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Rating: G
Pairings: None really
Warnings: Silliness and insanity
Status: Unbetaed

The G-Boys and the Pimple



Heero Yuy was intensely studying the updates on his favorite Yaoi fan fiction site oops I meant his `Mission Report' when he noticed something odd about his reflection on the computer monitor. "Hn" he muttered in curiosity then stalked off to the bathroom. Eyes widening in disbelief as he stared at the livid red spot right in the middle of his forehead. With a slight growl he took out his gun cocked it and aimed right for it. Seemingly uncaring that he was pointing at his own face and this close to blowing his brains out. The pimple expired in fear and disappeared with an audible pop. Nodding in satisfaction Heero headed back to read more fan fiction um I mean `Mission Reports'.



Duo was bopping his head along to the rhythm of his new anime soundtrack,

"Aitai ai ai ai ai no ni aenai ai ai ai kon'ya wa Mado wo utsu ame yori…" He sang aloud not really caring that he didn't hit any of the right notes to the Sister Princess. Seeing a mirror he flashed himself a huge smile then continued.. wait he's stopping and doing a double take.


"A pimple! A zit! A pimple! A zit! A pimple! A zit! A pimple! A zit! A pimple! A zit! A pimple! A zit!" He mutters over and over as he runs to the bathroom and grabs the oxiclean slathering the paste on. Wait… oxi … clean?

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Once again his scream is heard through out the small house.

Oxiclean was that new all natural bleach Quatre had bought off of an infomercial. He needed Oxy the skin cream. Still screaming he ran to the sink to wash his face.



Trowa came out of the tent flap and glanced in the mirror to make sure his clown paint was still on right. Noticing a slight bump on his face he rearranged his bangs to cover it. Giving himself a slight smile he headed back into the tent.



"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Duo screamed as he noticed the cleaner had rinsed off onto his braid end turning it a bright orange. Scrubbing away furiously at it he didn't notice he was spreading it higher.



Quatre noticed the blemish on the tip of his nose clashed horribly with his favorite pink shirt and picked up the intercom.

"Rashid get the car. We're paying Dr. Charmical a visit."

2 Hours later

Quatre leaves the plastic surgeon with his unblemished babies bottom smooth complexion restored and six hundred dollars less in his pocket. But it was all worth it after all he did have a very important date at the circus tonight.



Sometime during all the fuss Duo noticed another pimple had popped up… right between his eyebrows. Life just wasn't fair. Slumping down to sit on the bathroom floor he admits defeat.



As he's polishing the surface of his sword to a mirror shine Wufei notices something.

"Injustice!" He squeaks and begins a tirade on why it's unjust for a pimple to reside on his face.

5 hours later

Still ranting but somewhat cross-eyed from staring at his nose that long Wufei stares in surprise as the small blemish pops off and walks away with a tiny suitcase in hand. Only turning once to give Wufei the one fingered salute to show what it thought of his lecture.



Duo sits up in bed abruptly and runs to the bathroom. Breathing a sigh of relief as he sees his hair is its normal chestnut brown and no zits marred his face. Deciding never to eat anchovy ice cream before bed again he heads back to sleep. Never noticing the box of hair dye and bottle of used Noxzema overnight vanishing cream in the trash.

The End