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Rating: PG-13 for now
Pairings: brief 3x4 future 2x1 if Duo cooperates
Warnings: AU, Yaoi, OOC, crossovers, Silliness, Bishounen ogling. Duo's potty mouth.
Status: Unbetaed

Barbie Dolls and Marzipan 1/?


"Just say no to drugs my ass!" Duo muttered and scowled. Their teacher was on crack, no worse then that she must have been dropped on her head as a baby… several times. Just because he was late to class on Friday she had assigned him as the partner of the new exchange student in their new project. Which wouldn't have been so bad but they just found out this morning that Heero was a boy. Even so his teacher refused to change her arrangements. Great now he was stuck spending the remainder of his senior year married to a boy.


Relena looked at her class in pleasure and smiled. Having grown up in Japan living next door to Heero she had known he was a boy. Actually though she was five years older then him he was her one of her best friends. He had introduced her to her first Yaoi Doujinshi and kept her supplied with Junes once her family had moved back to the United States.

Now was her chance to pay him back. She knew that Heero was too painfully shy to approach anyone. So he was still single. She also knew he had a thing for beautiful longhaired Semes. He did have a huge Chi-ran collection. And Duo may not have seemed it but she had noticed he hadn't dated anyone in high school. Not to mention he dressed as Kuja to the Halloween dance. Make up and all. And considering Heero's last picture a man would have to be dead not to respond to him!

"Ahh the wonderful world of Shounen-Ai!" She said beaming at her schemes.

Not understanding Japanese Duo gave her a suspicious look.


She smiled angelically.

"Nothing Mr. Maxwell. I just meant to say I'm sorry about the mix up but there is nothing we can do about it now. Why don't you sit down in your usual chair? After all you're not the only one to be paired up with someone of the same sex. Quatre Winner and Trowa Barton were paired up in 2C."

"But they're a couple in real life!"

"I was paired up with Dorothy Catalonia when I did this exercise in my senior year. And while we weren't a couple it gave us an opportunity to become friends with someone we normally wouldn't have spoken to."

Duo grumbled something under his breath that sounded like,

"I have enough friends." But Relena couldn't tell.


Heero was ready to die of embarrassment. Late on his first day of school his father Ukkyo and mother Ranma would have had heart attacks, how disrespectful! Especially considering how much trouble his old friend Relena went to arrange his transfer here. Even finding him a place to stay with her brother and `his roommate'. Its just Heero was still suffering from jet lag. That and those horrible burnt things Zechs had made for dinner. He would like to know exactly what part of the chicken was the nugget?

This morning hadn't been any better he had woken up too late, American high schools didn't have uniforms so he had to find something to wear. Unfortunately upon opening his bag Heero had discovered that his shampoo bottle had cracked coating his clothing with sticky goo. He was really happy that his books were in his other bag.

But that explained why he was wearing the only thing of Zechs that fit him to school, a pair of black spandex biker shorts and a green tank top.

Now everyone was staring at him Of course he knew it was because of his appearance. He didn't figure out it was because he was simply beautiful. Yes Virginia, men can be beautiful too. Wouldn't you stare if you saw a beautiful boy in skintight clothes walking by?

Especially if said boy had tousled silky chocolate brown locks and pouty soft lips just begging to be ravished?