Title:It's What Death Does… [-Parts 1-5/?-]
Author: Little K
Rating: NC-17 (in later chapters, of course)
Summary: Duo isn't what he seems...
A/N: Sorry if I confused any people. I didn't mean to... And a question. Should I have Wufei go with Meiran, Sally Po, or Treize and Millardo? Answers?


Part 1:

Like liquid umbra, the darkness melted to allow the faint light that illuminated the dance floor to fall onto a figure, which had pushed away from where it was leaning against the wall. He spotted his target, in full view, dancing clumsily in the middle of a sea of chaotic madness, breath stinking of a sickening mixture of alcohol and cigarettes. His body had already started rejecting the earlier abuse. The black hair on his head was matted and greasy, going well with the bags under his green eyes. The poor fool. He lost his job and he took it like he had lost an arm. The figure snort at that thought. A baby he was...

From his observations and information gathered, the target's designation was Gary Lowen, 29 years of age, and approximately 5'10". His office job was with Releena Peacecraft, being one of her secretaries. A rueful smile curved their way onto partly shadowed lips. The fact of seeing Releena everyday was enough to make anyone run away, to drink and smoke their life away, away from the constant screech in her voice, away from her "pretty, proper princess" poster and attitude.

The figure, in the form of a boy, slid into the myriad of dancers, his face plastered with a fake, seductive grin well-known to him as he began to move his body to the beat of the music, it's measured regularity a simple and familiar one to him. His senses never leaving his target, he made his way over to him, slowly on quick and silent feet, boys and girls alike gapping at him. At the moment, they had their bodies and eyes all over him, all wanting to dance with him, to slide against his beautiful body.

Toying with a human's mind was not all that difficult to do. They were easily deceived, most minds filled with impossible dreams of fame, price-full things and minions to do their bidding and being their scapegoats. That was the main thought he got from around this place. Differently assorted thoughts ran through a number of different minds. It was always wise to choose which crowd you were going to play with. He didn't want to send to many people to the asylum, or to his father for that matter.

Swaying his body left to right, he walked close to Gary, using his body to hypnotize him and the people around them. Gary was simple-minded from what the boy got from his info, so this mission should be easily accomplished. He was already swaying against him in a futile attempt to coax the boy into submitting to him like the girls and other males.

He was never one to lose a dancing battle for dominance of the floor, so he pushed back, planting his feet, not moving an inch back. To do so would be like defeat. One never backed from the other. It showed weakness, vulnerability, gullibility... It gave the others a chance to take you over.


Gary was not pleased that he was being challenged. He liked the feeling of having the club, and people in it, under his control. And now this scrawny kid, compared to him, comes along and ruins it by actually wanting a challenge. Gary pushed back against the kid, but he failed to move him, and he swore quietly, a whisper, as he almost stepped backward from the other guy's thrust. Gary smiled, thinking he had the better side of the situation as he conjured a plan. I'll make him back away...


The "kid" was way ahead of him and swayed out of the way as Gary's hand came around to grasp at his side, not yet stepping back, but forward. The boy's smile dissipated into a frown. Touching the other person with their hands while in a battle-dance was forbidden. A way of cheating. The greased-haired man had almost broken the rules when his hand came near him. He's not even a good dancer, he thought, rolling his eyes at Gary in boredom.

He decided to end this, his job already done. They had touched skin during their first moment of battle, so no more was needed, only a touch. Now, before his last moment of breaths, was the time to humiliate him in front of a more bigger crowd, as he had been earlier that day, only in front of his superiors. He pushed Gary a little harder with his hips, letting a little bit of his real strength show. He knew Gary had no idea how much power this "kid" possessed, and with power comes danger.

Gary's eyes widened as his foot slipped a whole foot and a half back, his battle lost to the feminine figure in front of him. How? How could he lose to a weak-looking gay? He slowly, slipped away off the floor and out of the club, a scowl and sneer sent the boy's way. He couldn't avoid the looks of disgust on the faces of the club as he left. They had a new fascination now...


He watched intently as Gary made his way to the back of the building and out the door. The guy was a nuisance, a waste of his time. He could be doing other things, like coaxing his co-pilot to be his lover, or traumatizing a certain raven-haired teammate, but no. His father decided to make a few missions of his own, leaving the poor boy in the office of his father for a week while he was in the Americas.

He glanced at his watch and smiled. It was just about time. He stepped back into the shadows and slide out the same door as Gary. And in the bright moonlight, he could see the older man, crumbling to his knees in pain. His smile grew. He had such excellent timing. Watching silently, He'd wait until Gary noticed him before he decided to speak any words.


Gary breathed in and out rhythmically, trying to ease his suffering. What is this pain? He thought. He had never felt anything like it before. Noticing a shadow over him he looked up; into the eyes of the boy he had dueled with in the club. "You!" he sneered, voice rough and hard with anger. "What do you want?"

He smiled. The bastard actually smiled. "Nothing important." he stated with his all-high-and-mighty voice. If he only knew how much he was right… "All I want is your soul." He froze again and this time landed on his side as wave after waves of insufferable pain shot through his body. His eyes went wide with shock and he fell into oblivion, his last image was of Death, hovering over him with violet and blood mixed eyes, a pair of elaborate, ebony wings, and a swinging, chestnut braid promising exactly what was to come to anyone who touched it.


Part 2:

When Heero entered the safe house, coming back from a two-week mission, he was surprised to find it quiet. Walking forward a bit to shut the door behind him, he called out to Duo, asking of his whereabouts. When he got no response to his quarries, he put his bag onto the nearby table and walked the short distance to the living room. Empty. Quiet. Duo would usually make his presence known with a cheerful welcome and a hug. A braided figure had yet to make his appearance.

Grabbing his pack and making his way to the one bedroom he and Duo shared, he failed to see the many foodstuffs in the kitchen and the black jeep in the garage. Opening the door, cursing as it squeaked, he barely was able to stop as he came nose to nose with a pair of violet eyes. Recoiling a bit, he blinked, a foot stepping back to keep him from ending up on the floor.

"Duo." Simple was the word, his voice in the ever-so-usual coldness. "What do you want?"

He shrugged and turned away from where he was planted on the ground to grab a brush. Heero had time now to realize the outfit. Leather pants with silver and violet designs clung to his legs like a second skin. He wasn't wearing much of a shirt as it was see-through material wrapped around him in strips about three inches wide. His hair had not yet been confined and flowed down his back like a chestnut rivulet. He could also see that his fingernails were painted black, as well as his lips and eyelids. A silver band, a contradiction of simple and complex, hugged his upper arm, and his silver cross completed the outfit.

"Duo... Why are you dressed like you are about to go out and kill someone?" It was true. Duo would say he was going out for a mission, but he was always dressed like he was now, not the same clothes, but along the same theme. Mostly black would be his choice of clothing. Rarely did Heero see Duo in any other color.

Duo paused his brushing and looked at Heero. "Because I am?" He sounded like he was guessing, like he should know. Of course he knew. So why did he ask? Heero put his bag onto his bed and sat next to it. He folded his legs under himself and watched Duo brush his hair. Duo never usually let anyone see him with his hair down. Heero had only seen it down once before, and that was during a mission the both of them were on. Both OZ and them had been exchanging bullets and one of them happened to snap off his hair band. He was angry about that. He had to get his hair cut a good couple of inches after that. It really wasn't that much, but he fussed and complained about it for over a week. It grew back. Heck, it grew a lot more. It was to his lower back, now it's just below his butt.

It was Duo's turn to stare questioningly at Heero as he had been starting to drool. Duo had no idea what his ass did to him... But Duo liked guys, Heero reminded himself, and quickly wiped away the saliva gathered at the corner of his mouth. He abruptly stood, all for the idea of steering attention away from his drool. "I'm hungry. Do you want something?"

Duo put a finger on his chin and thought for a moment before nodding. Heero nodded back. "Alright, I'll bring you something." He exited the room as quickly as he could. He never missed the half smile that Duo had given him. And little did he know that food was not something on Duo's mind right now...

As he reached the kitchen he began to look around for fruit, intending to make a salad. He knew that was one of Duo's favorable thins to eat. Getting out the cutting board, knife and differently assorted fruit, he started to chop away. He put grapes in there, green and not purple, cherries, honeydew, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, trying to remember what Duo had the last time. He was pretty sure he got everything...

"You forgot Strawberries..."

Whirling around, he came face to face with Duo the second time that day. He had not even heard him come in. However, this time he didn't step back. Grabbing the knife from the counter he pointed it at Duo's throat. "Don't do that!"

Duo's mouth lifted again as he leaned on the counter, arms on either side of Heero. "Oh? And what is it that I did?" He lifted an eyebrow with the question, leaning in a bit closer, letting his throat press into the blade, though not enough to let it cut through his skin. His hair was still unbound and it flowed around the two in a velvety-soft curtain.

Heero made an attempt to swallow. He never remembered Duo acting like this, being so close, speaking less than he, and managing to surprise him! He quickly removed the knife from Duo's throat, which left a red, skin-ready-to-break-at-the-slightest-touch mark at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. It wasn't there for long, however, and Heero stared, slightly astonished, as the mark began to heal, disappearing into soft, pale skin. Heero blinked several times before noticing Duo pressing him into the counter's edge, his hands moving to close over his hips.

"What's the matter, Hee-chan? Can't think?" Duo nuzzled his neck, inhaling his scent as his hands made their way up Heero's tank top. He couldn't help but let a full-fledge smile bright up his features as Heero Yuy moaned under his touch. It had been small and quiet, but he definitely heard him.

Heero was in heaven. He couldn't remember a time when he had felt this good. He had been dreaming of this, of what Duo was doing to him now. He closed his eyes as Duo's hands lifted his shirt, tossing it to the side somewhere. His thoughts, however, were stopped in their tracks as something warm covered his left nipple. Sucking, licking, nibbling, blowing.... all of this and more was done to him and he could not help but be putty in Duo's hands, letting him take over, doing this to him...

Unfortunately, his ecstasy was short lived as cold air met his sensitive spot. Heero opened his eyes to see what happened, but Duo was nowhere in sight. Standing there, somewhat stooped as to what had happened, he searched for his shirt, which was near the door. Retrieving it, he went back to making the fruit salad. Like Duo had said, he forgot strawberries.

Putting the contents into a bowl, he went in search for Duo, finding him yet again in the bedroom. This time his hair was braided with a black strand laced into them. It looked like Duo dyed it, but he didn't see it before. Walking up to him he offered the bowl him.

Duo shook his head. "I'm satiated at the moment. I had what I was craving." Putting several blades about his outfit, he made a quick pick at the fruit before selecting a strawberry and putting it into Heero's mouth. "You have a mission." He point to the laptop when he stated this. "And I must leave."

He kissed Heero's forehead and quickly made his way out the door of the bedroom and house. Heero just sat there, the strawberry in his mouth, as he contemplated on what had just happened. Apparently he didn't have to worry about rejection as Duo had a thing for him too. Putting the fruit down on the desk, he looked at the message G sent him.


Duo would never have made that pass on him if he didn't Heero liked him. How did he know Heero liked him, you say? Well, his cousin was one of the coolest people, and she always offered to show him the dreams of others, especially Heero. Starting the jeep, he backed out of the driveway of the temporary safe house, his destination destruction. Not long until Heero would soon find out...


Part 3:

Sitting on his chair, Heero went to read his mail, determined to put recent events in a different corner of his head, saving it for further thought. Another thing, Duo had been successfully distracting him from whatever job he might be trying to accomplish. He was on his mind every moment of the day, his strange behavior getting weirder by the day. It was around a week ago when this started to happen. The day Heero left for his mission was the day Duo had "changed".



Heero stuffed his things neatly into his bag. Several pieces of clothing, shampoo and conditioner, and few other things, went into the bag, all nice and neat. It was basically a suicide mission, but knowing Heero, this was way far from suicide, no where near. He lifted his head up from zipping up his bag to look at her partner sitting on his bed across the room.

"I'm leaving for a week. I'm sure you can take care of yourself for that amount of time." He slung the bag over his shoulder. "Don't worry; I won't die, even if I do press the self destruct button." He turned go the door, but was stopped by a voice with a certain tone.

"You'd be surprised where Death might be needed next, Hee-chan."

Stopping, he turned to Duo, eyes curious to know what had made Duo take on that tone of voice. Duo had simply just smiled and tottered out of the room, making his way to the shower. Heero then made his way out the door, thoughts still on Duo's strange behavior.

~*End Flashback*~


With a shake of his head, Heero tried to clear his thoughts and read the message sent from G.



Your mission, along with 02, 03, 04, and 05, is to stop a possible
new threat to world corruption and chaos. 02 is in charge of this
mission, along with 04. You will rendezvous at the given coordinates.
Your orders regarding OZ are to stay low, as this threat does not
concern them. However, you must prevent OZ from obtaining this
information. This is all the information I shall give you. Meet with
the others to confirm mission tactics and blueprints.



He looked at the coordinates. Right where he was, this very house. Although it was a little too in the open for him, Duo had insisted upon having this for a safe house, in a small little neighborhood where everyone was nice and didn't ask questions. It was something out in the open, yet unexpected of them. OZ would never find them here, assuming they would be somewhere secluded, in the country.

Quickly typing his acceptance of the mission, he shut down his lap top and stood up. He would have to get the other rooms ready. This house had four bedrooms, but Duo and he had shared one just out of habit. There wasn't much to do. Both of the rooms already had a bed and dresser. All he had to do was vacuum and clean the windows, which were really dirty. But he managed both of them in 15 minutes.

Putting his now empty fruit bowl in the sink, Heero made his way over to the couch, intending to wait for the others' arrival. They would either arrive today or tomorrow. Knowing them, it would be today if they got the e-mail. And if not, it was good wait just in case. He knew Wufei would be over in no time. Looking out the window, he saw it began to rain, pouring down the window panes.

Grabbing a book, Heero settled himself in the plush couch Duo had bought "for no apparent reason". Heero actually expected that. Duo said he always wants to live in something more than just a plain white box, even if they were only going to be there for a short time. He always tried to decorate things and say, "Ooo... That would look great over there..." It was like decorating his own house. Not that he couldn't afford it, what with all the tremendous supply of money OZ had been unknowingly providing them.

Shaking his head, he looked at the cover of his book, trying to get thoughts of Duo out of his mind. It was bad enough Duo had made a move on him earlier in the kitchen. Now he was going to have dreams about that. He raised an eyebrow. This borrowed book from Duo he randomly chose wasn't going to help either. "The Captain's Bride"... Shrugging, he began to read.


Part 4:

Quatre hesitantly opened the door to the house that he was directed to stay in. He didn't see any cars, but the front door wasn't locked, so someone HAD to be there. Closing the door behind him, he took a few steps inward toward the living room. It was nice. Not too big and not too small for the five of them to be sharing. "Hello? Anyone here?" Well, that much was obvious as it was so easy to come in.

He had been in a hideout with Rashid for the only company. He was a little stressed as Rashid worried himself over Quatre constantly, doing all of the shopping and fixing needed around the house. When Quatre got the e-mail, Rashid begged for him to not go, but it was orders. He couldn't disobey orders. Plus, Quatre thought, I would get to see HIM again!

Yeah, he'll admit that he had his eye on a certain stoic, yet beautiful pilot of Heavyarms. To Quatre, he was an angel. Shaking his head, Quatre continued his way into the house. Fat chance, like Trowa would ever go out with me. He would probably be disgusted. Putting his bag on the table in the dinning room, he walked into the kitchen, simply famished. Rashid had fed him nothing but vegetables the entire time he was there, so he was a little anxious to get something different in his stomach.


Being pulled out of his thoughts, Quatre turned to see Heero leaning against the doorframe. He smiled. "Hello, Heero. Are any of the other pilots here yet?" Is HE here yet?

Heero shrugged. "No one is here except for you and me. Duo is still on a mission that should be ending later on tonight. Wufei is on his way. He had to get a mode of transportation first, and I haven't heard anything from Trowa, though I'm sure he will be here by sometime tonight." Heero straightened and walked into the living room, the laptop that Quatre hadn't obviously seen was sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. "I was just going over the mission parameters. You could say I got bored and did a little digging."

Quatre, after grabbing a banana, followed him out of the kitchen. "Yeah. I'm suppose to share my information on this mission with you." He sat down, but it wasn't for long as he leaped back up. He sat on something. Turning, he picked the book up and raised an eyebrow at Heero. "The Captain's Bride? Heero, since when did you start reading romance novels?"

He yet again shrugged. "It was a random book I borrowed from Duo. I told you, I got bored. But I suggest you not read that. It isn't very good."

"Actually," he said, sitting down, "this is one of my favorite books. And since when did you get bored? Has Duo been rubbing off on you? You're kinda starting to sound like him." Quatre noticed the nervous body posture and his already large smile widened. "Do he finally kiss you?" Heero's eyes flared and Quatre gave a small giggle. "Don't fret. I knew he liked you a long time ago, just like he knows of my…" he stopped short, the red pigment in his face making itself quite known. However, he wasn't out of the water quite yet.

"He knows of your, what, Quatre?" He saw the smirk on Heero's face and he cursed himself for saying what he did. Can't really go back now.

He huffed. "Fine, I'll tell you. But you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone, except Duo since he knew of it in the first place." Heero nodded and Quatre continued, looking away and suddenly became very interested in his fingers. "I… I kinda LIKE Trowa." The suddenly hotness of his cheeks calmed a little, but he was still embarrassed.

"Is that all?"

Quatre looked at him. "What do you mean `is that all'?"

It was hard for even him to suppress a smile as he saw how annoyed Quatre looked. "Yeah, `cause if I remember correctly, Duo told me that… well, I'm really allowed to say. But I think you crush might not be a crush at all."

Quatre tilted his head in curious thought. "What is that suppose to mean?" Whether or not Heero was going to answer his question was undecided as they both heard a motorcycle nearing the house. Both went to the window to see Wufei turning off the ignition and getting off the bike, his helmet dangling on one of the handle bars. Quatre went outside to greet him. "Wufei! Hi!"

Wufei nodded to him, hair falling in his face." Winner. Yuy." He pulled his hair into a painful-looking ponytail at the back on his head. "Where are the others?"

"Duo is on a mission until later tonight AND Trowa is probably on his way. That's what Heero told me." He looked at the said person standing in the doorway. "Hey, Heero, do you think it would be best to wait until everyone is here to go over the mission?" At Heero's, he smiled. "Great. How about I make dinner for everyone?"

Wufei let him receive a smile. "That would be great." Heero merely nodded.

"Alright! Let's just hope I haven't lost my touch. I had been forced to eat vegetables the entire time I was hiding with Rashid."


Duo yawned as the sun began to set. He was sitting near a beach, a book in hand. He looked at his watch. 6:48. Closing his reading material, "It" by Steven King, he stood up and stretched. His mission would be starting soon, so he had to get moving. Putting his book in the car, he walked into the sand, still in his sex-like outfit. It was necessary for what he would be doing.

Deciding to walk for a bit, he made his way to where he was needed, a bon fire not too far away from where he was. It was, supposedly, a party held for someone's "coming into the group" as much as he could understand it. The kids, he could see, were not only dancing around to rock music, but they were skinny-dipping, eating, and doing a lot more than just kissing. He looked at them through sad eyes. It was too bad they were the next people on his list to go.

Damn it, he thought. Do they really have to die? He gazed at the sand, a silent plea in his violet eyes. They are so young and have a long life ahead of them. He didn't want to take their future away from them.

~But it's you job, Duo. I know it hurts, but you have to. It's their time~

He nodded and lifted his head, wiping the tears that started to form in his eyes. He would do his job, no matter how painful it was. He had to uphold his father's office while he was away, make him proud. Duo was the middle child of five, and not really paid much attention to. Now was the time to prove himself, as his father had grown old with time, looking for someone to take his place as the Dead's Guide.

Touching an amethyst gem embedded in his silver armband, a small shield-like barrier surrounded him briefly before disappearing. Making sure everything was in place, he walked into the light the fire had provided. His assumptions in everyone's activities were correct. They were drunken with whiskey and beer, sex-craved and wild. He just shook his head before continuing his work.

While he had been walking, he managed to lead some bandits here, which was his intention as that is how they were to die. The people partying didn't see them quite yet, and Duo had disappeared from everyone's eye altogether, though he was standing right in front of them. Drawing out one of his knives, Duo waited a moment as he took one last look around. Dropping this knife would mean it would be uncloaked, alerting the people that there was danger near, therefore leading the events to come into action. With a drop of this knife, everyone's life around the fire would end. And the people skinny-dipping in the water would be taken care of quickly. And war of flesh and metal would soon start, all awaiting his signal. He let a smirk control his features as he let go of the glimmering weapon once held in his hand, turning his back on what was to come.


Part 5:

It was late, the moon hanging highest in the dark sky, when Duo returned to the safe house. The scene at the beach hadn't pretty. It would be best for him to push it all out of his mind like he did with all of his other sad and grotesque missions, to forget what those poor souls had been through. It may be his job, but he still didn't like it.

Walking across the threshold that led into the small house, he wasn't least bit surprised to find four other pilots in the living room, sipping what appeared to be Quatre's famous tea. He didn't see any laptops, which surprised him, and everyone was leaned back into the soft cushions of the love seat and the couch. Closing the door, Duo also made his way over to the small, cozy corner of the house the furniture made.

"Hey, guys." He put on one of his grins that they knew of all too well. "What's up?"

Every one of them knew that the smile on his face was a fake. However, as hard as their attempts had been, no one has ever seen the real Duo, the real feelings that reside inside him. Well, except Heero, but that was the only exception because of his undying love for him, and Heero's love for Duo, of course.

Quatre was the first greet Duo with a smile. "Hi, Duo. How was your mission?"

Although he hid it pretty well, he couldn't help but let a small amount of his despair show to the others. Looking at the ground, he shook his head. "It didn't go very well…" Images of the death that was still lingering in the back of his mind came to the front in full force, hitting his vision and momentarily blinding him from the present.

He couldn't stand the sight of death, yet here he was, son of the creature himself and terrorist for the human race. It was his destiny to become death, as well as his siblings. He would have to visit his father once he had returned from his "vacation", if you could call it one.

Mentally shaking his head to get rid of the unwanted thoughts, he smiled up at the guys. "But everything went accordingly!" There it was again, that fake smile, that mask that had only slipped twice. Dropping his bag on the floor, he hoped over the back of the love seat and sat next to Wufei. "So what have you guys been talking about?"

He didn't know why, but everyone suddenly turned their heads to Heero. Confused, he looked at him as well. All was quiet while Heero took a sip of the greenish tea, a calm moment. After his lips departed from his cup, Heero looked directly into Duo's eyes, possibly searching for something unknown to the other. The only response he got was a lifted eyebrow.

Setting his teacup down, he shrugged. "About the upcoming mission. You and Quatre are going to be in charge of it, so we were discussing the bits of info we got." Heero tilted his head, looking curiously at Duo. "What information did you acquire, Maxwell-kun?"

Duo couldn't help but mentally wince at the formality Heero used. Did I do something to upset him, he wondered. He thought back to that morning and almost burst out laughing. He remembered, now. He had left his Hee-chan all aroused as hell and left without so much as a kiss… Poor baby.

Catching on as to why Hee-chan was so upset, Duo let his grin widen, liking the uncomfortable glare Heero was trying to give him. "Ah, so I see you're upset." He shrugged. "Well, if you must know, all I got was a message saying that I was in charge of a mission with Quatre, the location of the mission, and the name of the target."

Quatre returned from the kitchen, where he hid while Duo and Heero were talking, and gave the cup resting in his hand to Duo. Having no heart to deny the blond, nodded his thanks for the cup and started sipping it's liquid.

Trowa was the next to break the somewhat unsettling silence. "Who is that target?" They looked at him expectantly, waiting for his reply.

Duo rested his cup in his lap, looking at their faces. "Someone we know every well." Getting confused looks, he simply sighed. I'm gonna hafta show them. Putting his teacup on the end table, he let his leather jacket fall from his shoulders, allowing the gasp from the room's other occupants to wash over him, knowing he did good on his outfit. The only one that didn't gasp was Hee-chan, but had already did that earlier in the day. Fumbling about his pockets, he found the picture he was looking for and handed it to Wufei, him being the closest person to him, and went back to sipping his tea.

The Chinese boy's eyes widened as he looked as the picture, disbelief clearly on his face. To stunned to stop him, Trowa took the picture from the pilot's tightened grip. It took a lot to get Trowa surprised, but he was, letting his one visible eye to widen slightly, Quatre having a look of horror on his face as he sat beside him, gazing at the picture before handing it to Heero. He didn't show it, but Duo knew he was just as stunned as the others.

Duo smiled into his cup. "Our mission is to take down the one who has been secretly aiding OZ with money, supplies, and spying on us pilots." He again rested the cup in his lap. "It is to be in the Sanq Kindom. Where else would that-" he nodded his head to the picture "-person be?"

Everyone stayed quiet as the picture was passed back to him and he looked at the person occupying the surface. Duo let a dark grin cover his lips. It was never all that hard to acquire pictures of the one and only famous Releena Peacecraft.