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Rating: NC-17

Pairings: 2X1!!!

Warnings: Lemon, Short PWP, Au,

Status: Unbetaed


One Wish


Looking at the human with a pout Heero said,

"Mortal I am Heero Yuy, you have broken the seal and released me from my curse of eternal sleep. Anything I have in my power is yours."

Duo blinked and stared at the naked boy lying before him. Sure he had heard the legends about the mysterious cross that had been passed down through every generation of his family. But he didn't believe them after all who actually believed in family curses now a days? The thought that one of his ancestors had actually captured the virgin son of the fairy Queen and trapped him in their family cross for all eternity to ensure their safety was laughable.

But lying before him on his bed was unmistakable proof. The boy didn't even appear slightly human. His silky pale skin was glowing faintly as if he had been sprinkled with moon dust. His eyes were a little too large, a little too intense and a little too exotic to be a human's. And his face it was almost too beautiful to look at. Like gazing too long at the sun it's image burned on the back of his retina forever. And to think he had almost given the cross to his brother Solo. Hot damn. there was only one thing he wanted!


"Yes honor demands that I repay my debt to you."

"Well. I want you!"


"Hai!" Duo shouted and leaped on the bed.

Heero stared wide eyed at the human. him? He wanted him? But. damn. Not wasting a moment Duo pulled the bishounen into his arms and kissed those inviting lips. Tongue slipping through those soft lips and running along Heero's slightly pointy teeth before he was granted access to Heero's tongue. Heero tasted like honeydew except hotter headier. Sure Duo had kissed and been kissed by others before but it was nothing like this. It was as if someone had taken a supernova and released the heat in his veins. He was burning instantly, stars burst behind the lids of his closed eyes and he was instantly irreversibly hooked on Heero.

"Mine." He growled against Heero's parted lips as he pulled back.

"Are you sure? I could give you fame, power, riches, make you irresistible to women, the most intelligent person in the universe." Heero panted slightly desperate. First his older brother had been captured by that justice ranting dragon now this, why did everyone want only one thing from them?

"I want nothing but you my Hee-Chan!" Duo said and pulled his shorts off silently thanking the heavens he never slept in anything but his boxers. Kissing Heero's neck he sucked on a spot that caused the other boy to gasp and arch his back. He ground their erections together and groaned aloud. Hand slipping lower he could feel slickness against Heero's thighs. A quick thrust of his fingers confirmed his suspicion. Heero was wet, maybe fairy boys got wet too? Who cared? Heero was arching his back making soft purring noises in the back of his throat as his inner muscles clenched tightly around Duo's finger.

Duo didn't wait any longer using his fingers to stretch Heero gently he used his other hand to grasp a taunt nipple and tug it gently as his lips sought Heero's again.

No words were exchanged just hungry kisses as he slipped a leg between Heero's parting his slim thighs. Positioning his cock head at the pink hole and pushed forward. Heero's body instantly swallowed him. Pulled his aching erection in and clenched it tightly within that hot little sheath.

"Mmmmm Heero! So.good." He groaned as he slid deeper. Thrusting in and out he rocked his hips forward needing to bury himself as deeply into Heero as he could.

Heero Moaned in response as he was filled with Duo's hot flesh. So this was what.. Mmmmm.

"Duo! Onegai! More!" He panted. Why hadn't anyone told him about this feeling? If he had known about it he wouldn't have remained a, "AAAH!" Heero screamed as a particularly well-aimed thrust hit his prostrate. Streams of thought were forgotten as both boys rocked against each other in unison. Lips met in another shattering kiss as Heero anxiously tangled his fingers in Duo's Hair. There was a feeling inside of him growing tighter then a spring until everything came together in a hot silken rush of sensation. Heero's mouth open in a scream as he let go, his cum spurting over his and Duo's chests. In his pleasure his inner muscles tightened impossibly around Duo's member drawing a strangled gasp from his lover and a matching response. The feeling of Duo's hot seed filling him was too much. Heero orgasamed again his eyes rolling back in his head as his too sensitive nerve endings were bombarded by another round of overwhelming pleasure. It was too much he collapsed on Duo's chest in a dead faint.


Waking up later Heero realized he was in a tub of warm water being held by Duo. A smile crossed his lips he would enjoy granting Duo his wish. After all forever in his arms sounded pretty good at the moment. Rubbing his body back against Duo's he purred.