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Best Friends and London Pubs

Part 1


Heero groaned as he slowly struggled towards consciousness. His mouth had that unpleasant cottony feeling that only came from too much alcohol and too little sleep. Last week Zechs had dragged him on a trip to England. The last thing he remembered about the night before was heading from club to club to chase after some Chinese boy Zechs had gone ga-ga for. Normally he would let Zechs go alone since clubbing wasn't his scene. But Zechs had refused to leave his friend behind convinced he was nursing a broken heart. You see Relena who had happened to be Zechs baby sister and Heero's unwanted girlfriend had gotten married last week.


What do I mean unwanted? Well you see Heero had gone home with Zechs on every holiday their boarding school had. Not really having a family of his own he had enjoyed basking in the attention of Zechs parents. He honestly didn't even know Relena's name until a few years ago, usually on his visit he nodded to the girl and absentmindedly listened to her chattering. Next thing he knew she thought they were engaged.

After that he had preferred to stay at school on vacations even occasionally visiting his guardian J's lab. Anything to avoid Zech's home. Fortunately it worked and she fell for another of Zechs friends. A girl actually. Her feelings were fervently returned and Heero had thankfully not received a perfume soaked pink letter in over six months. As a roommate his and Zech's friendship was strong but they never saw eye to eye about his sister. Zechs just couldn't understand how irritating she was.


Then just last week Zechs girlfriend Noin dumped him right before their anniversary to go out with their English professor. She thought his obsession with roses was romantic. Which left Zechs with an extra ticket. Feeling sorry for his friend and knowing the blonde would spend his entire trip crying if left alone Heero agreed to come. Last night had been the third night since getting to London that Zechs had prowled the pubs and nightclubs. Heero fuzzily recalled Zechs seeing the boy again and being dragged off to his first rave. The rest was disjointed like blurry picture glimpsed at too fast. He had asked for soda… it had tasted funny or maybe it was just the smoky atmosphere. He remembered a priest of sorts, a wedding? Must have been a movie he saw. That would explain the laughing eyes too purple to be real that haunted his dreams. As he stretched he realized he was covered in silk. No…not silk… long hair! For a second his heart skipped. Had he and Zechs?

Opening his eye just a bit he saw the hair spread over his chest with a twinge of relief. It was too long and too chestnut to be his friends. Great, he had lost his virginity to some girl he had never met before. And why in hell was his bottom so sore?


Part 2


Heero gulped and decided to move; after all he desperately needed an aspirin. The aching in his head was starting to become a nuisance as he realized the painful throbbing in his bottom had dulled somewhat.

As he moved and tried to get up his companion groaned something about a guitar and pulled the sheets over their head with a groan. The voice was surprisingly husky but then most people's voices were in the morning. Stumbling off the ebony steps that had led to the queen sized bed Heero frowned not many girls decorated their room in black and silver. It made sense though he had never been attracted to those ultra feminine types like Relena. Ugh.

The first door was a closet and he wondered vaguely where his clothes were. The next door led to a huge mirrored bathroom and a memory teased him with the image of himself staring into it as his lover kneeled before him and engulfed him with the warm wet heat of their mouth. Long chestnut hair was held in a rapidly loosening braid and he could see black pants and a shiny red shirt but not a face… never a face. Trying to ignore the response of his cock to the memory of that sensation he opened the medicine cabinet and popped two Advil.

Noticing some prescriptions he picked a bottle up and thanked his ninth grade language tutor for making sure he could read every language he spoke. Duo Maxwell what a funny name to give to your daughter, it didn't sound feminine at all. He had a feeling he had heard that name a long time ago. Something to do with music maybe? His head hurt too much to think about it right now. Stepping in to the shower he turned on the water and began to work at his lingering problem. Hand caressing over hot flesh he bit his lip it was almost as if he was unfamiliar with himself.

As if he had been expecting to feel someone else's erection beneath his touch. That was stupid he had never gone for shower games at school. After all his nickname was `The ice prince.' Another snippet came to him quite suddenly. That same husky voice rough with emotion whispering no pleading.

"Come on my Heero… just one more time my love… I need to hear you scream my name when you cum for me again."

With a gasping sob he followed the remembered words, unaware of violet eyes watching him hungrily from the open doorway.


Duo was young, rich, famous and drop dead gorgeous. He had absolutely no intentions of settling down ever. And then last night had changed his mind irrevocably. He had been at some rave Wufei had dragged him too. Damn, for an uptight accountant that Chinese boy sure knew how to par-tay. He had been scanning the crowd for his erstwhile friend when a flash of cream had caught his eye. Turning to get a better look he had forgotten how to breathe for the barest of second eyes widening in shock at the scene before him.

On the dance floor staring straight at him in frank invitation was the single most beautiful person he had ever seen. The boy slowly stripped off his mesh tee shirt never breaking eye contact as his hands ran up and down his finely sculpted creamy chest teasingly. Duo saw no reason to wait he headed straight into the crowd surrounding his beauty. He hadn't been the only person to notice those smoldering slanted eyes, but his beauty was so graceful. Expertly dodging the clinging hands of the other dancers he slipped through the crowd-leaving Duo to watch him exit through a back door.

For a moment Duo felt his heart stop as he tried to make his way through the suddenly stubborn crowd wasting precious time.


But no, the second he stepped through the warehouse door he saw them standing there. In the dim streetlight Prussian eyes seemed darker then navy and the eardrum bleeding loud music of the party seemed to fade away to nothing. No words were needed as he too the others had and led them over to his Mercedes. Duo's new lover was shoved against the ebony Benz as his hands moved swiftly over that smooth skin searching for each spot that made him moan. Lips sought each other in an almost magnetic connection the kiss came more naturally then breathing. It felt so right, more then the soft caress of flesh should warrant. Duo couldn't wait anymore, he didn't have too he knew the drill routine of these little parking lot escapades. Yanking his partners pants to their ankles he opened his own and slipped a lubricated rubber on and began to slide in to his lover. He couldn't.

The boy beneath him gave a hiss of pain and Duo pulled back, he was too tight for someone who danced like that. Completely unprepared, scrapping his teeth against one shoulder glistening in the moonlight Duo gave an inward groan. This was going to take longer then he expected…

Afterwards came the words. As his breathing and heartbeat slowed he began to process thoughts and came to a surprising conclusion. That he needed this, whatever it was between him and a perfect stranger. He decided to test his theory in the back seat of his car… twice. And discovered it was true. He figured his buddy Solo would still be practicing in his chapel on Rosemont. It was then the words came, simple but life changing.

"What's your name?"

"Yuy, Heero Yuy." Came the softly panted reply.

"So Heero ya ever been married?"


"Do you want to get married?"

"Sure...why not?"


Part 3


As he slumped against the shower wall the taste of his lovers name still clinging to his lips Heero let the pounding spray of the warm water wash the lingering traces of his orgasm away. He was left feeling vaguely unsatisfied. Damn could you become a nymphomaniac in one night? At least his headache was gone. If only he knew where his clothing was. Finishing the mundane motions of his shower quickly he dried off with a towel and glared at the mirror as if his reflection was responsible for his lack of clothing.

His eyes widened as he truly got a look at himself he hadn’t noticed how vivid the love bites littering his body was. The headache had left his mind surprisingly clear and seeing a blackish blur he looked at his right forearm. Tracing the large black kanji for ‘Shinigami’ he read the words that were written above it in katakana and below it in English. ‘Property of Duo Yuy-Maxwell.’

His first reaction should have been to glare in displeasure at the evidence of another stupid decision he had made last night. And he waited for a moment expecting feelings of shock and embarrassment to fill him, instead a small smile tugged at his lips as a cozy warmth filled him and he remembered a fervent voice whispering,


“Your mine Heero not only from the top of your messy brown hair to the bottom of your kawaii little feet but with every breath you take forever. I won’t have you wear a ring that can be removed at anytime; I’m going to mark your body permanently so everyone will know… Always.” The words brought up another memory of a dark alley and a neon sign proclaiming ‘Solo’s 24 hour Tattoo parlor, inventor of the 2 for 1 Tattoo special’ and beneath it in whit letters ‘weddings also offered.”

More images came to him fragments of real memories.

A tall thin man with stringy brown hair and kind brown eyes, “Do you Heero Yuy take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband or wife?”


“Good sign on the dotted line.”

“Do you Duo Maxwell take this man Heero Yuy as your lawfully wedded husband or wife?”

“Yeah of course Solo now hurry it up I have plans for tonight!”

“Your so impatient Duo you didn’t even wait for me to ask you to sign the paper.”

“That’s cause I already know my answer.”

“Fine, by the power invested in me by her majesty the queen of England I now pronounce you man and wife…or husband.” No one had ever wanted him to be his or hers for always, Relena’s schoolgirl crush hadn’t counted.


Feeling suddenly weak-kneed Heero would have fallen against the bathroom counter if not for the strong arms, which suddenly surrounded him bringing him up against a very warm decidedly male body. Before his brain had a chance to react his body did giving a sudden unintended purr. Someone… no Duo gave a throaty chuckle,

“Your up early baby.” He whispered and nuzzled Heero’s hair “I was worried for a moment when I woke up and couldn’t find you till I heard the shower running.”

In the mirror a cobalt gaze roved possessively over his naked flesh and Heero’s mouth suddenly went dry as Duo continued.

“I enjoyed your little performance in the shower baby, do you know how hot you got me? I almost came when you cried out my name like that.” Heero turned several shades of red as he realized the evidence of just how hot he had gotten Duo was prodding him in the back. Hands moved up to spread against his chest and caress the numerous love bites there. Heero noticed a similar Tattoo on Duo’s arm proclaiming him the property of Heero Yuy-Maxwell. Heero tried to gather his wayward thoughts as his body began to respond and Duo seemed intent on adding another love bite to his shoulder.

“Duooooo…ahh…I can’t…remember…what happened…last night…just bits.”

Duo stopped his ministrations immediately.


“You’re kidding me right? I tasted you there wasn’t a trace of alcohol on your breath. You talked to me, we discussed everything. You even told me your childhood nickname was perfect soldier!” There was a panicky edge to Duo’s voice as he turned Heero around to face him.

“The last thing I remember completely was going out with my friend Zechs to a rave and grabbing a cup of soda. I have brief flashes of…well I know I lost my virginity to you, the pain in my ass corresponds with that. But I also remember an…um marriage ceremony. Please tell me I’m wrong.” There was a set expression on Duo’s face as he stared back into Prussian eyes. His Heero had been drugged. He should have known. Honor demanded that he let him go…get a divorce. He wondered briefly who this Zechs guy was. It didn’t matter Heero was his. And by his own admission Heero was a virgin. If this Zechs guy was too stupid to claim this beauty as soon as possible then he deserved to lose out on Heero. Mind made up Duo growled,

“I’m not giving you a divorce Heero.”

Heero blushed even harder.

“I…um…wasn’t asking for a divorce. I just…well…(blush)…I’m not really use to this…I’ve never been out on a date much less a relationship. Do you think…perhaps we…could take it slow…um…start from the beginning?” Heero whispered the last part against Duo’s chest as his lover brought him close again.

Duo could only marvel at the blushingly kawaii bundle in his arms. There went his honeymoon plans but he found he couldn’t be bitter. “Of course Hee-Chan anything you want.”

“Um and Duo?”


“My name is Heero…not baby…not Hee-Chan.”

“Okay baby.”




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