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Allergies 1/4

*Crunch chew chew chew swallow*

*Chew chew chew swallow*

*Crunch chew chew chew swallow*

`Mental note soggy wheaties don't do a body good.' Duo thought as he continued to eat his breakfast of champions. It was another normal morning much like every other since the war ended.

"I'm moving out." Heero's quiet words interrupted Duo's mental musings.

*Crunch chew chew chew swallow*

*Chew chew chew snort*

`Mental note snorting Wheaties is painful. Wait. Backup. Heero is what?' He looked over at the solemn boy his eyes widening with the beginning of panic. In the seven months since the end of the war they had stayed roommates. Just the two of them in a one-bedroom apartment. It was the closest he would get to heaven he figured. Why was Heero leaving? Had he done something wrong? The normally stoic boy had been avoiding him lately. But it wasn't fair. How could Heero take away his only happiness?


"Because I'm allergic to you and staying would be detrimental to my health."

"Oh I understa… did you just say allergic?" Cobalt eyes almost violet in incredulity stared at him disbelievingly. Heero frowned and bit his lip then answered.

"I'm not lying. I have know about it for a while but with constant exposure my symptom have gotten more severe."


"Well the usual rash, sensitivity to certain smells, shortness of breath, muscle tension and cramps."

Duo's lips started to curve into a smile and Heero wondered what the Baka was so happy about.

"Tell me how Heero I think I may be able to help you."

Heero gave him an incredulous look but then decided it wouldn't hurt to try and he liked living here.

"When ever you touch me the area becomes tingly and flushed spreading till it covers the entire epidermis, my heart begins to race and I suddenly find I don't have enough breath to speak. That use to be it but now just entering a room I can smell the lingering traces of you in it and my body reacts automatically. It's progressed to the point where have muscle cramps in my stomach area and I'm strung so tight the tension feels like I'll die sometimes."

"Oh Heero I think I know what you have and I can help you. Tell me when this began." Duo said a purr in his voice that Heero hadn't noticed earlier.

"The first day I met you. I was looking at you and suddenly I couldn't breath normal. I could actually hear the blood rushing through my veins." Heero murmured watching warily as his companion stood and began to approach him. Was the Baka deaf? He had just told him he was allergic to him!

"Really? That's about the same amount of time I've had my little problem. I think I'll be able to help you but I have to run a few tests first. Follow me."

"Tests?" Heero whispered and frowned slightly as he got up and followed the braided boy into the bedroom they shared.

"Sit down Heero."

He complied with Duo's request without thinking noticing as the other boy ruffled through the dresser on his side of the room. He was mesmerized by the sight of that long chestnut braid swinging in a sharp arc to bounce off the firm globes of Duo's buttocks as he rushed around like the bundle of barely suppressed energy Duo was.

Heero felt his breath catch at the sight and his stomach clench painfully. Damn why did he have to be allergic to the one person he could actually imagine spending the rest of his time with?

He was so busy thinking he didn't notice Duo's touch till the last moment. He was rubbing it gently on Heero's shoulders massaging the tense muscles.

"Tell me what your feeling Heero." Duo whispered his hot breath brushing against the lobe of Heero's ear.

"I'm hot everywhere your touching. I can feel it sinking straight through my skin spreading through my muscles. I have this curious urge to pant as if my lungs aren't getting enough oxygen." His word came out slightly choppy as Duo's hands began to drift lower.

"Are you itchy?" This time the words were whispered against the back of his neck and Heero couldn't help a tiny shiver. Kami-sama what did Duo think he was doing?

"No." He replied realizing with surprise it was true, but rashes were supposed to be itchy.

"Is it painful?" Why did Duo keep asking him all these questions? It was really hard to concentrate. At the moment he just wanted Duo to keep touching him.

"Well it's an uncomfortable feeling but it's not painful." He breathed hoping Duo would shut up now.

"Well Heero then that's not a rash…" No da? Well he already figured that out.

"Its.. not…" He agreed his eyes sliding shut as he focused on the sensation of Duo's palms against the now naked skin of his back. He didn't care what it was any longer as long as Duo kept touching him like that.

"Nope…." Great the braided Baka let the sentence trail off that usually meant he wanted Heero to continue it, now what had they been talking about? Oh yeah his allergies to Duo. Funny he never thought an allergic reaction could be so pleasant.

"Then what?" Heero purred. Good Duo must have liked that cause now he was trailing his long elegant fingers against Heero's chest pinching rock hard nipples and drawing audible moans as Heero leaned back against his body head turning to the crook of Duo's neck and soft lips breathing unintelligible words of encouragement.

"Its called desire Heero and it's a natural reaction in some situations."

"De…desire?" Heero panted and tried to focus on the conversation. He knew the abstract meaning of that word. `A longing, craving, need for or lust.' Was this what he was feeling? It couldn't possibly be that simple. But it was hard to rationalize with Duo's hand down his pants. Stop. Rewind. Duo's what was where? His thought process short circuited in a flush of heat as Duo's lips latched on to the supple skin of Heero's exposed neck and drew an audible moan from the stoic boy. His hands were so warm as they slid trapped against Heero's skin and the tight fabric of his trousers that was growing tighter with every breath.

Duo could only marvel at the miracle he held. Sure he had imagined this, dreamed about it on so many lonely nights but reality was so different. How could he have known that Heero's skin would be so soft in contrast to the rock hard muscles it covered? Or that his normally silent emotionless partner could transform into this being he held? This creature exuding such a heady mix of seductive innocence, moaning and making incomprehensible sounds of pleasure at his slightest touch. Eyes dark and begging for more. He wasn't sure who was seducing whom anymore.

Heero had turned in his lap and was laying soft kisses on his jaw as he quickly undid Duo's shirt and shorts. Duo couldn't help but respond in kind neither boy satisfied till they were equally naked. Pushing his best friend back onto the bed Duo softly chided him,

"Hold still Heero…I still have to `test' you some more."

Straddling the suddenly prone boy Duo took advantage of his position to lean forward and nibble gently on the pouty carmine lips that had always tempted him. They parted easily letting him slip his tongue into the warm wet haven of Heero's mouth. This time the boy beneath him gave a choked moan and responded with a thrust of his hips and caress of his tongue. Duo was sure he was melting and the only thing holding him together was the strong arms surrounding him.

Heero was thinking surprisingly similar thoughts. He had never felt pleasure like this before. It was almost like he had lost control of his own body and it now waited on the slightest command from Duo. His only consolation was Duo seemed to be suffering the same situation. The simple touch of Duo's naked body was driving him mad. He could feel the heated weight of Duo's erection pressing against his and couldn't help but whimper and rock up trying to create more friction to relieve the almost unbearable tension filling him. Duo seemed to take pity and stopped suckling on his nipples to leave a trail of wet love bites down Heero's abdomen before stopping to hover over the weeping cock before him letting his breath brush over the shuddering boy as he looked him straight in the eye and darted out his tongue to taste the tip. He liked it; the unique flavor that was so intimately Heero's and he wanted more.

Heero's whole body jerked up desperately. And with a playful smile Duo slowly drew him into his mouth and sucked. Heero started to mumble, plead and beg as his hands tangled in the loosening hair or Duo's French braid. Duo held him down with an almost bruising grip on his hips as he thrust forward almost choking his lover. Duo seemed determined to go at his own pace and devoured him with the single- minded determination Heero had only seen once. When Duo had decided to try to find how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. Heero decided right then if he was reincarnated he wanted to come back as a lollypop in Duo's mouth. He wondered how it felt to be on the other side and wanted desperately to taste Duo too so when he was presented with two of Duo's fingers he sucked hard wishing it was his cock in his mouth. Trying to copy the tormenting caress of the tongue on his own cock. It didn't last long not when he was so hard it hurt. It was almost like when he had self-destructed in wing. Except this time the explosion came from within as the feelings spread outward and he could feel the tightness in his balls ease as he let go into Duo's mouth…

Swallowing Duo licked his lips. He brought the fingers Heero had been sucking on to his own mouth to add more moisture and moved them down Heero's abdomen slightly wondering at the shudders of aftershocks that still shook the body beneath him. He had never seen Heero ever let go so completely. Drawing random patterns on Heero in saliva Duo waited for him to become more coherent. He ignored the throbbing in his own body demanding he just ravish the willing boy beneath him. Duo wanted more then simple desire from Heero and he wanted the boy to realize that the first time he made love to him. The fact that they were making love not just sex.

"Duo… is that it? Will my symptoms go away?" Heero said sounding slightly regretful.

"I hope not Heero."

"Why? Because you `desire' me too?"

"I don't just desire you Heero… I love you."


"Sure I want your body Heero but I also want the rest of you. I don't just want to fall asleep buried in the warmth of your body after a night of love making I want to wake up in your arms the next morning with the knowledge I belong there. I don't just want to kiss you and caress you I want to hold you and cuddle you. I want to be the one you turn to when the world is falling apart around you. I want to be the one to comfort you when everyone else turns their back on you. I want to be the one you love." Duo said earnestly staring deep into Heero's eyes hoping he would see what words seemed too feeble to explain.

"Hn… Baka."

One word and Duo felt like he was shattering. He was so stupid! He should have just shut up and been glad to get what he could.

"You have always been that person. I couldn't imagine my future with anyone but you. Your more then just my best friend you feel like your another part of my body… my soul. The part I would die without. Is that what love is?"

"I don't know… I think so." Duo whispered sure life couldn't be more perfect. Capturing Heero's lips in a tender kiss he couldn't help himself from deepening it. Not when those pouty lips were so soft and sweet. With a moan he thrust his pelvis against Heero feeling the smaller boy thrust up in response as his erection began to return.

"Heero… I… I want you…" He panted as their lips parted barely an inch. Heero smirked and parted his legs willingly...

"Then take me…"

He looked so inviting Prussian eyes dazed and pupils dilated from passion. His pouty carmine lips bruised and wet from Duo's kisses and the lingering flush accenting his creamy skin from the aftereffects of his recent orgasm. Even an angel couldn't have refused his request and Duo was no angel. Reaching to the floor for the lotion he had brought back from the bathroom Duo attacked Heero's neck with his lips drawing moans and gasps from the sensitive boy.

Carefully circling the tight rosette of Heero's ass with his slick finger to moisten it before slowly penetrating him and stretching his lover. As his fingers worked quickly Duo's lips latched on to Heero's nipple lapping at the firm tip and enjoying the flavor of the warm salty skin. Soft moans filled the room as he withdrew his three fingers and replaced them with the firm length of his cock. Slowly sliding into the haven of his lover's body.

"Heero…" he gasped into his lover's neck. Heero whimpered and grabbed on to Duo's braid eyes wide. He had never dreamed it could be so…



"Damn you're so… tight."

"More Duo... Onegai!"



Soon even words faded as they forgot how to talk in the face of the sensations filling their young bodies. Lips sought each other in a comforting gesture. Neither boy was sure of what was real or not any more the4 only solid thing in this universe was their lover holding on to them in the face of these mind shattering sensation knowing it was okay to let go of everything as long as they held on to that person. Silently pumping into Heero's body with a movement that looked lest like rhythm and more like need as he let go into that tight clenching heat Duo gasped feeling the accompanying spurts of Heero's seed spray between them.



"Allergies have no cure."

"S'ok I don't really mind the symptoms."

The End