Title: Pencils and Other Fine Things
Author: Lily (ann_marie_martino@emerson.edu)
Archive: ask first...
Pairing: 1x2, 4x5 implied
Categories: humor, ficlet, yaoi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sexual innuendoes and situations, language, lemon
Spoilers: none
Notes: _emphasis_ ~Author's notes~ This is based partly on a true
story - I do what Duo does when I'm drawing, and a convo with Ais
about eating pencils spawned this...lol...dedicated to Ais, of course!
Disclaimer: I don't own the g-boys.
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Pencils and Other Fine Things

"You know, Hee-chan, you should really learn to lighten up..."

"Duo - why do you have a pencil in your mouth?"

"Oh - that's easy--" spitting pencil onto tablet of paper, "I'm drawing you. Every time I fuck up and need to erase, I just put the pencil in my mouth temporarily."

"Duo, that's disgusting."

"Nope - I think it looks cute!"

"The pencil, Duo - eating pencils. That's an awful habit."

Heero gave Duo a stern glare. Duo sniggered and popped the pencil
back into his mouth as he began to erase.

"Mrph, mumble, mrmph..."

"_Without_ the pencil?" Heero requested in a long-suffering tone. Duo opened his mouth and the grasp his lips had on the slender writing instrument loosened and it dropped to the floor.

"It's also called an oral fixation."


"No, really. See, this guy named Freud - Sigmund Freud - he had these stages. The uh, Five stages of psychosexual development. An' one of 'em is the oral stage. You get stuck in that stage, you have an oral fixation. Or, you like to put things in your mouth." Duo grinned wickedly. Leaning off his chair, he retrieved his pencil and examined it. It gleamed in the light with saliva and impulsively he brought it to his nose. It smelled kind of funny, a little spicy and something unidentifiable.

"Freud - are you certain you're not inventing this?"

"Heero!" Duo tossed a hand over his chest, missing his heart by several inches, "You wound me! Nope, I'm definitely not. Go look him up on your laptop if you don't believe me." Duo returned to contemplating the damp, slightly chewed pencil.

"Fine. Ninmu ryoukai." Heero replied, then went over to his laptop and began typing furiously.

"You know - it smells like - well not too much. But it *is* wood. Hrm." Duo burst into laughter and nearly upset the tablet with his drawing on it.

"_What_ is so funny?" Heero glared.

"You know, after a bit it starts to taste kinda funky. I could definitely think of better things to have in my mouth. Gotta feed the fixation, you know. Yeah - but it's too thin, too. And look how small it is! I need a bigger one!"

~Author's note: It was at this precise moment that Wufei walked by
the room Duo shared with Heero. He overheard Duo's last few
comments, winced, and then turned and hightailed it back in the other
direction. He had a visit to make. *snigger* ~

"Duo--" Heero began warningly.

"What?" he focused wide, entirely too innocent violet eyes on Heero.

"Could you be quiet for five seconds?"

"Give me something else to occupy my mouth, and sure." Duo smirked. Heero shifted uncomfortably in his seat and Duo put a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing outright. It was working! His little innuendoes were having an effect!

"Fine, here." Heero tossed some pocky to the braided pilot, who sniffed, considered it, and then shoved the pencil back in his mouth defiantly.

"I like my wood." Duo said petulantly.

"But you _love_ pocky!" Heero exclaimed, frustrated.

"And currently I prefer my pencil. Although it _does_ taste a little salty."

"All right - Freud was a real person. But _that_ is still not normal," Heero announced, pointing to the pencil sticking out of Duo's mouth.

"Well...some things are better than others. Wanna know what else I like to suck on?" Duo leaned forward, grinning wickedly. Heero sighed, and took the bait, just like he always did.

"What, Duo?"

"I like lollipops, and popsicles, and ice cream. Hm, I think I'd like a banana right about now. A banana split! Yeah! That'd be awesome." Duo jumped up, carefully placing his drawing tablet on the nearby bed, and just as he was going to disappear out of the room Heero snagged him by the braid.

"I can think of something much better for your mouth to be doing, rather than moving a hundred miles per minute, or eating ice cream." Heero said in a low, husky voice. Duo's breath caught and his chest heaved a little.

"What?" he asked breathlessly.

"This - you want bigger, you got it." And Heero proceeded to yank off his spandex. Duo's eyes widened impressively, and then he licked his lips, swallowing convulsively.

"Oh yeah, that's _way_ better than ice cream..."

~Author's note: Again, right about now Wufei was returning to the bathroom after being otherwise occupied - and he heard, "Oh yeah, much better to suck on..." He sighed, glanced down at himself, and figured he'd need more of Quatre's special medicine - _again_. Didn't they ever quit?~

Duo moaned, tongue swirling around Heero's exposed erection, and then he murmured, his breath and lips tickling the tender underside, "Yep - I like this wood much better. Delicious, a tad salty, but better than a pencil any day..." he ceased talking and drew Heero completely into his mouth. Heero cried out and several minutes later the two of the collapsed, exhausted, on the bed.

~*~ several hours later ~*~

"DUO! Why do I have breasts and a skirt on?" Heero bellowed, glaring down at the drawing Duo had done. Duo meeped and ran, but Heero chased him all over the house until the fell in a heap on the still sticky sheets. Duo was giggling uproariously until Heero's lips claimed his.

"Mmmm..." Duo said, licking his lips, "yep, definitely better things to suck on than pencils..." and then he returned to tasting and teasing Heero's mouth.