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In other words


Love isn't always firecrackers and sudden explosions. Love isn't always endless nights spent in heated embraces and teary promises of endless devotion. Love never was and never will be perfect. There are just as many moments of fear, pain and broken hearts as there are of joy, peace and healing kisses. Sometimes love... just is.

"Are you looking for something for that special someone?" The kindly old lady asked. Heero studied her face for a moment noting the plethora of wrinkles and the way her frail body trembled just barely. Trained to notice the smallest things he saw that her eyes while slightly droopy were as sharp as a hawk's and her voice was strong and clear. Shifting slightly and feeling out of place he nodded.

It had seemed so easy when he had given himself this mission. After all roses were common. But nowhere could he find a store open this early in the morning with Black roses. And not with the particular breed he was looking for. But this was a florist shop; hope fully they would have them.

"I'm looking for some black roses." He said quietly and waited for the woman to try and dissuade him into getting some cheap red roses or some less then prefect blooms. He knew what he wanted for this occasion, he wanted the best.

With a smile she nodded and headed to the back room motioning him to follow,

"Then you will want the roses known as 'Shinigami's Tears.' They are known as some of the most beautiful available. Large full blooms with a light scent there petals are especially soft and their thorns are extremely sharp. The most amazing thing about them is the fact that the bloom in the very center is as red as blood. It's a Hybrid that was recently engineered and released by an unnamed donor." She carefully opened a refrigerator and took out a large vase. They were just as perfect as he planned them. If it wasn't for the war he would have grown them himself.

"Its perfect, I would like two dozen please. And I brought some paper to wrap them."

She nodded and took the paper printed with chibi death scythes to wrap the flowers up. She used a silver bow and handed it to him with a smile. Looking at his flowers in satisfaction Heero reached for his wallet.


Duo glanced at the clock again. Worry was beginning to show in his eyes. His partners mission was over a day a go. He should have been home already! If it wasn't for the fact a really bad crash had sprained both his knees Duo would be up and pacing the room if not the house. Even if Heero didn't appreciate it Duo cared. He was far too human not to. In a way he wished he was really the god of death. Then he wouldn't have to worry about death stealing away his loved ones. Love, hah it was a laughable emotion. No matter how deeply he cared Heero treated him with little more then contempt.

In fact since the day of his accident Heero hadn't said more then to words to him. Not that that was unusual but the fact that Heero had actually glared at him when he returned made him wonder if Heero was mad he made it back okay. That worried him. Had Heero's dislike of him actually progressed to hate? But before he could do anything Heero just disappeared on another mission. Even though Duo noticed Heero's laptop had been oddly silent when he announced the mission.

Duo heard the door open and stared at the person entering. Heero was holding something behind his back. He was giving Duo a glare that definitely said he didn't want to be bothered. But it was the look in his eyes that caused Duo to gasp, Heero looked scared. Instantly worried he frowned and opened his mouth to say something when he was stopped by Heero's words.

"What you pulled last week was incredibly stupid. Don't you know there are things more important then the mission? You're the one always telling me that then you pull some stunt like that. If you had died how could I have gone on fighting this senseless war? I wanted to wait to do this, wait until I could do it right, wait until I could promise you my life without crossing my fingers, wait until I could offer you more then secret nights stolen in between missions. But I know if you do something that stupid again and . Die without knowing ."

Heero broke off and revealed what he held. A bunch of roses were shoved in Duo's face he jerked back instinctively and noticed that Heero's knuckles were white from strain.

"I'm not blind, I know what your eyes were saying every time you looked at me. You were the only one to ever care about me enough to show me what being human was. before you left on that mission. I may have had my eyes closed but I wasn't asleep. I heard you say I love you. I."

He fell momentarily silent as he realized Duo was crying. With hands too gentle for a trained killer he wiped away the tears and brought his lips close to Duo's ear.

"In other words... I love you." Heero whispered softly. (1.)


@The End@


1. Line is Frank Sinatra's