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Normally a rookie wasn't pulled in for a job like this. But in the small town of Smithville, Maxwell was the only person on the force who spoke fluent Japanese. The Smithville police department was small and poor. The interrogation room consisted of a single basement, a table and two chairs. When he got there Duo noticed the prisoner was cuffed in one of those chairs looking slightly worse for wear but mostly his body language said he was bored. At least what Duo could discern of him. He had figured out a while ago that cops with glasses aren't as intimidating and due to his beautiful almost feminine features he needed all the help he could get with intimidation. So he had left his glasses in the locker.

"I'm Officer Maxwell."


"You know most people wouldn't be bored with their situation now. You were found driving a vehicle that has foreign plates"


"With no identification on you."


"The trunk full of unmarked bills"


"Which they're still trying to count... I'd say that's a pretty bad situation to be in."


"Further more you refuse to speak to anyone and almost took off Officer Brown's arm when he caught you."

"He touched me, I'm not use to being touched."

"Good! So you can talk."


Duo spent the next three hours pleading, cajoling, threatening and joking but he didn't get more then an 'Hn' out of his suspect. He was starting to get frustrated when he noticed a bit of tattoo peeking out of the top of the suspect's button down white cotton shirt. Hoping an identifying Tattoo might be useful in tracking down the suspects information Duo walked over to the door and locked it before he started to unbutton the shirt. He couldn't chance someone walking in and being suspended for assaulting a prisoner. That's exactly what they would think after all he knew the rumors going around about him.

What he found was unsettling to say the least. He had seen Tattoo's similar to this only in a book. Yakuza.

"Shit." he muttered and looked up seeing his suspects face clearly for the first time. He didn't even notice the smirk on those slightly parted soft looking lips. He was too busy drowning in those gorgeous Prussian blue eyes. He could feel a distant part of his brain screaming warnings but it was too late. Before he knew it he was kissing another man... boy really. He looked to young to be a man yet maybe a year or two younger then Duo's twenty. And he liked it.

The suspect's body tensed then relaxed imperceptibly against Duo's. He could feel the incredibly soft lips beneath his part slightly allowing his tongue to slip inside and taste the honeyed secrets of the gorgeous ones mouth. His kiss returned with equal fervor as Duo found his body had stopped listening to commands from his brain. All he could think of was the incredible feel and taste of the boy beneath him. Straddling the suspects hips Duo ground his erection against the other, surprised to find an answering hardness. As they parted to breath both boys panting harshly Duo whispered,

"Please.give me you name."


The statement was rewarded with a long through kiss that left them both groaning.

"Good.I'm Duo."

"Mmmmm" was Heero's only reply to that statement as Duo proceeded to attack Heero's neck with his lips wanting to taste every inch of this delicious boy.




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