviously well-to-do, handsome young man comfortably ensconced on the fountain edge reading a book Quatre shook his head.

"But he looks Gaijin." Stated Trowa confused by his lovers vehement denial.

"No way. He's young, good looking and looks comfortable enough to have been in Tokyo for a while."

"Those guys are nothing but guaranteed trouble. Usually though their not interested. Come on if you looked like that would you pay for a date? Not even Heero or I could have gotten him when we were on top of our game." Wufei stated with an inelegant snort. He knew all to well how dangerous those type were. Sensing a challenge and a chance to make up for his damaged pride Heero's eyes lighted up.

"I bet I could get him…even now." At Heero's calm statement Wufei burst out in laughter, Quatre rolled his eyes at his two friends long standing rivalry and even Trowa shook his head finally understanding the futility of Heero's boast.

"No way in hell Heero." Wufei stated smugly.

"Oh yeah? Want to bet on that?"

"You'll only lose."

"Fine…when I win you'll have to finally tell us what happened when you picked up that long haired blonde and didn't return all weekend." Heero's challenge was delivered with a smirk that caused Wufei to turn redder then he already was.

"And when you lose…You have to take Relena Peacecraft to the senior prom." Hearing the head cheerleaders name caused Heero to turn an extremely unflattering shade of bilious green. He couldn't back down now without losing face in front of his friends.

"Ninmu ryokai." He growled out and left before anyone could object.

"Don't worry Trowa-bunny," Quatre comforted his boyfriend "There is no way Heero is going to get that guy. We all lost that androgynous beauty we had before we hit puberty. Our voices are deeper, our features have matured into their masculinity and the lack of soft curves a woman has is more noticeable. No matter how pretty Heero is there is no way he can pass for a girl."

"Trowa…bunny?" Wufei questioned and Quatre gave him a brilliant smile.

"Yeah! Like the energized bunny. He keeps going … and going … and going."

Trowa turned a particularly vivid shade of cherry red as Wufei snorted his tea down the wrong tube in laughter. As they tried to get Wufei to breath again they failed to notice the stranger and Heero talking. By the time Quatre looked up, they were gone.




As he headed to the fountain Heero noted how different things were. He may have fitted the clothes, just barely but his old attitude wasn't as easy to don. He knew how to move in these clothes but still felt off. The blue wool pleated skirt which had been regulation length now barely skimmed mid thigh. The black patent Mary-janes were dull and stiff with disuse. Where the cotton blouse had once met the top of the skirt, now it showed an almost obscene amount of bare skin. At least three inches of toned stomach was revealed between its hem and the skirts top. The red bow at the wide sailors top was brilliant, drawing eyes away from his chest…or lack there of. The only things that still fit perfectly were the slouchy white knee socks and navy headband. The weight of the gold teddy bear studs was actually comforting in his ears.

Slipping a compact from his pocket as he stood near the stranger Heero re-applied a fresh coat of lip gloss. Using the mirror he saw the stranger glance at him and smile. For an eerie second it felt like they were completely alone surrounded by a bustling crowd of thousands maybe millions of people. But then a car horn shattered the moment as someone ran a red light. There was a nervousness in the pit of Heero's stomach threatening to break into hysteria. He looked into those amazing cobalt eyes and Heero forgot all his lines, forgot the rules of the game and said the first thing that came to mind.

"I'm yours."

"Excuse me?" The incredulous tone in the others voice snapped Heero out of it. Calling himself all kinds of fool he let a practiced smile stretch his lips.

"You're lucky; I'm having a one day only special sale. So for 15,000 yen I'm yours." Heero said his tongue darting out to lick his lips nervously.

Something flickered in those cobalt depths making them seem the impossible shade of violet before the other man, he looked a boy really, nodded. Taking Heero's hand in his surprisingly firm but gentle grasp he led him away.




Heero followed the cobalt eyed stranger to a `love' motel. The lady behind the counter gave him a hard look but said nothing. Did she recognize him from years ago?

Following him into the room Heero felt a slight trickle of unease as the other boy turned to lock the door. No one had thought to lock the door before.

"I'm Duo Maxwell and you are?"

"Heero Yuy." He answered then mentally groaned. He hadn't been prepared for such a straight forward question and had forgotten to lie. Mistake number two. Duo stepped closer to kiss him and Heero avoided it just in time.

"Money first." He reminded coldly and Duo smiled then shook his head.

"I know you're a boy Heero." Shock raced through his body at those simple words allowing Duo to push him back against the wall and tap Heero with his body. "I know who you are Heero. I've seen you play at the high school soccer championships. Imagine what would happen if the Gundam High Board of trustees found out what you do for fun? Or any university you wanted to go to?" The silky whisper contained a very valid threat and Heero shook his head.

"No…please…I never actually…"

"Of course. I knew you were a scam from the moment I saw you. But I just couldn't say no. Your far prettier then any woman I've seen dressed up as a school girl. What you actually did is irrelevant, a scandal is a scandal."

"What do you want?" Heero asked defeated. If Duo spoke about him his friends might be exposed and he couldn't ruin the guys' futures. He would find some way to get what ever money Duo wanted. After all they all had scholarships to Dorilain University next year.

"You." Came the husky reply and Heero's eyes went wide in shock then closed in defeat. A single salty tear slipped down his cheek.

Duo licked the salty drop to Heero's tightly clenched jaw.




Heero couldn't help a soft whimper of fear at the prospect of what this stranger…no Duo, wanted. As soft but firm lips descended on his own he shuddered. His mind was telling him he shouldn't be enjoying Duo's touch, but his body was ignoring it. Pleasure was pleasure no matter the source.

The lips caressing his own were oh so warm, and the wet warmth licking him caused Heero to exclaim in surprise. Not losing his chance Duo took advantage of the opportunity to taste Heero even Deeper. His lips may have been sweet but ravishing the wet heat of his mouth was even sweeter. The short haired boy's soft moans into his kiss were short-circuiting Duo's brain and heading straight to his groin.

Finally pulling away when the need for oxygen had threatened to expand beyond a mildly unpleasant burn, Duo couldn't stop his lips from seeking to taste more of Heero's exposed skin. Mere seconds and he was already addicted.

As Duo suckled on the soft juncture between neck and body his hands were busy yanking down Heero's skirt and Teddy bear panties in one deft motion. The suddenness of the action startled Heero from the passion fogged haze gripping him.

"No! Yamete!" He shouted as both hands reached down, fingers splayed to hide his privates... His cheeks a pretty tinge of embarrassed pink as he turned his head in shame. Part of him was hoping at this final proof of his masculinity Duo would let him go…part of him hoped not. Confused Duo lifted Heero's head gently forcing him to meet his gaze. Noting the trembling of his lips, Duo frowned.

"You're afraid…why?"

"I…I've…never." Heero's choked reply made no sense.

"I know you've never whored yourself Heero. So why are you so afraid?"

"No ones ever…I've never…that kiss was my…" Enlightenment dawned in Duo's eyes as he listened to the nervously stuttering boy. A possessive growl was barely held back as he considered how to reply.

"Heero…you've never done this with anyone?"

Heero shook his head looking away from Duo again hoping now that he knew the long haired boy would let him go. Instead he carefully undid Heero's blouse leaving the boy clothed only in his socks.

"I'll be gentle." Came the soft words almost like a promise.

Carefully caressing a firming pink nipple with his hand Duo licked it, and then blew warm air on the wet nub. It tightened immediately and a soft gasp escaped Heero's throat as he clenched his hand on the wall trying to find purchase on the smooth surface. He never noticed them much before but under Duo's lavish attention Heero was aware of an arch of heat that seemed to connect his nipples with his cock. Was this pleasure? He wanted more.

The wet warmth of Duo's mouth was trailing down his body and Heero barely held back a whimper as Duo stopped right *there*. Slight trembling was slipping through his body as Duo licked the length of his cock bringing it to complete attention. His tongue barely lapped at the soft head purring with pleasure as clear precum leaked out. Hands gripping his hips kept Heero standing as his knees went weak.

Duo took the head into his mouth working his way down to the downy hair at the root of Heero's cock. The sight of the other boy swallowing him completely combined with the wet sucking motions surrounding his was all it took. With a loud cry Heero came hard. Duo swallowed Heero's release before Capturing Heero's lips in another searing kiss. This time Heero gave as good as he got. Seeking to taste Duo beyond the musky flavor of his own seed Heero used his tongue to fill Duo's mouth. Some part of his subconscious mind recognized he would one day want to remember this during his lonely nights and filed the moment away in his memory.

"You're so responsive…" Duo whispered with a touch of awe.

Hands slid down the smooth planes of Heero's back to grip his buttocks firmly, pushing him closer to Duo. Twin moans were brought from both boys as the slight friction between Heero's awakening erection and Duo's hard one raised the temperature.

Lifting Heero up Duo carried him over to the neatly made bed.

He settled him down gently before he latched on to another part of Heero's throat to mark his new lover. Sitting up slowly he settled between Heero's legs admiring the flushed beauty before him. Opening the nightstand drawer he took out the sample tube left by the housekeeping staff. KY was the same the world over.

Carefully watching as Duo coated his fingers with clear gel Heero tried to focus on anything but the thought of what came next. Noticing the long chestnut braid for the first time Heero grabbed the end of it like a life line. He could feel one hand spread the cheeks as a slick digit probed inside. It was unusual but not painful.

"Mmm tight." Duo gasped as he slowly pressed it in all the way then pulled out, loosening and lubricating Heero's inner muscles. A second finger was added then a third, Heero whimpered at the sudden pain and he bit his lip hard. Tears threatened to spill and he grabbed onto Duo's shirt with a soft,


"Shhh." Duo soothed.

"Relax." He whispered and kissed Heero's forehead. Some how Heero did. As he worked his fingers deeper Duo's other hand firmly encircled Heero's erection.

"Ne Heero?" he whispered against kiss bruised lips.

"Un uhn!" Heero half screamed as Duo's fingers brushed against something that sent lightening through his veins.

"Do you ever touch yourself?"

"N…No." He could barely think much less speak.

"Then your first time…your first everything will always be mine." Came the heated whisper against his ear and Heero moaned in displeasure as Duo withdrew his fingers. There was the rustle of clothing being shed and then their bodies kissed, skin to skin. Duo's one hand was on his hips, steadying him as he nudged the stretched flesh of Heero's entrance with a blunt tip. The other carefully positioned his cock as he pressed forward. The smaller boy arched in a mixture of pain and pleasure but Duo didn't stop his steady penetration till he was deep in Heero.

Licking the damp skin of Heero's neck he tried to gain control on the emotions running wild through him. Heero was so warm and tight even with Duo's through preparation. If he hadn't known moving would make it better he'd never want to withdraw from the haven of Heero's body. Pulling back slowly he thrust back in with a deep moan as Heero clenched involuntarily around him.

"Nmm Heero…So…Ahhh!" Words were lost as sounds of pure need filled the room. Duo's braid unraveled to cover both lovers in a curtain of hair. Gripping Heero's hips he continued to thrust into him at an uneven pace. Impaling Heero again and again on his hard length Duo caught Heero's lips again. Tongues battling as bodies moved as one. Duo pressed against a spot in Heero and the Prussian eyed boy spasmed around him.

The intense emotions filling Heero's body were to complex for a simple word like ecstasy. He was flying apart and drowning in them all at once. This time was so much more intense then the first time he came. And the only thing holding him together was the Duo filling him.

As Heero started to melt into a boneless pile of satiated bliss Duo growled. He needed to get deeper. Rolling over he brought Heero into a half upright position in his lap. Spearing him deeper Duo couldn't help but groan as the final ripples of Heero's orgasm surrounded him.

"Mine." He growled fiercely as his orgasm hit him, pumping his seed into Heero with wave after wave of warmth he marked him if only for a little while. He didn't see the single tear trickle down Heero's face as he slowly slipped his softening cock out.




Listening to the steady breathing of his companion Heero sat up and studied him in the neon glare of the city reflected through the window. He was truly beautiful in that way only men could be. His long chestnut hair was spread over the pillow and Heero remembered how silky it had felt against his bare skin. He reached out to touch it then remembered he had no right.

He had whored himself for his education and his friends future. His enjoyment of it made it even worse. He was a slut…but he had an odd feeling had it been anyone else but the man lying next to him he would have fed him his fist not his body. What was it about Duo Maxwell that made him feel so weak?

He hadn't meant to fall asleep after the third time Duo had taken him…no that was wrong. He had given himself to Duo willingly and sometime during that night he had given him more then just his body. He had willingly offered up his soul. He had fallen asleep in Duo's arms after the third time. There was an achyness in her limbs that had nothing to do with exhaustion and everything to do with regret.

Climbing out of bed was harder then he thought. There was nothing he wanted in the world more then to crawl back into the warm embrace of Duo's arms. But he knew Duo wouldn't want to see him in the morning. After all they had nothing to say to each other their `business' had been completed last night.

He was glad of the shower stall in the bathroom. A few moments under the scalding spray cleared in his head. While he rinsed the last traces of Duo's scent off his skin Heero's hands lingered on the faint bruises littering his torso. Love bites, hickeys, elf kisses, so many names for such insignificant things. They would fade from his body too, like all other visible signs of Duo's possession. But the memories of last night wouldn't fade as easily.

Dressing he slipped out the door feeling like he had left something important behind. He told himself it wasn't anything as sappy as his heart or clichéd as his soul. He just knew he let behind something more vital to his life then either of those.




The next day in school the gang approached Heero.

"Where's the money?" Wufei asked but surprisingly instead of showing it off with a smirk Heero shook his head and bit his lip. Fortunately no one noticed his wince as he touched the maltreated flesh.

"He changed his mind before we got to the hotel." Heero's words rang false for some reason and Quatre gave him a worried look. It wasn't like their friend to be so quiet.

"You must have lost your touch." Wufei laughed.

"Yeah…" Heero said and hurried away. They all shared a concerned look. Heero was acting odd. Quatre decided now was not the time to mention he hadn't seen Heero return to the dorms last night.




They all knew something was wrong with Heero. But no one knew how to change it. Even Wufei had long since ceased to tease him about hi `date' with Relena. It just wasn't as fun when her name didn't even get a blink in response from the stoic boy.

Heero had started to avoid them lately so they all decided to skip breakfast and find him. He was out back looking completely alone as he sat under a cherry blossom tree. They were only half way there when another boy kneeled next to Heero.

"Ohayo Hee-Chan!" Said a voice that had haunted his dreams and Heero looked up to meet vibrant cobalt eyes.

To his friends surprise instead of introducing the boy to his right hook Heero blushed. Noting the boys outfit Trowa realized he was a fellow student. He must be that transfer student Osamu had been blabbering about. Even though he hadn't met him before Quatre had an eerie feeling he had seen him before.

Eyeing the long chestnut braid the new guy sported Wufei suddenly understood. The stranger in the black business suit they had seen last week…he had a chestnut braid.

"Duo…I thought…" Heero began but fell silent ducking his head in embarrassment.

"Baka ne…" Duo whispered "I told you your mine and I meant forever."




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