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Rating: PG-13 for now
Pairings: brief 3x4 future 2x1 if Duo cooperates
Warnings: AU, Yaoi, OOC, crossovers, Silliness, Bishounen ogling. Duo’s potty mouth.
Status: Unbetaed

Barbie Dolls and Marzipan 2/?


Heero made it to class just as the last ceremony was ending. He watched in wide-eyed interest as a young man in an outfit like his cousin Nabiki wore at services smiled indulgently at the couple and murmured, “You may kiss the bride, Touya.”

Instead of moving the broad shouldered boy who definitely looked to old to be a student blushed and looked away. The blonde girl who was obviously his bride gloomped on to him with a squeal and proceeded to give him a kiss that made everyone blush. Heero's eyes grew even larger, so this was an American wedding ceremony? Weren't they a little young to be married?

Heero saw Relena stand up and glance at the clock worriedly. Then she turned to the only person in the room who wasn't with a partner disappointment lighting her features. Heero could feel his heart begin to race as he stared at the other boy. He wasn’t just gorgeous, he was ‘excuse me while I drool on my shoes’ gorgeous. All that long chestnut hair in an immaculate French braid and those brilliant cobalt eyes. He was everything Heero had ever wanted in a seme. Damn! If only he wasn’t so shy. He finally meets the boy of his dreams and his tongue goes numb making speech impossible. “I’m sorry Duo.” Relena said regretfully

“We’ll have to let Solo head to the next class room since Heero hasn’t arrived to marry you.”

The boy.. Duo was it? He didn’t look too disappointed. Wait. Did she just say Heero? He was getting married? His parents would kill him…but one look at those eyes and he found he couldn’t really bring himself to care.

Miraculously his tongue regained its normal feeling and he found he once again had the ability to speak again.

“Ano? Peacecraft-sensei, Watashi wa Yuy, Heero desu.”

“I’m sorry I don’t understand Japanese young man. Please repeat yourself in English.” Relena said with a frown and a private wink as he remembered he wasn’t suppose to know her.


Duo couldn’t believe his luck; finally something good was happening to him. He had been horrified when his brother had come into the classroom dressed in the priest’s outfit he had gotten out of an ad in the end of marvel comics last year. Ms. Peacecraft had explained that her teacher’s aide would ‘conduct’ the ceremonies so they would feel this was more serious then some school assignment.

He had been ready to die knowing Solo would only be too happy to tell their adoptive parents Carrot and Milphy that he had married a boy. He would never escape the teasing; Carrot would probably clap him on the back and say ‘Like father like son.’

But then surprisingly as couple after couple got married and no one else came into the room he began to smile. Heero never showed up! They would probably do their fake ceremony tomorrow and his family would never know.

Just as Ms. Peacecraft began to let him off the hook a hesitant voice from the door muttered something in another language. He heard the words Yuy, Heero and felt his heart sink to his knees.

“Please repeat yourself in English” Ms. Peacecraft said and the voice said softly,

“I am Heero Yuy.”

With something akin to dread he turned toward the door and saw a short boy. He had brown hair and blue eyes but there was no mistaking his Japanese heritage. Duo felt a sneer stretch his lips. What kind of nerd wore spandex shorts and yellow sneakers to school? Usually he wasn’t this harsh with people but he had a feeling that if he didn’t focus on those stupid shoes he might notice how very blue Heero’s eyes were, how silky his hair was the way that black spandex clung to every perf… argh He was straight Damn it!

Just because he had never been on a date meant nothing he was a late bloomer that’s why he never met any girls that attracted him. He hung out at the gay clubs because most of his friends were gay he went to straight clubs occasionally. Just because he kept pictures of singers like the Weiss Kreuz boys on his locker door instead of swimsuit models like the other boys meant nothing. He just liked their music and costumes even if there were so many rumors about love triangles and orgies among the members of the band. And his little Yaoi collection is for the art, he just liked looking at the pretty pictures they did nothing to him. Better not think of that or else his little ‘friend’ might pop up in class. And these pants hid nothing!