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Rating: NC-17

Pairings: 2X1! You weren't expecting a 1XR were you??

Warnings: AU, Lemon, Naughty Heero ;-) Akuma needed a Lemon fix!

Status: Unbetaed


Fresh Apples


Duo was lost. Driving the back roads in Washington could be confusing. One wrong turn and all of a sudden he was cruising through huge orchards on dirt roads. How was he ever going to find his grandfathers farm this way? Seeing a sign up ahead he stopped to read it.

Fresh Apples 25¢ A Bushel

Hearing his stomach rumble he decided to follow the arrows. Maybe he would be able to get directions back to the interstate from the farmer. In ten minutes he came to an old clapboard house that must have been white at one time. An old man with a prosthetic arm was sitting on the front porch. Seeing Duo's stare he spoke up,

"Stay away from apple cider kid, they still haven't figured out which bottles my arm ended up in."

Duo turned an unhealthy shade of green as the guy started to laugh.

"Just kidding! Man young kids these days have no sense of humor. Like my grandson, he acts like smiling is a sin. I lost my arm in the war of 98. Now I suppose your here to get some apples. Nothing worth sight seeing around here. Heero! Get out here! We have a customer."

Before he could ask for directions the old man started to grumble to him self and Duo sighed. If he had to be stuck in the middle of nowhere on some farm with a crazy guy at least he could have had a sexy daughter like the movies, why the hell did his life have to suck? And not in the good way... what do we have here?

A boy his age stepped into view wearing a short sleeved plaid shirt that was completely unbuttoned and a pair of shorts that must have been illegal in at least seven states. His tousled chocolate brown hair was just begging to be touched and his big blue eyes had an exotic slant that hinted of his mixed heritage. It took Duo a moment to realize he was actually following the boy back to the orchard making up small talk to hide the fact his mind was on temporary leave due to a Hentai daze involving whipped cream, satin sheets, velvet hand cuffs and lots of chocolate sauce.


Heero found himself in an odd situation. He came to America to help his grandfather out on the farm every year. He was use to dealing with customers; usually elderly couples from the town occasionally their whiny daughters. But this braided man was disturbing, for one thing he was too beautiful to be a boy and too masculine to be a girl. For another thing he was staring at Heero with a look in his violet eyes that Heero could only describe as lecherous.

But Heero was a boy; he was wearing few enough clothes to prove so. For some reason when he got up that morning all of his other clothes were gone. He had complained to J but J had just laughed and said it was laundry day. Heero could only shake his head. It was bad enough that his grandfather had changed his name last year. Then his best friend moved into his bedroom. Now J and G spent too much time talking in whispered conversations that ended the second he entered the room. They were planning something and the idea of what it could be scared him half to death.

Coming to one of their best trees Heero suddenly realized the stranger had been talking to him the entire way. A slight blush staining his cheeks Heero bent over to grab the wooden basket when he was tackled from behind.


Duo was just about to gain control of his hormones when that delicious boy bent over which caused his faded denim daisy dukes to do X rated things with those perfect creamy globes. Every thought but laying claim to what was so obviously offered to him died a quick death. Pushed beyond Endurance he tackled Heero to the ground, wincing as the both landed sprawled on hard packed earth but taking advantage of the slightly dazed statement in the other's eyes to get a taste.

For a first kiss in a heat of passion it was surprisingly sweet and soft. He brushed his lips against Heero's faintly surprised to find them so firm yet yielding. The faint feeling was sweet and warm and instantly addicting. He wanted to taste this boy fully; Duo doubted he would ever get enough.

"What is your name?" He whispered wondering if Heero was just a nickname. His lips couldn't stand to be away from the other boy for too long. Taking another sweet but chaste kiss he let his lips drift lower.

"Heero Kenji Yuy." came the slightly breathless reply but Heero didn't protest as Duo slid his shirt off his arms and captured a dusky nipple in his mouth. Heero gave a surprised hiss and Duo whispered against the slightly damp skin of Heero's chest.

"Not for much longer." Lips returning to that nipple scraping it gently with his teeth Duo began to trail little love bites all over Heero's chest leaving bruises slick with saliva in his wake. Heero moaned in approval and started to unbutton Duo's shirt slipping his hands in to caress his firm chest and pinch rosy nipples.

"Nani?" He questioned huskily finding the feeling of Duo's skin beneath his hands distinctly pleasant. More so then even his laptop. Reaching up he brought the others lips to his, this kiss was definitely not chaste. It was hot and hungry and possessive and wet. Tongues brushing against each other in an erotic mimic of the dance their bodies ached to join. They fought for dominance but Duo won. He took his time exploring the wet velvet interior of Heero's mouth. He was rewarded with a soft moan that went straight to his groin. Releasing Heero's lips when he realized they needed to breath Duo barely pulled back leaving a millimeter of space between their lips.


"I think Heero Kenji Maxwell-Yuy sounds better." He whispered and made short work of Heero's shorts. Happily but not surprised that his baby wasn't wearing anything else. Eyeing the weeping erection he gave a low growl in his throat and slid down his new lovers body for a taste.

"Eeto..." Heero protested slightly not understanding why this beautiful stranger wanted to change his name. Maxwell.. the name was familiar it took him a moment to remember it was G's last name.

"I'm Duo Maxwell" Duo said and engulfed the head of Heero's throbbing erection in his mouth. It was good, swirling his tongue around he sucked at the tip gently then ran his tongue along the vein throbbing on the side. Pulling back he took a deep breath and took Heero's cock into his mouth again. Sliding down his length until his nose was buried in the silky curls that smelled so strongly of musk and apple trees and Heero. Pulling back slowly he exhaled the breath out of his nose letting the warm air caress the wet skin of Heero's cock like invisible fingers.

"AA." Heero could barely remember how to gasp when Duo touched him like that. On the edge of his blurry vision he saw something metallic. His shorts mad landed by his head, one of the pockets falling open to reveal a small tube. Reaching out he groaned as Duo began to engulf him in that wet heat. The label said simply 'cherry flavored lubricant.' He didn't care how or why it was there he just knew that for once his prayers had been answered.

Duo pulled back from his living lollipop as Heero handed him the tube. Reading the label he looked at Heero with a question in his eyes. He wanted him, Heero was meant to be his. But seeing something so practical had managed to cut through the lust fogging his thoughts. He wanted to be sure before they went any further that Heero wouldn't have any regrets. Heero managed to do a full body blush but didn't look away.

"Hai." Came the whispered answer and Duo let go of the breath he hadn't been aware of holding.


Duo kissed Heero gently again, pouring all the things he couldn't say into a kiss. As he shared his secret thoughts without words his hands unscrewed the lid and poured the clear gel into his palm it was already slightly warm from being in Heero's pocket all day. Coating both hands he continued to kiss Heero caressing Heero's hardness with one hand and using the other to tease the tight pink bud of his entrance. As he dipped the tip in he swallowed Heero's gasp. He would take forever if need be, as long as he didn't hurt his baby.

Wiggling slightly he inserted his finger all the way into that tight sheath. Firm muscles clamped down on him and he almost saw stars imagining how they would feel clamping down on his much larger cock.

"Relax Hee-baby" he whispered softly and suckled on a very sensitive part of Heero's neck. And surprisingly his simple words worked. Heero opens to him and its not too long before he has three fingers rocking in his lover. Somewhere along the line Heero had cum spattering their stomachs with creamy white seed. But now Heero's hard again and He's begging Duo to go faster, harder, deeper.

Duo pours some more lube on his cock slicking the surface and hissing at the feeling the friction gives him. Hee looks down to watch Heero's eyes as he sinks into him and wonder if he's drowning in the startled Prussian blue of his eyes. Its all too much for words, everything else fades to static except for the tight heat surrounding him so completely and the emotions laid bare in those eyes. When he begins to move Heero meets his every thrust. Their caught in constant motion and it feels like they never began and will never end just the two of them rocking together as waves of pleasure engulf their one body. But the moment is lost all too soon and their voices join in one scream of completion as they cum together.


Hearing the noise J looked to his friend, rival and off and on lover with a grin.

"Looks like our plan worked!"

"What do you mean our plan? I'm the one who figured out our grandsons would be perfect for each other!" G exclaimed.

"Yeah but I'm the one who hid Heero's clothes." J pointed out and G seemed thoughtful for a bit before he sighed.

"Fine your right. You won."

"Yay! I get to be Uke tonight!"