Disclaimers: I don't own any famous characters… but the story is all mine <growls>
Rating: R
Pairings: Past NC+1, Future 2X1
Warnings: Practically everyone out there. NC stuff that never quite progresses to rape. Angst. Child Abuse. Au hints. Incest. Violence. Blood. Gore. OC who is off the deep end. OOC. Some VERY twisted things.
Status: Unbetaed
Type: Part one of the `Yami No Omocha' Series


Picture's worth a thousand words


Working in the top levels of the Preventers organization gave Heero a sense of security. Very few could the clearance to the inner corridors which surrounded his office. Noting the plain brown envelope on his desk Heero frowned slightly. He wasn't expecting any new orders.

Opening it he pulled out the contents. A single picture. His eyes rolled back in his head as he fell, his mind unable to cope with what he saw. It was far too easy to withdraw into himself, something he hadn't done in years.

Hearing the crash Duo rushed in from the adjoining office. The body on the floor was so sill he had to feel for a pulse before he cursed. As a random agent wandered in Duo harshly barked,

"Get the medic. Now!" Noting the only thing out of place was an upside down picture, he read the back carefully.

`Ore no Tenshi.' Was all it said.

Turning it over he felt his stomached lurch. Heero's eyes more empty then they were now, stared at him from the face of a four year old child. The tearless face seemed to be begging him for rescue. Long chocolate brown hair pulled straight by its own weight pooled on the floor around him. He was dressed in the robes of a Geisha, the miniature kimono revealed more then it concealed. With his face painted and lips lacquered he truly looked like an angel… no he looked like a toy.

An older boy stood behind him his hands splayed against the bare skin of Heero's chest. A gleam of proud possession glared at Duo from colorless eyes. It dared anyone to take the boy-doll which was obviously his. Otherwise the little boy dressed in the formfitting clothes of a soldier was expressionless. Hair as colorless as his eyes was cropped short like Heero's present hair style. His beautiful but sharp features held a level of cruelty rarely seen in the sane.

Knowing Heero wouldn't want anyone else to see the picture Duo quickly pocketed it. He had a feeling he had seen that face before…