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Pairings: 2+1, 3X4, 5XM

Warnings: AU, um yaoi, het, cross dressing.


Mail Order Heero 1/?

Heero blinked and brushed his bangs out of his eyes. Slightly surprised his aunt Mariko was actually talking to him. Usually she just shouted.

“You did what?”

“Well Heero, when your parents died and left you in my care I didn’t have the extra resources to take care of you. It was too much of a burden. I barely have enough money to raise my own children in the manner which they should be. I’ve only kept you here until he sent a ticket. You see the day you came here I entered you in the colonization program as a mail order bride. For the past year your husband has been supporting you while I made sure you knew how to properly take care of a home.”

“My what?”

“Well no one is going to send money to a stranger. You’ve been married for a little over a year. Your name is Heero Maxwell now.”

“But I’m a boy.”

“Well Heero no one is willing to get a mail order husband. Brides are needed to populate the colonies. They have enough men already.”

“Won’t he be surprised to see I’m a guy?”

“He already signed the papers and their legal no matter what sex you are so the two of you will just have to make the best of it.”

“And you being honest now because?”

“He sent your ticket.”

“I hate you.”

“The feeling is mutual half-breed. I couldn’t believe my brother would actually marry some unknown orphan much less breed with her. You don’t deserve to bear the Yuy name Heero. Who ever heard of a Japanese man with brown hair and blue eyes? Your scum, your worthless and useless and I refuse to have you corrupting my children anymore!”


Mail Order Heero 2/?

For Duo’s sixteenth birthday, his friends had bought him an appointment at the colonization office. At sixteen, he was a legal adult so they said it was time for him to think about settling down and starting a family. After all that’s where Wufei met his wife Meiran. He didn’t have the heart to tell them he wasn’t interested in marriage or anyone. In fact, he always thought if he got lonely, he could hook up with a cutie like Trowa did with Quatre. But considering the fact they had all chipped in a quarter of their month’s salaries to buy him an appointment the least he could do was go.

Feeling uncomfortable in the suit he had borrowed from Trowa Duo shifted in the rickety wooden chair as the lady behind the desk read his files with a slight frown and twirled a strand of bubble gum pink hair on her finger. The neon overheads caused scary lines to appear on her face it reminded Duo of sister Ayako at the orphanage.

“Well your awfully young Mr. Maxwell, most of our brides are older then you by a decade.”

Seeing an opportunity to get out of this without hurting his friends he carefully schooled his face into a frown.

“I’m afraid that’s a bit too mature for me I want to marry someone younger then me.” With that, he started to stand the fresh taste of freedom in his mouth.

“Wait! I said most not all. You are very lucky you were my first appointment today or I guarantee she would already have been snatched up. Just this morning I got files on seven new brides. One of them Heero Yuy is seven months younger then you. Her guardian gave permission since she is an orphan.”

Sitting back down with a sigh Duo disinterestedly took the folder offered and almost swallowed his tongue. All thoughts of freedom died a quick death as he stared at her picture. Those sullen yet sad cobalt eyes and that pouty mouth, she looked like some one had molded her out of all his secret dreams about the perfect girl. More importantly, she was an orphan like him. Just the thought of anyone else touching her burned him. Heero was his.

“She’s perfect.”

“Good I’ll get the papers. Until you have the money for her shuttle ticket, half of your paycheck will automatically be sent for her upkeep. And the…”


Mail Order Heero 3/?

His face coldly set but his eyes disgusted Heero finished packing his meager belongings. He shot a glare o’ death at the rag his aunt Mariko had called a dress and left it hanging on the door. He knew she was watching him to make sure he didn’t ‘steal’ any of the things in his room. Even though most of them like a lot of the nicer things in his aunts house had been his parents and were rightfully his.

He didn’t have anywhere else to go so he was using the ticket. He had decided to make the best of things hopefully this Duo Maxwell person would understand. He didn’t have the money to pay him back for this past year but he was young and he wasn’t afraid of hard work … he could be the perfect housewife even if their relationship had to remain strictly platonic.

He still didn’t understand why anyone would pick him. When he was younger his mom use to call him her secret miracle and his dad introduced him to everyone as Mr. Yuy his dream son. But this time spent living with his aunt and being treated like a despised servant had but cracks in his self confidence. Sure his parents were bound to think he was the best. But others probably thought he looked freakish like his aunt Mariko.

Leaving the house on foot he made a detour at the dojo. Making sure no one was looking he waited quietly and in five minutes his cousin Toshiko came running in her straight black hair slipping out of the pigtails her mother constrained it in. Slightly out of breath she winked at Heero then gave him the key. With a smile for his little cousin he unlocked the safe which should have contained their ancestors swords and revealed a large but unspectacular box.

“I can’t stay long Heero-Kun cause mom will notice I’m gone and have a fit but I knew you would want to get your moms stuff.”

“Thanks Toshiko-Chan for keeping her stuff safe for me.”

“No big deal. It would have been a shame if we couldn’t have saved anything of Aunt Aurelia’s before mom burned all her belongings. You know Akira is gonna be pissed when he finds out what mom did.”

Heero shrugged at the thought of his older cousin. He didn’t care what Akira thought Toshiko’s brother always made him uncomfortable watching him with those intense eyes. He had been glad when Mariko had sent Akira to a boarding school.

“Don’t worry about me. I always land on my feet.”

“I know, um Heero-kun?”


“Since your going to meet your husband, you should wear your mothers wedding kimono. I can help you dress! And you won’t have far to walk Mori-San is gonna pick you up at the end of the drive!”


“Its good luck, I should bring you happiness and I wanna see you in it!” She blurted out with a giggle.

Looking at his nine year old cousin Heero didn’t have the heart to disillusion her.





Mail Order Heero: Interlude

Once the shuttle was stabilized and the flight attendants let everybody up Heero reached under his seat for the suitcase he had packed unzipping the side pocket he took out the bundle of letters his aunt had given him with the ticket this morning. looking at the first envelope dated eleven months ago. he noticed it had never been opened, none of them had. Apparently since his aunt had received the checks straight from the colony office she didn’t feel the need to read them

His hand caressed the writing on the envelope. hand writing can tell you a lot bout a persons personality. Duo Maxwell's writing was large but neat, not frilly and elegant but lively and clear. It was addressed to Heero Yuy-Maxwell, so apparently Duo knew how important a persons name could be to their identity. The words caught his attention immediately.

Dear Heero,

I know I should start out with a type of greeting but I’m too nervous. my friends would laugh if they could see me now. I never get nervous usually I talk a mile a minute. But I guess writing is different, it’s more honest then words. I didn’t want to get married, I never planned to the appointment was my friends gift for doctors had to perform an emergency C-Serean. six people died that day including my parents and my unborn twin sister. The doctors named me Duo because I took two breaths instead of one when I was first born as if I was trying to live two lives. They couldn’t find any identification for my parents so they sent me to Maxwell Orphanage. Back then the colonies had been started to ease the overpopulation on earth and once a kid turned seven they were sent to space. Usually we were used as cheap labor for the gundaniam mines. the year I was sent down there a plague wiped out seventy percent of the people under thirty.

labor became a much needed commodity I could get a job anywhere. I ended up apprenticing under Hilde as a mechanic. urns out I have a knack for it I can fix anything. The pay is good so hopefully I can get your ticket soon. I Have my own apartment it’s an old building only seven units and I know all neighbors. It’s a small place but at least we don’t have to share a room with three other couples like they do in the barracks. Now that your coming I’ll try to fix it up some. It said in your profile that you’re unable to write English even if you can read it. Don’t worry I’ll write enough for the both of us. I know I’m supposed to send a picture but I want to surprise you’ll just have to wait :-) I have your picture on the wall in my bedroom. It’s the only framed picture in my house. I know their suppose to be sending you a check every month for your upkeep but I never trusted the government so I tucked a few bills in here so you can get something fun for yourself. I want you to be happy.

Your proud husband,

Duo Yuy-Maxwell.

Heero carefully tucked the money away and wiped the tears forming in his eyes. it had been a long time since anyone cared if he was even alive much less happy. reading letter after letter Heero didn’t notice the time passing.

...I bought curtains today, I let Meiran help because she said I couldn't decorate the entire apartment in black...

...I love the pictures you send every month...

...every night I look at the stars and pick out earth so I can say goodnight to you. I can’t wait till I can do it in person...

...I wish I could see you smile, you don’t look happy my Heero...

...I find myself telling you things I would never tell another living person...

...I finally saved the money to get you a cabin ticket. I wont be there to protect you so I don’t want you riding one of those cruiser flights...

...I think I love you...

The snippets from the letters tugged at Heero's heart, Duo Maxwell...


Mail Order Heero 4/6

Duo could barely contain his excitement as he waited for the shuttle. There weren’t many people waiting for the Cabin shuttle. The tickets were too expensive. He hadn’t been able to sleep for almost a week, every time Duo closed his eyes he saw her, his Heero. And today was finally the day! Trowa was on one of their ‘special’ assignments from Hilde so he was the only one not here. A frown flitted across Duo’s features as he thought of the only lie he had told Heero. Well it wasn’t really a lie he was kind of a spy. And he couldn’t blow everyone’s cover by announcing he was a spy, right?

Ducking slightly so the book thrown through the air missed his head he smiled. It seemed that Meiran and Wufei were having a lively ‘discussion’ about the true meaning of justice again. It was a good thing that Hilde wasn’t there she would have blown a gasket! Quatre was sitting in one of the uncomfortable orange chairs moping. Duo thanked god that Trowa had taken the mission meant for him when it came in. There was no way he could have concentrated knowing Heero’s flight was coming in and he was anywhere but at the shuttle port.

“Flight 274 from earth has arrived at gate seven. Please move out of the way of the entry doors as passengers disembark. Luggage will be available on trolley 5. Thank you for flying Winner Air, for those occasions when first class isn’t good enough!”

At the static announcement his friends quieted and Duo could feel the force of their gazes on his back as he went still and stared intensely at the gate seven arrivals. A Nanny got off the plane first twin red headed girls being dragged along in her wake as they were picked up by that Treize guys chauffeur. An older man dressed in old overalls who elbowed his way thru the crowd came down next; he was followed closely by a businessman with long blonde hair. His slightly superior expression reminded Duo of Hilde’s friend Relena.

Duo was nervous enough to throw up. What if she hated him on sight? Moments passed and no one else descended. Why wasn’t she there? Had she changed her mind at the last minute? Of course she did. Thinking of his beloved Heero, Duo grimaced and admitted to himself it was what he expected. Did he really think a girl like that would wait forever for him? Some guy had probably swept her off her feet. Well to bad she was his wife and she was coming home with him. He’d get the next shuttle to earth and... Meiran’s touch on his arm stopped him from leaving. Angrily wiping at the tears in his eyes that threatened to fall he gave her a questioning look.

“Duo Look.” She stated softly a touch of awe in her voice.

Turning back around he looked and felt his mouth drop open. He knew he must look like a fool but he couldn’t help it. She was coming down from the plane carefully. Her traditional wedding Kimono and robes hindering all but the smallest steps. She looked like a Japanese goddess descending from the heavens. Her cobalt blue eyes weary as she surveyed the shuttle port, in the sudden silence, as all eyes turned to her graceful figure.

It was only natural she was beautiful, with a grace and otherworldly loveliness that a picture could never capture. Creamy ivory skin, slanted cobalt eyes, careless bedroom hair falling into her face. The shy sweet way she glanced around unsurely, her vibrant red kimono embroidered in gold thread and matching headdress. Duo knew right then he was the luckiest man in the universe.


Mail Order Heero 5/6

Heero glanced around nervously. The world here seemed so cold compared to the warmth he had felt reading Duo’s letters. For the first time in a very long time someone had cared about him. Had actually wanted him to smile, wanted him to be happy. And he found he was happy, his Aunt had inadvertently made him happy through her cruelty. At least that’s what he had told himself on the long flight over. Now standing in this station full of strangers staring at him he felt like a fool. He was thousands of miles from the only home he had known for the past year, He probably looked like a fool dressed in his mother’s wedding finery, and he was waiting for someone he had never seen who would probably throw him out the moment he found out Heero was a boy. No! He silently reprimanded himself. If Duo had one tenth of the depth and kindness he had displayed in his letters he would never do that.

Glancing around the small station he felt a tap on his shoulder and smiled at the kind stewardess who had brought his bag off the plane.


She returned his smile and walked off. Leaving Heero to wonder why his husband hadn’t come to claim him yet. An old man with a greedy expression that Heero recognized all to well, licked his lips revealing faded yellow teeth. Desperately Heero hoped that wasn’t whom Duo had sent to pick him up.

“Oi! Heero it’s me!”

He looked in the direction of the shouted voice and blinked. The boy was positively luscious! In that moment he knew Akira had been wrong to call him a frigid bitch. One look at those violet eyes and Heero felt like he was burning. The boy seemed to brim with energy and happiness as he made his way over and Heero couldn’t believe his luck. This was Duo? It made him wish their relationship wasn’t going to be purely platonic.

Bowing low to hide his blush Heero murmured,


Looking confused the boy gently cupped Heero’s chin and lifted his face so they could look each other in the eye.

“Excuse me?” Duo asked raising one chestnut brow slightly in question. Heero’s blush deepened.

“Oh! I meant to say I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I should have brought you a gift to thank you for your kindness but I didn’t know about this until yesterday morning. You see after my parents died my aunt enrolled me in the program. She didn’t tell me about anything until you sent the ticket.”

Eyes widened as a variety of emotions flooded them confusion, disbelief, anger, pain, sorrow and finally acceptance.

“Oh I see. I guess you came here to tell me you want a annulment?” Heero flinched away from Duo’s touch.

“Um… (Blush) … No. Actually Duo I’m deeply ashamed of my aunt’s actions. I don’t have the money to repay you for all you’ve done for me, I can’t (blush) fulfill my duties as your wife in the um … bedroom, but I can still be your wife in every other way and …(blush) I was able to read your letters on the plane. I was so touched; I hope that one day you will accept me as your friend. If you are too disgusted by my family’s actions and cannot stand ever seeing me again I’ll understand. Since my aunt kicked me out of the house I have no home to return too and I will seek work here so I can repay my debt to you.” This time he bowed very low almost prostrating himself before Duo unaware of the beautiful picture he displayed before everyone his robes fanning out around him like a silken shield.

Taking Heero’s hand Duo pulled him into a standing position studying his face with intense eyes. Glancing at the small bag beside Heero he said,

“Is this all your luggage?”

”Yes.” Heero replied uncertainly.

Picking it up easily he turned back and smilingly offered Heero his other hand.

“Come on, let’s go home.”


Mail Order Heero 6/6

Taking Heero’s hand gently Duo led his new bride over to his friends positively beaming.

“Heero, let me introduce you to the group. The Blondie in pink is Quatre, His boyfriend Trowa would be here but he’s got to work today. You’ll meet him soon enough his hairstyle is unmistakable, Meiran Chang is the girl in the white suit; the guy with the too tight ponytail is her husband Wu-man. We all live on the second floor in the building. The three units on the first floor converted into our offices and the pent house on the third floor is used by Hilde and her ‘room mates’.”

“My name is Wufei not Wuman! You make me sound like a weak onna!”

“Weak? I’ll show you weak!” Meiran shouted at her husband and began chasing him with fire in her eyes.

Everyone else sweat dropped. Heero turned to the remaining boy and bowed.

“I’m honored to meet you Mr. Quatre”

Quatre blushed and bowed too, Taking Heero’s hand he brushed a light kiss on the tender skin of Heero’s palm and said,

“The pleasure is all mine, please call me Quatre.”

Duo gave his friend an evil look and snatched Heero’s hand away to reclaim it.

“I would have waited till tomorrow to introduce you to everyone but I figured you would have luggage and since I normally use a motorcycle we had to borrow Wu-Mans van. I figured you’d have a lot of luggage.” Duo admitted sheepishly. Seeing Her turn Beet red he gave her a worried look was she okay?


Heero could feel his cheeks flame as his mind suddenly supplied him with the image of Duo in unbuttoned tight jeans and no shirt his thighs wrapped around a large throbbing machine. Biting his lip it was by pure will alone that he didn’t have a nosebleed. After all everyone knew that girls didn’t get nosebleeds. Avoiding Duo’s curios gaze Heero didn’t notice he was still clinging to Duo’s hand. Didn’t stop to wonder why he felt so comfortable with it. He had learned young he didn’t really like touching other people for no reason, but this felt right.

Quatre went over to separate the fighting couple. Namely he pulled Meiran off of Wufei knowing that they didn’t have a ride home. And any way their fights always ended up in the sack! The ride back was uneventful. It only took them ten minutes on the expressway to get to the rundown looking neighborhood that would now be Heero’s home. Realizing that there had been no trees in sight since they had left the shuttle port, Heero knew he would miss that most of all. The Living green things that had always surrounded the mansion where he had grown up. Even after his Aunt had moved her family in. He had always found comfort in the plants his mother had so loved. The building they stopped in front of was old. It look like it had once been a proud mansion but once the city had sprung up around it, the owners had abandoned the old building for more exclusive neighborhoods. That would explain its real glass windows and earth brick walls in this land of steel and cold metal. Heero loved it on sight.

On the stairs was a short girl with purple hair and another with blonde hair and icy blue eyes like that guy who had stared at him on the shuttle. Both waiting for them on the stone stairs expressions anxious. They held a sign which read “Welcome to the Family Heero Yuy-Maxwell!”


On Earth

Akira slipped a strand of long silky black hair behind his ear. His eyes resembling black diamonds as he surveyed the trembling woman before him.

“You did what?”

His voice was shatteringly cold as his perfect features twisted into a snarl. To say he was pissed was an understatement. He had returned from his final year in boarding school pleased. Winning the regional and national Kendo championships with ease he had been savoring with anticipation the coming victory. He had saved the best for last. Ever since that day he had first seen him, at the time barely five he had know. But Heero had always runaway and hid behind his mother’s skirts.

Then when the news had come that his parents had perished and they would be sharing the same house, Akira had been beside himself. Through the years he had watched from afar as Heero grew more beautiful and tempting with each moment. Now he was his chance. But alas he only had one week left of summer break then he had to go back to school. Prize unclaimed. He had been imagining tonight on the entire trip ride home. But now…

“Do you have any idea what you have done old woman?” There was no respect in his voice. He had lost all respect for that woman who called herself his mother long ago. On the day he had found out she had left her only child alone in the hospital to die and adopted him to take the child’s place. All because it had been sickly and in her twisted mind unworthy of the Yuy name.

“I saw the way you were watching that half-breed brat!” The malice in her voice was gleeful. She couldn’t understand why her perfect son was interested in someone so unworthy, much less another boy. Akira was beautiful! Long ebony hair, which flowed like liquid silk, perfect Asian features and eyes darker then black velvet. Why should he settle for so little? It was his duty to marry an obedient with who would give him sons to honor the Yuy name!

“Your prejudice has hindered your better judgment. Heero is the son and sole Heir of the Yuy fortune. Grandfather knew what you did to the real Akira and was too late to save the babies life so he wrote father out of the will. Heero’s father never spoke of it to his brother but its true. The houses, the companies the entire fortune reverted to Heero’s ownership the day his parents died. As his Guardian they were in your control till he was twenty-one but now, since you married him off. He and his husband (Akira spit the word out like a filthy name) own everything! He could kick us out with nothing and the law would support him!”

“Noooooo……” her word trailed off in a whisper as she realized the full extent of what she had done. What good was having the Yuy name without the money and power to back it up?

“I’ll leave on the next shuttle and get Heero back. You better pray the marriage hasn’t been consummated so I can get it annulled.” Akira wasn’t that worried about that considering what a ice princess Heero had acted like with him he was sure some stranger wouldn’t be any luckier!

Looking down at Mariko’s teary face in disgust he left. He had never seen her cry before in his life. And now he knew she only cried for the money.


Duo dragged a stunned Heero away from his friends and up to the second floor. Opening the door he dropped the bag on the floor and easily lifted Heero up carrying him over the thresh hold.

“Do you like it?” Duo asked. Heero could only stare around in amazement. It was stark mostly white and black. Splashes of red adding decoration to the place and a huge framed picture of him was above the sofa. Taken when he was unaware it had him standing in a field of cherry blossom trees his stare intense and the picture cutting off right at his shoulders. The soft slam of the living room door as it finally swung shook brook his revere. All together Heero had to admit it was beautiful.

“Wow, Duo I’m overwhelmed.”

“Yeah well, I figured that you’d like something to remind you of home and this was far prettier then any poster print of Japan I could find.”

Glancing at the windows Heero noticed they still had no drapes. Following Heero’s gaze Duo groaned and sat on the black leather couch still holding Heero.

“I knew I forgot something! Meiran picked out some nice drapes but they… well they got dirty and I tried to wash them but I didn’t know the would fade and I couldn’t stand to put up pink drapes!”

“Its okay, I don’t really like pink that much.” Heero whispered as he enjoyed the warmth of Duo’s embrace. Breathing in the scent of machines, soap and something uniquely Duo that clung to his skin. Now that they were alone he could tell him the rest of the truth. Pulling back he took a step away from Duo and started to undo the various ties on his Obi and Kimono.

“I read you letters on the Shuttle Duo. They touched me so deeply. It may sound stupid or naive but for the first time in a very long time they made me feel. They made me wonder what exactly love was, was it this longing almost bordering on pain that tugged my heart to know we were so far apart? Was it this need stronger then any I have ever felt that made me want to hold you and shelter you from ever being hurt again? Or was it that sensation that caused my heart to race and the world to slow down the second I saw you? I wasn’t sure. I never thought to ask anyone what love was. Maybe if I loved you a little less I could lie to you like my aunt did. You see on my application she lied. That’s why I can’t be more then your friend. I’m not a girl, I’m a boy.” Still holding Duo’s eyes he kneeled. Opening the kimono Heero let it fall from his shoulders hands clenching it closed at his waist.


Duo stared at the sight before him in Disbelief his brain refusing to process the words for a moment. Heero was kneeling before him in all of his flawless beauty half dressed. Saying that he loved him, wanted him. And Duo was supposed to be mad that he was a boy? Hell he liked boys as well as girls. No that was a lie. In truth he couldn’t care less what Heero was.

‘I will not jump the sexy bishonen, I will not jump the sexy bishonen, I will not jump the sexy bishonen, I will not jump the sexy bishonen.’ Echoed in his thoughts.


As Duo kneeled before him and grabbed his upper arms in a strong grip Heero flinched away from the expression in those violet eyes.

“Heero.” The name fell from Duo’s lips as sharp as broken glass and twice as cold as dry ice.

“Heero, I choose you, I fell for you because of your eyes. You needed something, were dieing little by little from a lack of love and I wanted to be the one to give it to you. I wanted to be that person who made you smile. I don’t care if you’re a boy or girl and I’m willing to wait as long as it takes for you to realize it too.”

There was a tenderness in Duo’s eyes that melted Heero to the core. Seeing the tenderness drowned in another look one of hunger Heero jerked back as Duo leaned forward to kiss him. Instincts of fear kicking in as he remembered how many times he had run from that look on another face.


Duo glanced at his bride, his Heero, eyes lingering on the trembling of that full bottom lip and giving in to temptation he leaned forward to kiss Heero. Surprise ran through him effectively dousing his lust as Heero jerked back pupils dilated in fear, breath unsteady.

“Gomenasai Duo, I’m sorry.” He whispered and Duo smoothed away the tears shimmering on the edge of Heero’s eyes with the pad of his thumb. Silently vowing to kill whatever bastard had taught Heero to fear a simple kiss.

“I’ve never kissed anyone before. I’m so use to running away from it. I never wanted to be caught before. I guess I forgot for the moment I don’t need to run anymore.”

Eyes wide open he leaned forward, and staring right into the startled depth of Duo’s eyes, he brushed his lips against Duo’s slightly parted ones in a soft hesitant kiss, no longer then a sigh. It was like being given the slightest glimpse of heaven.


Mail Order Heero: Arc 2 1/6

One week of bliss. Heero should have been surprised it lasted as long as it did. Duo loving him must have been a mistake. Sure he had complimented Heero 's meals, helped him clean their home and spent hours every night loving the Japanese youth. But if he really did love Heero then what was he doing on a date with that redhead?

Heero had been so excited when Quatre had let it slip that Duo loved homemade apple pie. Determined to surprise his beloved with a first week anniversary present Heero had decided to make the pie today. The timing had been perfect because Duo was away on an urgent repair job for Hilde.

It had turned out that the only market that had real apples not the powdered reconstituted chunks was a specialty market on Twelfth Street. It was all the way across town. Duo still hadn't told his friends about Heero's gender so he usually wore one of the dresses Duo had bought him. Not wanting to bother anyone he had used a map and took the subway there.

The shop had been right across from a French bistro. He would have had to be blind to not notice the distinctive cinnamon and chestnut braid, to not recognize the distinct features of his love. Or to notice the beautiful red headed woman he was dining with. Heero may have been sheltered but he knew business associates didn't dress like that for lunch, or hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes. or kiss. Duo had left the apartment wearing jeans and a uniform now he was in a suit that looked more expensive then most cars. Something was wrong. Turning back around Heero fled, he needed to think.


Mail Order Heero: Arc 2 :2/6

Hilde had come to L2 exactly five years ago. She had come with a mission, she would either succeed in or die trying to fulfill. A long time ago when the colonies had first been founded they were registered under the names of five different families. Each of which mysteriously disappeared. If she could track down the heirs of those families she would be able to liberate the colonies, they would be able to have their own governments. And they would have their freedom without a war. The problem was she needed all the heirs to start the proceedings and a nice amount of money to back up their costs.

She had taken over her father's business when he died. Gaining the funds to start her search. Slowly as she found friends and allies she began to search down the heirs. Which was hard since each of them were women in their mid thirties. Her friends believing in her cause and sick of the government corruption began to help her, which is how she ended up head of a galactic ring of spies and assassins. They were all working together to prevent a war that had at one time seemed inevitable.

One at a time they discovered their targets dead. First was Xio Chu who had remarried to become Xio Chang. She had died just short of her twenty eighth birthday in a plague that had killed most of the people in her village including her son's future wife and her husband. But her son had survived and had been willing to join Hilde in her search. Wufei had grown up with a fine sense of justice and a hate for earths government. It was that government that had sent the contaminated meat to his village to save a few dollars.

Next was Quatrina Rebera who died in childbirth at twenty-three. Money hadn't saved her from death not when a government miscalculation had denied the local hospitals request for new equipment. The money was spent on a new mansion for the governor. When her husband had returned to discover the louse up believe me he made sure that the local government was soon replaced. But that didn't save his beloved Quatrina. At least he still had his son, his heir. But an assignation attempt on his child's life sent him into hiding. His father never said where and a heart attack prevented him from telling. Young Quatre Rebera Winner was lost to the world. When Hilde found him for reasons of his own he decided to stay where he was, tall, thin, handsome, green-eyed reasons.

Then there was Rebecca Anne Lynn who had runaway with the circus at twelve. She slipped on a loose wire and plummeted to death before the crowd and her three-year-old son. He ran away from the circus at eight and changed his name. Hopping on a cargo ship to L4 he eventually ended up working as a mechanic at Hilde's shop. By then he had taken the name Trowa Barton.

Elizabeth Montgomery died in a car accident but some kind hearted and talented student doctors saved her unborn son. He actually had been working as Hilde's side. As one of her best spies for over a year before Duo Maxwell found out that He was one of the Heirs. Unfortunately they just couldn't track the last girl past the age of five, when Tatianjia Romanovsky moved with her grandmother to Japan.

For three years a spy in the international federation had been coming to L2 on the pretense of meeting her boyfriend Duo Montaine a Surveyor on L2. It was all an elaborate ruse so she could give them information they wouldn't be able to get otherwise. A ruse they had kept up for over two years and had used to save so many lives. She helped them smuggle key people back and forth through the colonies and earth. She may have died her hair red but underneath it all she was still Dorothy Catalonia rumored to be Treize's illegitimate daughter. Her mother had raised her since birth with only one goal in mind. To take down Treize in anyway possible. And if Duo was named the legal Heir of L2 Treize's position as Governor from Earth would be non-existent.


~This morning~

Hearing the phone ring Duo groaned and reluctantly loosened his hands from the tight embrace he held Heero in. Still slightly distracted by the naked bishounen he was holding Duo growled softly into the phone.


"02? The cat is back."

"Damn it I'm busy!"

"She has info on 01! Get your ass out of bed and into headquarters'!"

"Fine! But I want this weekend off!"

"O.K. and 02?"


"Your walls are thin, you kept me up all night!"

"You sure it wasn't 03's tongue up your.<Click>"


Mail Order Heero: Arc 2 3/6

~Flash Back~

That morning that had shared a bath together. It had been erotically enticing and complexly innocent all at once. There was something so comforting yet vulnerable about revealing your self completely to your lover in the light of day. Without the passion to cloud their vision they could see you with all your flaws. And love you anyway.

Duo had sat afterwards with his head leaning on Heero's lap as his wife combed the tangles out of his long damp hair. He couldn't remember the last time some one had brushed his hair. It turned something that was normally a chore into a bonding experience.

"I think my parents would have approved of you." Heero said suddenly out of the blue.

Surprised and deeply touched Duo asked,


"Because. you make me so very happy."

Sitting up Duo looked Heero in the eye with an indulgent statement.

"Really? After only one day?"

"Yes, I know you'll make me happy always. I trust you not to break my heart."

"I would rather Die, Hee-Chan." He whispered and their lips met in a sweet kiss that was more a confirmation of their joint promise then a token of need.

~End Flash Back~


Wiping away the tears blurring his eyes Heero realized that he was in the shuttle port. He couldn't remember running there. In fact if anyone had asked him how to get to the shuttle port he would have been unsure. But her he was in a crowd of strangers completely lost. And some how he couldn't even care. Scenes from the past week kept replaying in his head taunting him. Memories of gentle caresses and whispered devotion taunted him. He had been foolish, to believe anyone could ever love him again. It had to be his fault some how; he must have done something to push Duo away.

Or maybe he was just wrong in believing Duo loved him. Duo had loved an illusion, a female illusion it was no surprise he had decided to peruse another one. But where did that leave Heero now? If Duo had said that was what he wanted at first then Heero wouldn't have. at least then he would have been able to salvage his pride. Now how would he do it? How was he supposed to pretend his heart hadn't shattered? How?


As many passengers passed by the woebegone girl in the cotton dress one person stopped. Akira stared with disbelief at the girl no one else seemed to notice. He knew her, from that petite willowy frame to those trembling blush soft lips. But most of all he knew those incredible Prussian eyes dark with pain and shimmering. Diamond like tears clinging to long curly dark lashes.

"Heero," He whispered "Your so pretty when you cry."

Licking suddenly dry lips he couldn't help but stare at the vulnerably beautiful picture his cousin presented. He had thought it would be impossible to want Heero more then he had but some how he did. He had to handle this one just right or all would be lost.


At the table Dorothy gave Duo a slow smile her blue eyes temporarily lighting on the two guards trailing her whenever she wasn't in the office. She and Duo shared their regular greeting a seemingly passionate kiss that left them both cold. They spoke together in a mix of Japanese, Latin and Navajo. Voices low as if they were sharing loving whispers but their words were incomprehensible to all but the two of them.

"What's the big rush Cat?"

"What's that tone of voice for 02?"

"If it wasn't for your unbelievably bad timing, I would be home in the loving arms of my wife."

"Your wife? You finally got Heero down here?"

"Yes, Heero is even more incredible then the pictures!"

"Then you should send her my way 02, I know how to appreciate a beauty like her more then you ever will." Dorothy purred the words with a gleam in her eye as she remembered the sweet looking girl in the pictures Duo kept in his wallet.

"Not only would hell have to freeze over first, but Heero doesn't have the right equipment to play your games."

"Really? I happen to think the female body has all the right equipment."

"I know, but Heero is a guy."

"A guy? Oooh Kinky!"

"Enough about me Cat. What's so important you broke protocol to meet now?"

"I found the last piece. I found Tatiana. She was so hard to find because she was not only married, She married into the top family in the Japanese Yakuza. She was killed several years ago but she left behind an heir. I'm still working on it but I believe I may have found him."


"Yes 02, I found the last link. And he's filthy rich. His parents were killed when they broke ties with the Yakuza but he was spared. His personal business assets and wealth is in the trillion range 02. Its finally coming together 02!"

"Good work Cat!"


Heero didn't even notice the linen handkerchief at first then he took it and wiped his eyes.

"Arigato." He whispered and looked up into an achingly familiar face. Heero's eyes widened in fear as he traced over the strong Asian features and ebony dark eyes of his benefactor.


"Hai, Heero you don't need to be afraid." Akira reached out to hold Heero's shoulder and preventing the skittish boy from running.

"Yadda! Let me go."

"Wait, just hear me out."


"I've changed. During my time away I found some one to lover. I no longer look at you as anything but my younger cousin."

"Hon to?"

"Hai, When I returned and discovered what had happened while I was gone I was so ashamed. Heero you're a Yuy you always have been and always will be. What Mot. no Mariko did was unforgivable and cruel beyond belief. I came here to take you home. You won't ever have to deal with her again. I promise it's just going to be me, you, Toshiko-Chan and my Fiancée. I brought enough money to pay that poor young man for everything. Sa Heero, don't you want to go home?"

He could see the indecision in Heero's eyes before he nodded hesitantly. Akira almost chortled with glee. Heero was just as naive as always. Careful to put a comforting arm around Heero's shoulders Akira ignored the way the boy stiffened at his touch.

"Now Heero, lets go find that Husband of yours to get the marriage annulled and pay him off."

"He's at work."

"Even better I'll just leave the paper work with his neighbors and leave this dreadful colony."



"So Cat who is 01?"

"So far sources tell me he's a young man called Akira Yuy."


Mail Order Heero: Arc 2 4/6

As they rode back to the apartment Heero tried to ignore the feeling of danger that being next to Akira always brought. Sure this was the guy that had tried to jump him in the shower, the garden, the supermarket and the middle of his parents funeral but people changed. Right? It didn't matter anyway nothing mattered now that Duo didn't love him. Heero felt like screaming at himself one week and he was so completely in love, so completely attached that now he wasn't sure how he would go on. He had lived sixteen years without Duo but now just the thought of tomorrow without his beloved made him feel physically sick.

Pushing his own emotions to the side he tried to put on the impassive face his Aunt had taught him so well. If Duo would be happy with that girl there was no way he would destroy it. Ruthlessly crushing that small voice yelling at him to fight for what was his he sighed. He wasn't good enough for Duo, he knew that from the start hadn't Aunt Mariko told him how worthless he was?



"What Onna?"



"Don't call me that!"

"Sorry Meiran."

"Stop fooling around and look at the screens!"

He glanced at the screens slightly irritated at being interrupted. Then did a double take. On the monitors surveying the area surrounding their building and secret headquarters was a very disagreeable sight. Wufei had been hoping patrol duty would be boring today that way they would have a little naughty time but no. This looked serious.

Because there was Duo's new bride walking up the stairs in the arms of a very handsome man in an expensive suit.

Grabbing the phone he dialed the emergency extension immediately.



"We have a situation here."


"Well 02's new beauty just came home with a suit."


"Yeah, better find out what's up before 02 gets back."


As they headed up the stairs Heero stopped suddenly noticing Quatre leave his apartment. Tugging on Akira's sleeve he whispered,

"That's our neighbor."


Akira looked at the petite little blonde with an appraising eye. Cute but still not as sweet as his Heero.

"Excuse me are you a neighbor of Mr. Maxwell's?"


"Let me introduce myself I am Akira Yuy. I came to fetch my cousin Heero home."

"Excuse me?"

"I wanted to apologize to him for the trouble our family has caused him. I would appreciate if you would give him this envelope it has the annulment papers and a check to reimburse him for the mix up. That way Heero and I won't miss the shuttle home."

"Annulment? But Heero is Duo's wife. Right Heero." Quatre asked and tried to meet Heero's eyes but Heero avoided his gaze.

"Your wrong Quatre I'm not Duo's anything. Please tell him I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for him. Gomen." With a choked reply Heero bowed and ran back to the cab. Akira just handed Quatre the envelope and rushed after his cousin.

In the cab no one noticed that their driver was slightly different.

"To the Shuttle port."



Half way there Heero shouted to the cabbie, "stop!"

Akira sat up,

"Heero? Are you okay?"

"I can't do this! I have to go back. I won't let anybody take Duo from." Heero went silent as Akira slipped the empty syringe out of his slumped over cousin's prone body. Pulling his unconscious cousin closer he whispered in Japanese,

"You don't think I would ever let you go did you Heero? With your marriage annulled and you back in my mothers guardianship the Yuy fortune and that delicious body of yours are both under my control."

In the front seat green eyes sparked angrily from under brown bangs.


Mail Order Heero: Arc 2 5/6

As Duo left the restaurant with a smile he was slightly surprised to see the cab that picked him up was driven by Quatre not Trowa. With a smile he closed the door and settled back.

"Hey Q-man did you guys hear what Cat and I were talking about? Finding 01! What a coup. This has got to be one of the best days ever! And Dorothy said she traced him to a flight coming to L2 is that awesome or what?"

"Or what, definitely."

"I can't wait to meet this Akira guy, think he'll be that hard to find?"

"Not really he just ran off with your wife."

"Oh that's. What the Fu.Heero?"

"Yup, it turns out Heero is his cousin he came with some annulment papers and is dragging her back home as we speak."

"Over my dead body! If he lays one hand on my Heero, I'll rip his hands off."

"Well If he had been looking at Trowa the way he was looking at Heero I would do the same."


Trowa's visible eye widened as he saw Akira pull the prone body of Heero on to his body, arranging Heero's legs to straddle his body. The Japanese man looked up at Trowa and muttered,

"Take the long way to the shuttle port I don't want to be disturbed."

"But sir."

"Don't worry about it I'll make sure to pay you extra for the trouble just watch the road."

With that he began to unbutton the back of Heero's dress. Not knowing what else to do Trowa took a bottle from his pocket and sprayed the contents into Akira's face. He slumped back unconscious immediately. Trowa picked up his phone.

"04? 03 here I got some breathing but unconscious cargo."

"Unconscious?" after Quatre's incredulous words there was a brief scuffling sound then Duo's voice came on.

"What do you mean unconscious?"

"Well Heero changed her mind and was wanting me to take her back she seemed concerned that someone else was trying to steal you away."

"Yeah when hell freezes over."

"Then Akira shot her up with something and she fell unconscious."

"That bastard!"

"Then he pulled her on his lap and started to undress her."

"that's it I'm going to kill him."

"So either I spritzed him with Sally's special mixture."

"Where are you now?"

"We're heading to the abandoned compound on old plat road."

"We'll meet you there."


Sally looked up from the book she was reading when the intercom crackled on.

"Hey sweet thing."

"Hilde! I was hoping you would call love."

The purplette smiled at her old friends response.

"Unfortunately this is business not pleasure. Code blue."

All laughter gone her face set in a serious mask Sally gave a brisk nod.


"Well Duo's new wife was abducted and shot up with something that made her slip into unconsciousness. Unfortunately when he was spraying her abductor Trowa got some of your special mixture on her. Now he's reporting erratic breathing and a racing heartbeat."

"Damn, Where are they?"

"In J's old lab."

"I'm on my way."



"Will Heero be okay?"

Her face sad Sally couldn't quite meet Hilde's eyes.

"I don't know."


Mail Order Heero: Arc 2 6/6

Sally got there first. They had often used this compound for covert actions before so she wasn't too surprised to find Heero stretched out on a cot. She was shaking and gasping for breath. Pulling out her scanner she did a quick pass over Heero's body. What she saw made her blink then blush. Pulling a syringe out of her bag she filled it with a pretty simple saline solution and injected the gi. no boy. No wonder Duo had been asking her if she had any lube in the supply room.

Smirking slightly at the knowledge she knew something Hilde didn't she withdrew the needle. Heero's breathing evened out he would waken soon. Just in time too next through the steel doors was Duo followed by a nervous looking Quatre. Sally looked at the slightly fanatical cobalt eyes and almost felt sorry for the cuffed man all crumpled in the corner.

With a low growl Duo cracked his knuckles and headed toward the stranger muttering dire threats. Taking the remedy out of his pocket he sprayed the guy making sure the Japanese man was awake.


Groaning Heero opened his eyes in time to see Duo punch Akira right in the jaw. A lingering headache slowed his movements but he still managed to sit up.

"Yamatte! Stop Duo."

Heero's unbuttoned dress slipped off his shoulders revealing a beautifully muscled but flat chest. Quatre's eyes nearly popped out. Trowa averted his eyes, he had already noticed Heero's chest when he was carrying him in. Sally hid a little smile noticing the love bites sprinkled across that expanse of ivory skin. Akira's eyes were following the same path Sally's had, with a noticablely displeased statement. Duo was momentarily struck with a hentai daze but he shook it off with admirable strength of will.


"That's my cousin!"

"So? He tried to take what is mine!"

A sad look passed over Heero's face.

"He just has a little obsession with me."

"That doesn't give him the right to kidnap you!"

"He didn't kidnap me, I went with him. I was confused and I thought you would be happier with that redheaded woman."

Confusion, shock then relief swept over Duo's amicable face.

"Dorothy? Hee-Chan she means nothing to me!"

"Really then why were you guys kissing like that?"

"I'll tell you in private, Heero trust me when I say I love you completely!"

Heero looked uncertain then Quatre spoke up.

"This is my fault. I'm the one who told Heero you liked apple pies I forgot the only fresh fruit market was by that café. Heero, Duo and Dorothy have no interest with each other that way it's strictly business. Any way you can't kill this guy Duo, He's the Akira that Dorothy was talking about. He's the heir to the Yuy family."

Trowa cleared his throat and spoke up.

"Actually I think you maybe wrong. Akira said a few things while he was undressing Heero."

Duo growled at that and Heero blushed.

"Heero? What was your mother name?"

Looking confused at Trowa's question he replied softly, "Tatianjia Romanovsky-Yuy."

"Wow Duo," Sally muttered, "Your Mail Order bride is the richest man in the universe."

Duo snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Nope my Mail order bride is Heero, the keeper of my heart."


"No buts, everything else beyond that is insignificant."

With a gentle hand he lifted Heero's face and captured his lips hungrily.

Heero's arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer. There was a distant sound of frustration.

"Arrrgh! Don't believe him! He's lying! Get your hands off my Heero you filthy gutter rat! You're not good enough to kiss the ground he walks on you two-bit whore! Heero belongs to me! He is mine!" Akira shouted in anger. Duo stiffened and pulled back, Heero knew what he wanted to do.

"Duo wait." Heero whispered and turned to Akira.

"Akira, cousin. I am not yours, I never have been, and I never shall be. I am Duo's only because I gave myself to him. Heart, body and soul. That is something you cannot take from a person by force. I can forgive you for what you tried to do to me. I had forgotten part of loving a person is trust. I doubted Duo and perhaps gave you the wrong impression. I would have let you go but then you had to ruin it all." Heero gave his cousin a pitying look.

"You never should have insulted my love." Heero shook his head then took the dress the rest of the way off and handed it to Trowa who was ogling. "Hold this please Trowa. I don't want to get blood on this lovely dress that Duo got me."

Wearing just a pair of black spandex Heero turned back to his cousin and cracked his knuckles. A swift upper cut broke Akira's nose. Wiping the blood off his hand and on to Akira's shirt he shook his head.

"I won't hold Duo back from doing anything to you Akira."

With that Heero turned away and walked out the door without a second look.

Duo started to smile.

End of Arc 2


Mail Order Heero: The Epilogue

As soon as he got home Heero headed to the showers. He was planning as he let the warm stream wash away the lingering aches and blood. Now that the rush of adrenaline was gone everything had come crashing down at once. His parents money, his childhood home, the family business had all been his. His Aunt had hated him enough to steal his birthright and treat him like a slave in his home. But some how he couldn't regret it because no matter how bad it had been it had brought him to Duo's arms. He was so busy thinking as he rinsed the suds out of his hair that he didn't even notice someone slipping in behind him. His body went still from shock and lingering traces of pain before he registered a familiar voice whispering

"My Hee-baby". The soft touches grew more familiar and he pushed all thoughts of his family's betrayal away.


Afterwards lying in his beloved's arms he rested his still damp hair against the solid muscle of Duo's chest. He didn't ask about Akira. It's not that he didn't care it was just at the moment he was more concerned with why Duo had lied to him and who that lady was.



"About today…"


"I wasn't lying to you, I was really working."

"Really?" There was sarcastic tinge to Heero's normally warm voice.

"Yes. You see I am a mechanic for Hilde, but my job also comprises of certain things I can't put down on paper."

"Ooooh." O_O

"Not that Hentai!"

"Well" *Blush* "You were so good I figured you had a lot of experience."

Laughing at Heero's adorably embarrassed statement Duo couldn't help but kiss those pouting lips.

"No just great inspiration."


"No for the past few years I have been working as a spy for the organization that Hilde runs. It's dedicated to freeing the colonies from the oppressive rule of Earth's government. That girl was Dorothy one of our double agents she uses our supposed relationship to bring us information putting her life on the line for the lives and futures of those that rely on us."

"Why didn't you tell me before?"

"I didn't want to think about work yet we were still on our honeymoon."

"So what is this organization called?"

"It's named Gundam Wing after the Star Shuttle that brought our ancestors to the colonies. And we are the heirs. The Gundam Wing Boys."


"Yes, `we' you were the last heir Heero. Now all the pieces are in place so we can begin to make Earth's government recognize our legal rights."

"Our rights?"

"Well we're all the Heirs to different colonies. You're the Heir to L1 and as such should be fighting with us. I even decided that your nickname will be `The Perfect Solider' officially 01. I'm Shinigami officially.."

"Shinigami?" Heero interrupted "Do you know what that means?"

"Yes actually I speak Japanese…"

"Nani?" *blush* "So you understood what I was saying that first night?"

"Hai, Watashi no Hee-Chan Ai Shiteru."(1)

"Ai Shiteru? Not Dai Suki Desu?"(2)

"Hai, I'm not afraid of looking weak by loving you."(3)

"Duo…" Heero whispered voice melting.





"But Shinigami?"

"Hai, I bring death to those that hurt the ones I love."

"So Akira?"



Some time in the future you see a young Japanese girl in braids stepping off a familiar looking shuttle. Her black bangs were cut to frame her face and her brown eyes sparkled with joy and anxiousness as she surveyed the crowd gathered around the shuttle port. She wore a plain red, white and gray uniform standard issue in the boarding school her mother had sent her away to. So much had changed so quickly! Seeing a familiar figure she squeaked in surprise and delight. Her cousin Heero! His hair was cut short as it was in his childhood pictures and he wore a pair of loose black pants and a satin shirt. Most beautiful of al more so then the radiant smile on his face was the calm sense of confidence he seemed to exude. It suited him well.

"Heero-Kun!" She shouted and ran forward to launch herself in his arms. The tears came freely to both of them. It had only been a year since she had last seen him but so much had changed forever. First Akira had been killed in a car wreck on his way to visit Heero on L2. Then her mother had placed her in a boarding school under strict instruction to turn her into a proper Japanese maiden. It wasn't till later she found out that very night her mother had committed Hari- Kari taking the secret of Toshiko's location with her. Heero had been her only living relative and had been searching for her all this time. Now she was going to join him and his new husband Duo on L2. As part of their family.


To everyone's surprise but Duo's Heero lived up to his nickname. He was truly the perfect soldier. But even with the vast accounts of the Yuy fortune behind them it took a long while for the colonies to gain independence in the mean time it was a hell of a ride in more ways then one!


The End

1. Yes, my little Heero I love you.

2. I love you? Not I like you best?

3. In Japanese its considered weak to tell someone you love them so you say Dai suki instead which means I like you best.

4. Chu usually denotes a soft quick kiss full of happiness in Mangas


I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review Mail order Heero. It was those reviews that kept me going! This is the very last part of the series. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. To everyone my deepest thanks, Little Manga Neko ^_~