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Desert Prince


He tried to be good. Really he did. While Duo looked American he wasn't. His mother had been the fifth of his father's wives. The daughter of an American beer baron her child raising techniques had been slightly different from his older half brother Quatre's mother who had been the youngest daughter of an English duke or his younger half brother Wufei's mother who had been the princess of her clan in China. But his father was very strict about schooling.

Wanting only the best for his sons he had insisted they be schooled in Japan for their high school degrees. But still up till the time they turned fourteen they lived among their fathers people in the sands of the Middle Eastern deserts. Did I forget to mention their father was a sheik? Oops. Okay back to the story. Duo had tried to be good, really he did but you can only fight against your instincts so long. especially when you were being tempted with such a delicious morsel.

He had noticed Heero Yuy the first day of school, quiet, shy, studious with a cold attitude that hinted at fiery emotions running deep. High sharp cheekbones and almost delicate features set in ivory. Wild coffee brown locks that looked as soft as silk and held hints of sable in the sun. Long dark lashes framed Prussian blue eyes as deep and secretive as the depths of the ocean. Lush full red lips slightly parted and begging to be tasted. Heero Yuy was not your typical Japanese high school student.

Duo hadn't been surprised to later discover how intelligent Heero was. They often competed for the top scores in their class. Heero wasn't some weak nerd either he was the best kendoist in school, his martial arts even surpassed Duo's brother Wufei and his archery was superb. But he never joined any teams seeming to prefer being left alone. With very little effort Duo was able to dig up his past. Heero was an orphan, the heir to a huge computer corporation. His parents had been killed in the same car crash he had survived without a scratch when he was two. Guardians had raised him since then. He was a perfect target. But Duo was determined to be good.

But then the final year of school they ended up being roommates. Nine months of torture. Every night knowing Heero was just a bunk below him. Every morning waking to the sight of Heero's chiseled frame sleek from a morning shower and adorned in only a cotton terry towel. That one time the towel had slipped as Heero bent over. Duo would never forget the sight of those smooth ivory globes and. it was a sight that had fueled too many of his wet dreams. Sleeping and waking dreams. He would wake up in the middle of the night hard and aching, wanting to reach out and fulfill the phantom promises of his sleep. His attention would drift in class and he would find himself shifting in his seat glad for the long tops of their uniforms, which hid his sudden erection. Slowly he was forgetting why he needed to be good. Forgetting all the reasons why he should act 'civilized', why he couldn't just throw Heero over his shoulder and steal him away to some secret oasis until Heero no longer wanted to return home like his father had done with his mother. But some how he managed to do it. He was going to leave alone after just one more night at Shizuka Boys Academy.

But then Heero had to go and ruin it all. How you ask? Well it was quite simple. He left his drawer open and Duo being the curious person he is just had to peek. It was filled with letters. Carefully sealed, stamped, unmailed letters all addressed to him! Of course he couldn't open them all to read but maybe if he stole just one? Grabbing one from the middle he snuck out of the room and headed to the table tennis room at this time of day it would be empty.

Hands shaking just slightly he carefully opened the envelope and looked at the paper in surprise. It was beige with little chibi pixies on it. Not the kind of stationary he expected Heero Yuy to have.



Here I am writing down all the things I can't say again. It's been three years, four months and seventeen days since I first saw you. I'm beginning to lose hope I'll ever get your attention. I've tried everything from trying to impress you with my brain to trying to beat you at archery nothing works. You stare right through me as if I didn't exist.

I was talking with Ryu about how to get your attention. He said I should try my body since it would make a straight man turn. But three months of timing my showers with your waking hasn't worked. Do you have any idea how cold it is to walk down the hall in a towel? Guys have started showing up in the hall that don't even live in our dorm as if I wouldn't notice they were waiting there staring at 5 in the morning. I'm not dense. But it seems the only person in school I want to attract is oblivious. Namely you.

This morning I dropped my towel and bent over in front of you and no response. What do I have to do to get your attention? Offer myself up to you as a virgin sacrifice bound naked and vulnerable on an alter? I'm so desperate though I want so much more I'd be willing to take just sex from you. I'd be willing to take anything from you. It hurts in a way to know that I have nothing you want.

I still remember the first time our eyes met it was transcendental, almost like you striped me to the soul with one look and marked me forever yours. It was the first time anyone had made me feel so deeply. I thought I had locked away my heart long ago. But then you looked away and suddenly I could breath again. I was vulnerable barely able to keep standing but you breezed away followed by your usual group of ad poring fans. You changed my world forever without realizing it.

I know I'll love you forever and the though scares me more then anything else. Because I know one day you'll leave and I'll be alone again. forever.

Yours Always, Heero


Damn it there went all his good intentions. He couldn't leave Heero behind now could he?

It was almost insultingly easy to pull off. He got ready while Heero was still out. Taking out the heavy gold ring his father had given to each of his sons, Duo opened the secret compartment hidden under the star sapphire in the center. Sprinkling the scentless almost clear powder on the surface of Heero's pillow he smiled. It was derived from the same desert plant that his father used to capture his mother. By morning it would have disappeared leaving no trace if anyone was smart enough to try to investigate. By morning they would be gone.

As the oldest boy his brother Quatre got his fathers personal guards to protect him. Duo had much scarier bodyguards his mother's special elite crew of female guards. Une, Noin, Relena, Hilde and Dorothy. There were only five. But with those girls an army wasn't needed. Any one who had ever tried to harm him could understand that, but they never lived long enough to share that little secret. For a little mission like this Duo would call Noin, she was an excellent strategist.

That night only the moon bore witness to the two shadows sneaking across the rooftops of the dorm, it was the only one who noticed them carry a slightly unwieldy bundle across school grounds. The security guards were to busy helping the cute little blonde figure out how to fix her flat tire.

The airport officials didn't worry themselves over the fact that a few of the crew members from some foreign sheik's plane seemed to be supporting a drunken comrade, half carrying him up the stairs to the silver Lear jet. It was a pretty everyday action that was forgotten as soon as anyone noticed. The next morning it seemed like Heero Yuy had vanished off the face of the earth.

His roommate was the most distressed of all. In fact Duo Maxwell did all he could to help the investigators search for the missing boy. But nothing was found and it seemed as if the quiet boy had runaway. He was after all an adult and when no ransom demands came it was dropped. Of course by then his roommate was long gone. Duo had his own responsibilities and you couldn't really expect him to change them because of a fickle boy.

O_O +0_0= #_#

Heero woke quickly as he always did. His separate senses all screaming warnings at him, for one his sense of scent told him the air was too dry and crisp. His sense of hearing pointed out that while they were muffled the singsong voices coming from outside weren't speaking English or Japanese.

Most confusing was his sense of touch that told him he was no longer wearing his cotton boxers and tee shirt. Instead he was wearing some loose silky garment. If he were taken for money why would they redress him? Genuine fear almost kept him from opening his eyes. When he did he wished he hadn't. Duo was sprawled on his stomach on a chaise lounge dressed like a desert prince. Around him was spread numerous open letters that Heero recognized even from this distance.

Hopefully this was just some oddly realistic dream, and then he wouldn't have to die of embarrassment. That would explain why he was waking up on a bed of cushions in a large elaborate tent. Then remembering how he wrote the most vivid of his fantasies and the deepest feeling of his heart in those letters Heero had a feeling he wasn't that lucky. Seeming to hear Heero's chocked gasp Duo looked up. His cobalt eyes more intense then Heero ever remembered.

"Good your finally awake you slept through yesterday and most of today." "Duo?"

"Of course. Who else would have gone to all the trouble of smuggling you out of Japan and take you to the middle of the Sahara desert?"

Sitting up in shock Heero realized that the silky caftan he wore was the only thing he was wearing.


"Do you actually believe I would let you go after I had read one of these?" He held up the offending letter and slowly advanced.

"Wha? How? I had that drawer locked."

"You didn't that time."

"Is that why?" Heero asked vaguely motioning to the intimate surroundings. He never knew Duo's eyes could get so dark that they reflected the light back like that. That the cobalt held shades of purple so intense they became a blue violet whirlpool of emotions. He could almost believe that Duo had gone to all that trouble to bring him out there to kill him. But Duo's eyes didn't seem to gain their intensity from anger, In fact Heero couldn't recall ever seeing Duo like this.

"You have been very.very naughty Heero." The way Duo's lips clung to the word 'naughty' sent chills down Heero's spine. So it was quite understandable why Heero's reply was slightly breathless.

"Wha. What?"

"Teasing me on purpose all these years. Do you have any idea how 'hard' you made it for me? This past year especially? The way you'd chew on your eraser in class, the way the top two buttons of your collar was always undone allowing bits of skin to peak through like some sort of forbidden fruit. The way you'd eat that damn pocky at every meal. Licking the chocolate off layer by layer. You had me and every guy in the lunchroom squirming in our seats. It was the reason Kei risked pneumonia by sneaking out of the medical wing to eat with us."

Heero was about to protest since none of those actions had actually been his attempts at seduction, just things he did naturally. Duo's finger on his lips prevented his words. Curious to taste his obsessions flavor Heero allowed his tongue to dart out and lick the skin. Duo's eyes slid shut with a groan before he seemed to pull himself together.

"How dare you.how dare you flaunt yourself and tease those boys when you knew you were mine."

"I wasn't."

"You were always mine Heero, you knew it. I knew it. I just hadn't realized it. yet."

On those words Duo dipped his head to capture Heero's lips. 'So soft, so soft' he thought as he deepened the kiss licking and tasting the honey-eyed secrets of Heero. Breaking off only when he realized that burning sensation had been his lungs protesting he breathed heavily against Heero's slightly tender lips.


Heero only moaned in response but there was a smile on his lips.

"My naughty Hee-Chan let me love you."

"Aaa." Eyes drawn to Duo's he had a feeling he had just agreed to a lot more then one night.

Duo had already begun worshipping the beauty sprawled before him. Lips trailed down the sensitive arch of Heero's neck leaving a trail of vivid love bites behind them. The silky material Heero wore tore easily before Duo's strong grip. Smooth ivory skin was anointed with slow caresses and tender caresses. One touch was not enough Duo's hands had fallen in love with the feel of Heero's body beneath them. His lips were addicted to the taste of Heero, so sweet and rich.

'Mmmmm vanilla ice cream.' He thought

There was no other taste on earth came close to it. It was almost painful not to be in full body contact with Heero. Transferring his strong grip to Heero's thin hips Duo lowered his head to take Heero's warm flesh into his mouth. Listening to the cooing sighs and purring growls to learn what his koibito liked, to figure out how exactly to drive Heero crazy. He had known he wanted Heero from the first but he hadn't been sure he would like this. Taking another man into his mouth. He had been right hr didn't like it at all. He loved it. Tasting Heero wasn't just good it was sublime.

The feel of Heero's warm flesh against his lips. The salty taste of the seed that leaked from his tip as Duo brought him closer and closer to the ecstasy.

"Onegai.stop.teasing." Heero begged in a gasp and Duo gave him a devilish grin.

"Since you asked so nice." He began thrusting Heero in and out of his mouth using his hands to stroke the warm flesh as he pulled back creating a warm tunnel of friction that pushed Heero over the edge.

As the pleasure of his climax gripped him Heero cried out his lovers name. Hands gripping Duo's traditional headdress in a spastic grasp as he fell back against the cushions bonelessly his body still twitching from the aftershocks. The soft white cotton was still clutched in his fingers leaving Duo's mane of silken locks to fall free in a waterfall of chestnut waves. Heero could only watch legs spread as Duo moved back and licked the traces of seed from his fingers. Nimble hands moving slowly he made sure he had Heero's complete attention before he continued.

"Your not the only one who can tease Heero." He said his voice husky with desire. "Just watch me my love."

With the grace of a jungle cat slipping through the rainforest on padded feet Duo moved. His hips swayed with each step, eyes heavy with passion. He turned around and lifted his hair with one hand using the other to undo the ties to his outfit thankful he had chosen something without the multitude of buttons he usually sported. His hands were shaking to bad to deal with buttons. Glancing sultrily over his shoulder he licked his lips.

"Remember Heero no touching.just watch."

Slowly he slipped the robes off his shoulder, revealing inch by creamy inch of skin for his avid audience. Running his fingers through long tresses Duo let the clothing fall to the ground following its decent with a lingering caress that caused him to bend over. Hearing the gasp behind him he gave an evil grin to the floor. Revenge could sometimes be so sweet. Slowly rising he stretched before turning around again. Smiling as he noticed Heero's once again hard erection. Gripping his own cock he thumbed the weeping tip slowly spreading the sticky pre-cum.

"I want to bury myself in you Hee-Chan, deep in that tight cherry ass. Or do you want to taste me first?" Duo watched with appreciation as Heero's cock jerked in response to his explicit words. Prussian eyes darkening to an almost Navy hue. With a low growl in response Heero pounced on him. Hands clenching the firm muscle of Duo's buttocks he paused a moment seeming to remember something. Glancing up he let a languorous smile stretch his lips before he began. Slowly.

Nuzzling the junction of Duo's thighs he breathed in the unique scent of Duo purring softly. Pushing Duo back so he was lying on the cushions Heero spread his legs wide and licked the soft skin of his inner thighs. Hands sliding lower to lift Duo's hips high he grasped the cheeks of his Buttocks and parted them wide. Glancing at the rosy flush on Duo's face before he licked the opening of tightly clenched muscle wetting the surface thoroughly so he could work his tongue in. Thrusting it in and out as his hands moved to grasp Duo's cock, feather light touches barely soothing the surface of the taunt skin before he firmly grasped the base firmly cutting off the circulation of blood. Duo gave a brief pained gasp but said nothing.

Giving a last regretful lick Heero traveled upwards sucking briefly on the firm sack of Duo's scrotum before finally tasting his cock. Long licks from tip to base covered the surface with Heero's saliva as he sought to taste every inch individually. Taking the head in his mouth he tongued the sensitive weeping tip before giving it a hard suck. Slowly descending he relaxed his throat muscles as he had practice on him self so many times. Being double jointed had its benefits. He was able to swallow Duo to the base. Slowly raising his head before strong hands tangled in his hair as he pulled back completely and placed a chaste kiss on the tip of Duo's hard cock. It was all that was needed before Duo began to come pulsing long creamy streams of white into Heero's open mouth watching as the warm come spilled down his chin dripping back on to Duo's spent organ. Licking his lips he purred and arched.

As Duo's eyes started to focus again he smiled and reached under a cushion handing a tube to Heero. Blushing Heero knew what Duo was silently asking him for.

"I love you." Came the soft words more of a confirmation of what their hearts already knew then a confession. The trust behind those words sent a shiver down both their spines and neither boy could remember who had been the one to say what they both knew.

Rubbing the gel in his hands he coated his fingers feeling it warm to his skin. Slowly caressing the soft skin of his thighs he slipped a finger in with a soft hiss. Duo watched this whole show with a hungry gaze his erection returning at the sight before him. Heero laid back against the cushions his back arched hips in the air as he finger fucked himself working another then another finger in as he panted harshly crying out Duo's name with each thrust.

Kneeling before him Duo stilled his hand pulling the fingers out to kiss each one as he coated his own pulsing cock with the gel. Supporting Heero's hip with one hand he used the other to guide himself into that tight clenching heat. Panting himself as he almost blacked out from the sensation of finally being in Heero. Leaning forward to join their lips in another soul searing kiss. His hands moving to join Heero's twinning their fingers together as he slowly withdraw then thrust forward. Unable to bear the intensity of the emotions in those gorgeous Prussian eyes Duo allowed his own eyes to fall shut. His world becoming purely sound, touch, taste and smell. And Heero filled that world. The heat, the pleasure, the knowledge that he was one with the person he loved pushed him forward into the slick sheath clutching his cock. They fit together as perfectly as the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Thought was left behind with the slow rhythm they began with. Hands explored bodies exploiting the most sensitive points as their hips moved almost automatically. There was just enough time to share another kiss tongues caressing as Heero went over the edge body arching as taunt as a wire as spurt after spurt of cum anointed Duo's belly and his own. The tightening of his muscles was enough, Duo slammed into that incredible tightness one more time before Heero could feel his lovers climax. Spurt after spurt of seed filling him like warm honey as his lover collapsed on him with a grunt.

"Ne, Heero?"


"One more time?"



~ Fin ~



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