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Detention Centers: First Day

Whoever thought he was smart Duo Maxwell was smarter. You think you were tough? He was tougher. There was nothing he hadn't done, no crime he hadn't committed. It was part of living on the streets, you grew up hard and you grew up cold or you didn't grow up at all. You don't believe me? Well the first time child services caught him he was nine. His foster brother tried to rape him so Duo cut off his balls with the penknife he hid in his hair. No one believed him and while they were transferring him to Juvie he got away. Now at seventeen he was in yet another detention center this time for gang warfare. In his four years here he had gotten a nice little crew. There was Wufei who caught his girlfriend cheating and sliced up her family, Quatre whose daddies big bucks couldn't save when it turned out he was running a meth ring at his fancy boarding school and Trowa who tried to poison his entire summer camp with cyanide. Only 3 died.



"Gimme summa that!"

"Come over here hot lips."

"Dead Man walking…" Wufei muttered the last phrase. Duo didn't even glance up from his contemplation of his daily horoscope as he waited patiently for his friend to continue. You see Wufei had a little thing going on with the warden so he always had Duo's intelligence reports.

"Heero Yuy, 15, sentenced for hacking the president's personal computer and sending heads of state sexually explicit propositions… rumor is a few wrote back."

"Heero…Yuy…?" He whispered not believing his ears as a name he hadn't dared think of in years stirred up long dead memories.


Duo grinned back proudly at the five year old boy who smiled just as happily at him.

"So you're gonna call your self Heero Yuy?"

"Hai! Duo."

Now that his sidekick had a name he could officially become part of the gang instead of just a hanger on. Yet he still felt a twinge of remorse. Unlike the rest of them Heero actually had a good home to go back to. The streets would ruin his friend. He made himself a silent promise. He would protect Heero no matter what…


Holding the trembling six year old Duo tried desperately not to join him in his tears. It had happened so fast a faulty wire and bam Heero's family was gone. If he hadn't been spending yet another night with Duo he would have died in the explosion too.

"You…<sob>…won't…<sob>…Leave me ever…<sob>…Duo…Promise!"

"Of course Hee-Chan. I promise from now on you are Shinigami's no matter what I'll always be here for you." Smoothing back chocolate brown curls he kissed the slightly damp forehead.

"Love ya Hee-Chan…"


An unusually serious statement stretched his normally happy features as he shook his head.

"No Koi you can't come with me this time, G's in trouble gotta go help him out. I'll be back at the hideout before dinner…promise." Prussian eyes suspiciously wide stared at him accusingly…

"I'll be waiting…"


But he hadn't gone back he ended up in that stupid home. By the time no one had been there. Staring at the scattered remnants of the looted place and broken dishes littering the floor it had been easy to realize what happened. With him gone the other gangs would descended. Without him everyone would have been... and Heero... his best friend... his confidant... the only person he had ever loved... Heero was gone.


The cry of rage was torn from the most private parts of his soul.


Eight years later the same word was torn from that same place. This time it was a quickly smothered whisper.


He knew Heero was dead had heard about that fancy black car that had come for him the day after Duo left. The one that he had told Duo was following him. Heard all about the men in dark clothes who had dragged away the fighting boy.

Now rage filled him. How dare some suburban punk take his angel's name? Standing abruptly the metal chair scraped against the floor and silence descended. No one, and I mean not even the guards talked when Shinigami rose with that look on his face.

Kevin may not have been a religious man but he got on his knees and began to pray for mercy. You see as the guard on patrol he had to break up any fights started. Duo's typical policy was to kick ass and ask questions after.


Duo didn't even see the hand that caught his first punch. The other boy's reflexes were to fast. He turned his head and Duo saw two Prussian eyes he never thought he would dream in again. His Heero had grown into a beauty small but strong looking hair still in that wild disarray he called a hair cut. Soft pink lips pushed out in a pout… a pout?

"You were late for dinner." Said a stronger but familiarly nasal voice. He frowned momentarily no `hi' no `how are you' no `Duo-Koi', okay maybe the last one was too much to hope for after all this time but…

"You were late for dinner." Heero said it again and a smile tugged its way across Duo's features, as he understood what Heero was really saying.

"I'm sorry, I'll never break another promise to you Hee-Koi."