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Playground wars


"Class? Class?" Milly called trying desperately to gain the attention of group of rambunctious Six year olds who had just come back from their Christmas break. Milly was not your average first grade teacher. Not unless your average first grade teacher was a young, sexy, and beautiful cross dresser. Who just happened to be having an affair with their equally young sexy and beautiful justice ranting principle and his not so young but equally sexy and beautiful school superintendent boyfriend!

With a sigh Milly used his ruler to rap the chalkboard and on que the class went silent and gave him their attention. Every one that is except for his little sister Relena who was still sticking her tongue out at the Maxwell boy, Duo was her sworn enemy. It had been so since September when he had ignored her offer of friend ship and stood up for Hilde a rambunctious tomboy who had ruined Relena's favorite pink party dress by knocking her in the mud during recess.

Then he had further angered her by befriending the young Barton boy Trowa who Relena had declared unfit for playing with because his family was not only poor but they lived in a caravan on the carnival grounds just outside of town. Just last week Duo had included young Quatre R. Winner in his motley crew. Quatre had been one of the few boys who actually meet Relena's requirements for her friends and to have Duo steal him away was the last straw in her eyes. Milly doubted that Duo even realized his sister was waging war against him. He was just being his usual friendly self.

"Class we have a new student joining us today. This is Heero Yuy, he just moved here with his family and I want you all to make him feel welcome."

"Hi Heero!" The class yelled enthusiastically.

"Aaa ano hello." Came the barely heard reply. Milly couldn't help smiling at the utterly kawaii picture the boy presented in his khaki shorts and button down polo shirt. Vivid Prussian eyes peeked shyly through jagged milk chocolate bangs.

"Why don't you sit between Sae and Nuriko, Heero?" Milly asked and the purple haired boy moved over to let Heero get a seat. Looking over at the suddenly silent Relena, Milly felt a moment of unease the statement in both Relena and Duo's eyes were frighteningly similar.

As soon as the recess bell rang and class was led out to the playground Milly snuck back to the teachers lounge for a little morning delight. He knew that his class was safe under the watchful gaze of the playground ladies. Tira and Chocolate while seemingly sweet could be ruthless when needed and had the awed respect of everyone in school.

~_^ + ^_~ = ^_^;;

Heero nervously glanced at the playground. The son of a soldier he had been raised to recognize the signs of a coming war. There was blood in the air and it looked like he was in the thick of it. A pretty blonde girl in a cotton candy pink jumper was advancing on him determinedly while a boy with a long chestnut braid and ratty denims was approaching from the south. Heero did what any sane six year old would. he ran.




This random bit of fluff was brought courtesy of my writer's block. LMN