Title: A Fishy Adventure
Author: Little Angel
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The ocean is a wondrous place. Millions of different types of fish and aquatic animals can be found swimming at their leisure. While most think that seaweed may be the only type of underwater plant life, said thought is a big misconception. The green house of the sea has plant life beyond one's wildest dreams.

Humans may have the technology to delve into the darkest recesses of Poseidon's lair. However, that does not mean they know all of it's secrets. The lost city of Atlantis is just one of the mysteries adding to the lure that is the large body of water covering the Earth's surface. However, when men believed themselves to be gods, for triumphing over mother Earth, they found no traces of the legendary lost city.

Many believed the ancient city suffered a similar fate as the once great Titanic, corroding away in it's watery tomb. Although the more fanciful members of the human race believe who believe in the ancient Greek gods - and other such deities even though said deities defy all the laws of science - the world of Grimm's fairy tales, ghosts, spirits, the great beyond, the hero's of Homer's plays, say the mystical ancient city still exists in a place where man has yet to venture and probably never will. A place where the mysterious creatures of the sea are guarded from man's destructive touch.

Of course most humans would rather believe in the ways of their sciences and say that such mystical stories were just that - stories. A story made up to entertain a child's imagination. Most of the time the more "sensible" people don't even give such an outrageous theory a second thought. Especially the non believers who have their hearts set in absolute power. However, when one is trying to gain absolute power, it is wise to make sure you have *all* your bases covered. Even if it's something as silly and fanciful as guardians of the sea...

It has been over 100 years since man conquered the Earth - or so they thought - as they moved their vision skyward. This little over site suited the creatures of the sea perfectly.


~*~ AC 180 ~*~

"We don't have any choice, things are getting out of control and we need to protect our people."

"But we don't know that they will find us! What if he gets caught or worse *killed*! You are willing to take that chance, but I'm not."

"My prince, we don't have the same security we did in the past. The humans are getting more and more powerful. They have all kinds of large robots in the sky as well as on the surface. It's only a matter of time before they make suits for the greater depths of the oceans."

"...I know..."

"Son," a new voice joined in the heated conversation, "As much as we don't want to do this, it is important for us to protect our only home against the greed and evil of the humans. Unless you would like for all of us to leave the water forever and ... live among those with two legs? Never to feel the joy of riding with our aquatic friends or explore the sunken ships of man..." The old king didn't need to continue, as he saw the look of horror then defeat enter his son's eyes and stature. However, before he could comment arms of steel pulled his son into a reassuring hug.

"Duo, you know why I am doing this. I'm not trying to hurt you, but this mission is extremely important for the safety of our race." He kissed Duo's forehead and looked into his eyes before continuing.

"I love you, and I love our world and I can not just sit by watching as the humans take over, destroying the planet. You have to trust me to come back to you like I have in the past."

That was true. This wouldn't be the first time the humans had attempted something like this. Although, with every passing day they became more and more technologically advanced, which just made them more dangerous.

Duo knew he couldn't argue against this any longer. He didn't have to like the fact that his soul mate was undertaking such a dangerous mission, but he would reluctantly consed defeat for the time being.

"Why can't I come fight with you..." His voice was weakening, because they had this fight many times already.

"Sire, you know you can't go because you are the prince. Plus the odds of one of you getting discovered would be much higher."

Duo sighed again and pulled his other half against him, tucking his messy haired head under his chin and nuzzled said hair, "Hee-chan, if you go and get yourself killed, I will follow you to Hades' lair just to kick your ass then I'll kill you myself.

"Baka," although Heero's words were said jokingly, he knew his love meant every word he said. he just hugged the keeper of his head closer as well.

"Ahem..." The king looked over at his son and protector with a small smile on his face. The pair turned as one to look at him, not at all ashamed of their little display. "Heero, the people and myself are extremely grateful to you for taking on such a high risk endeavor. I know this is not going to be an easy task and we shall pray that Poseidon will keep you safe and return you to us like he has in the past."

Duo pulled his koi closer, he knew that even though Heero always returned, he wasn't his usual self afterwords. It would take Duo and their closets friends months to return Heero to his pre-mission state.

"Howard is waiting his his boat not to far from here. The ocean above us is "neutral" territory since it is part of the Sanq Kingdom. There will not be any military patrols around."

Heero nodded, "I shall go." He turned to Duo, "you take care of yourself. Don't make me sick Hilde after you."

Duo made a face, "ugh! She can be way to over protective! Worse than you when you leave like this!!"

"Who's worse than Heero?" Said mermaid had stealthily snuck up behind Duo.

How Heero managed to keep the amused look off his face completely baffled his lover. However, Duo had more important things to worry about - like how to escape Hilde's evil clutches...

"Someone worse than Heero?? Hilde! Would I *ever* say that?!?! I don't even think it's possible..."

Heero chuckled to himself and gratefully used the distraction to make his escape. However, like Duo, he had a very bad feeling about this particular journey to the human world.

Part 1

~*~*~*~A.C 190~*~*~*~

Well within the Alliance Military one could find a person who was not held to the same standards as all the other soldiers or leaders. He had the potential to be the best and he would settle for nothing less. Most cadets and his fellow pilots called him the “Lightening Count” (1) for his ability to master any mobile suit given to him. He and his partner made the perfect team, each able to build off the others strengths and weaknesses. Some went so far as to say they could read each others minds. Under the leadership of General Trieze Kushrenada, the dynamic duo flourished in the Alliances Military.

So it was with great sadness when the best pair of pilots to ever grace the Alliance turned in their paperwork for a discharge.

“I don’t suppose there is anyway I can change you minds?”

“I’m sorry sir; we feel this is the best decision for our future as pilots.” It was coming apparent to some soldiers under Trieze’s command that the alliance was falling apart from the inside. Many of the higher ups were being corrupted – or black mailed – by the aristocracy and their wealth. It was only a matter of time before the Alliance fell and a new group would attempt to dominate both the Earth and colonies.

“Very well then, Lucricia Noin and Zechs Marquiez, I here by honorably discharge you from the Alliance Specials Unit. May you find what you are searching for and unable to get with your time here in the Alliance.”

Noin and Zechs saluted their former commanding officer one last time before making their way off the Alliance base never to look back.

Less than two minutes following the pair’s departure Treize found himself in the company of another under his command. “Now Lady Une, please don’t tell me you are her to resign as well.”

“No sir.”

“Good, I would hate to find another second in command so close when the curtain is about to fall.”

“Sir, do you really think it was wise to let Zechs and Noin go? They may be recruited by the rebels and they have information about the Specials as well as yourself.”

“Lady, peace is obtained through war. War is the act of two sides fighting against one another for supremacy. It is not my place to say who must fight on what side; it is up to each soldier fighting to make their own path, so they can live to their fullest potential. If I was to order Zechs and Noin to stay with the Specials they would follow the order. But they would not fight to their fullest and their hearts would be restless. I would not be a good general if those fighting under me weren’t committed to the fight.

Besides, now I can rest easy knowing I have worthy opponents and many soldiers’ lives will not be wasted.”

Lady Une just nodded and made her way out of Trieze’s office.


~*~*~*~A.C. 190 Sweepers ship somewhere in the Atlantic ~*~*~*~


/What!?!? I cannot just sit back and watch as not only *you* fight, but the humans try to take over OUR home!!/

The Alliance, under the financial backing of the Romefellar foundation, was making substantial leaps in developing underwater mobile suites. It was only a matter of time before the prototypes would be ready for testing.

Duo and the other people of the sea were monitoring the humans from afar. However, the threat was becoming too great for their home and something had to be done.

/Let me guess, you volunteered to be the one to stop the humans./

/Hell no! They don’t know I’m here, well except for Hilde…/


/But she didn’t have a choice! I wouldn’t let her tell them! Please don’t get mad at her…/

/…I would ask what you did, however, I know from personal experience that I probably don’t want to know./

/Hey!/ Duo looked indignant.

/I don’t suppose there is anyway I can talk you out of this?/ There was a desperate pleasing look in his eyes and tone.

/Hee-chan, I have to do this. You know that and need to except that you *cannot* shield me away from the human world forever. Just like *I* know that and except that you want to protect our world./

/I know…/ Heero cracked a small smile /But I can try can’t I?/

Duo smiled also and pulled Heero into a big hug. /I promise I’ll be careful ok?/ Heero just nodded.

“Howard,” Heero broke the embrace and turned to the sweeper’s captain, “can you guys teach Duo stealth and about the underwater mobile suit models?”

“Are you sure about this kid?” Howard turned to looked at Duo.

Duo glared, “Don’t call me kid *gramps.*”

“Don’t call me gramps, *kid.*”

“Duo,” Heero stepped in to stop the inevitable fight, “we are what the humans would consider teenagers.”

“But –”

“I know, just ignore it. They’ll all do it. Trust me.”

Duo sighed, “Yes I am sure about this *gramps.*”

Heero shook his head, choosing to stay out of *that* particular quarrel.

/I have to go to space./

Heero’s comment had the desired reaction of breaking the glaring contest between Duo and Howard. /WHAT!?! WHY? There isn’t any *oceans* in space!/

/I know. It’s not that I want to go, I need to get a mobile suit similar to the ones the humans will use./

/Why can’t you get one of the ones on Earth?/

/This one is supposed to be better./

No creatures of the sea had ever traveled to the colonies. It was unheard of. They all knew of the humans ability to create and to destroy, and they didn’t trust the technology the humans used to get *to* space.

For the mythical sea dwellers, visits to the surface were few in number as it was. Earth had a *very* different feel from the ocean. The water had a certain freedom surrounding it. Gravity was not forcing you to the ground and even though some currents could be strong, almost all the sea creatures knew how to avoid them or go with the flow.

Heero would be the first of their kind to go into space, so no one knew just what to expect. And it would probably be considered an understatement to say the pair was terrified by this turn of events. Heero, who had known for a few days, was still a little afraid of what would unfold in space. He wasn’t going to tell Duo about the Dr. he was supposed to meet and he didn’t give him much information about the mobile suite either. It wouldn’t do either of them any good to be worrying over the other while they were supposed to be training. It was better if they had their attention focused completely at the task at hand. Heero would tell Duo about space *after* it was ok for them to return to their home.

That, and Heero was worried about how Duo would react to their when they were *both* in a human form.

When one changed their partner could still *feel* them. However, when the *both* changed the connection was only faintly apparent when they were touching. The mere fact that he was going to be on what can be considered another mini planet wasn’t going to help matters at *all.* That simple bit of information was going to be more than enough for him and Duo to deal with.

/I *know* you’re not telling me something…/

/You’ll see when we get on the ship… Are you ready?/

Duo nodded.

/You have your fin bracelet?/ Again he nodded.

/Ok… brace yourself… and remember I love you ok?/

Duo closed his eyes and pulled himself up onto the boat as Heero did the same. Their fins melted into legs, a small anklet around their left ankles. Many would think they were naked when they turned to their human form; however, that is not the case (2). Each was covered by black swim trunks.

The instant they both had their bearings on the platform, Duo turned and clung to Heero. /Why… aww crap./ “Why… no… you… feel.”

“Shh, calm down, breath… It’s ok… I’m right here… shh.”

/Ok breath… no not *that* way! GAH!! Stupid humans… ok… calm…/ “Heero, why can’t I *feel* you?? What happened?”

“Remember what I told you about the human world?”

“They… don’t communicate like us…” Realization struck, “GODS! Heero! You *can’t* go into space!”

“I have to.” He pulled away, but only far enough that a hair could barely fit between them. Duo whimpered slightly but didn’t move to embrace Heero again.

“The farther apart we are, the fainter our connection. I’m not sure what will happen when I’m in space…” He didn’t continue the thought, but they both knew what could happen.

“Duo, there’s still time for you to go back to our home…”

Duo took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. “No, I have to do this also. I just didn’t expect…”

“I know. You’ll get used to it…”

“I *really* hope I don’t…”


~*~*~*~*~End part 1~*~*~*~*~


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