Title: In the Drink
Author: Lily
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Pairing: 2x1/1x2
Categories: yaoi, PWP? lemon
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Lemon!! (mentions briefly an attempted rape, but it's not disturbing really - I just figured I'd mention it)
Spoilers: none
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In the Drink


Duo twisted around in the bed, stretching his legs, arching his back, and throwing his hands up high over his head. He was trying to sleep, but he was incredibly restless. Ever since Heero had returned from his most recent mission, Duo had been hearing the incessant clacking of the laptop keys, and he was frustrated and annoyed. Before Heero had left he had given Duo an odd, appraising look, as if he was truly interested in what Duo had to say. Heero had just slipped his gun into the waistband of his spandex when Duo had blurted out,

"Can I talk to you later, Hee-chan?"

"Hn, and don't call me 'Hee-chan'." Heero had replied in a voice that was soft but threaded with iron. Duo had looked up from his crossword puzzle, surprised that Heero had actually responded. He'd expected the other pilot to ice over as usual and just stomp out of the room. (Although, Duo thought, he stomps better and more effectively in Wing.)

"Gomen, Heero," Duo had said, quietly, surprising even himself. Since when did he actually listen to Heero? Since when was he capable of being quiet?


But now, Heero had come back, three days later, and he seemed to have forgotten the whole exchange. Duo snorted to himself, he thought Heero would have at least remembered Duo's sudden out-of-character response. Duo wriggled a little again and his braid snuck back under his back, creating a painful lump.

"Ow, fuck!" swore Duo, reaching underneath him and trying to get a grip on his braid. Unfortunately his arm was backwards and he couldn't quite reach. Needless to say, he was astounded when Heero stopped typing, crossed the room, and lifted Duo off the bed with only one hand, using the other hand to drag the heavy, thick braid out of the way. Then, he lay Duo back down on the bed with more gentleness than the American thought he was capable of. Once Duo was spread over his bed again, Heero sat down on the edge, his eyes fixed intently on Duo.

"What did you wish to speak about?" the Japanese pilot asked, a little stiffly. Duo sat straight up and his violet eyes situated themselves on the other pilot.

"I - you didn't forget."

"I do not forget things," Heero said.

"No, I guess the Per- Sorry, Heero, I had promised myself I wouldn't make fun any more. At least not now. What I wanted to talk about was this. You see, every time we go on a mission you try to self-destruct, I swear. And Relena, don't you think you ought to go to her? She likes you and..."

"And I do not care for her, except as a symbol of peace."

"Oh. Then, I want to ask you something."

"Ask," Heero stated, laconic as always. It occurred to Duo, listening to Heero, that the other pilot spoke the same way he fought - clear, to the point, and without wasting necessary words. He would not waste ammunition, nor would he waste any opportunties that came his way. Heero did not seem to understand that nothing would blow up if he actually let himself relax a little - maybe even hold an entire conversation that didn't revolve around Duo talking and Heero saying "Hn."

"What do you know about sex and love?" Duo inquired. Heero cocked his head, unfazed, and began to recite dictionary definitions. Duo smirked to himself - that was pretty much what he had thought. Duo knew more than Heero - but he'd never actually had a chance to practice any of it. Duo also knew that he liked girls - he thought Hilde was cute, and Dorothy, despite the eyebrows, was a babe. But, he was fighting a war, and he spent all of his time with a prussian-blue eyed Japanese soldier. Even though he was well-aware of all the responsibilities he had, he was still a fifteen-year-old boy, and his hormones had been raging for almost a full year. He'd taught himself how to release tension - it wasn't difficult to learn to jack off, he'd been in the shower one day, and the shampoo had dripped onto him, and when he'd gone to wipe it off with a finger he discovered that shampoo was good for other things than just washing hair. Now, watching the soldier perched on his bed, he decided to do something impulsive that would probably get him killed - well, he knew he wouldn't get killed per se, because he was important - more important than Relena even. But he probably would end up with a death glare and a threat that he would die if he ever touched the other pilot again. Duo shrugged internally, Heero needed to learn how to be something besides just a soldier. If he didn't, then when the war ended he would probably insist on self-destructing inside his gundam. That thought in mind, Duo darted forward - a quick movement from a former street rat - and his lips had brushed over Heero's before the Japanese pilot knew what was going to happen. The kiss abruptly cut short the monologue on sex that Heero was currently involved in. Not only that, but the glare never quite appeared. Heero looked as if he was going to glare - and then he turned sideways, leaning into the bed more, and gave Duo a curious look.

"What was that?" he asked, confusion thinly veiled in his voice and expression.

"A kiss," Duo mumbled, head lowered, nervously picking at the blanket underneath him.

"I want to know more about this. Show me," Heero ordered. Duo's head swept up and he just stared dumbfounded at the other pilot for a moment, then nodded.

"Ninmu ryoukai," Duo replied, laughter dancing through the words. Heero was unaffected by the joke, determined as he was to understand what Duo had just done. Duo shrugged - this time outwardly - and pressed his fingers to the full lips that were parted, waiting for the instruction. Heero probably thought sex was as mechanical as everything else that he did. Duo decided in that instant to show him otherwise - even if he was also learning as he went.

"I don't have much more experience than you, Hee-chan, but I'll try," Duo whispered, then his lips were where his fingers had been seconds before. The second kiss lasted slightly longer, with somewhat firmer pressure, as Duo acclimatized himself to the sensation of being that close to another human being. Duo's eyes drifted closed as he lost himself in the feel of the moment, before he drew away, opening them, and realizing that Heero had not closed his eyes. He smothered a giggle, knowing instinctively that if he giggled, he would offend Heero and the other pilot would never give him a second chance. He was actually pleasantly surprised with himself, kissing a boy was not that difficult.

"Next time, close your eyes, and um, open your mouth a little - and remember, I'm learning this as we go along, too," Duo instructed. When his lips met Heero's for the third time, he watched as the other boy obediently closed his eyes, and his mouth opened naturally under Duo's touch. Tentatively, Duo let his tongue slide along Heero's bottom lip before going inside the other boy's mouth, searching and exploring. It was an interesting experience, he could feel all of Heero's teeth, and when Heero's tongue touched his, he nearly jumped in surprise. He kept up his motions, seeking, occasionally meeting Heero's tongue as Heero grew more bold and slipped his own tongue into Duo's mouth. The kiss lengthened and began to get exciting. Duo drew in a deep breath through his nose as he began to feel the sensations that a kiss done well will produce. He felt himself getting hard, and quickly pulled away, uneasy about allowing Heero to feel his erection. Heero felt bereft, and opened his eyes, and stared at Duo for a moment.

"Why did you stop?" he asked, and his voice had lost some of it's sharp soldier edge. Duo screwed up his face, confused, at a loss for words for one time in his life. Finally, he took another deep breath.

"Because, I was starting to enjoy it too much," he answered, looking oddly vulnerable - a strange occurrance for a gundam pilot. Very little frightened or intimidated them. That was the main reason why the pilots were immune to Heero's DeathGlare. Heero collected that information as important data, stored it away in his head, and decided he would have to take the initiative then. He hoped that he would be able to succeed. He leaned forward, and went to kiss Duo, but Duo moved at the last second and Heero's lips hit Duo's chin. A giggle escaped the braided pilot, and he turned his head back towards Heero's. This time their noses bumped - Duo was so nervous about seducing someone as dangerous as Heero that he couldn't keep still - and finally Heero took hold of the sides of Duo's heart-shaped face, held him still, and kissed him. This kiss was not as gentle or as explorative as the other had been. This kiss was filled with a furious purpose, the same way Heero did everything - he made it into his mission. Duo could not hold back the noises he was making as Heero turned the tables on him. He found himself flat on his back, the Perfect Soldier covering him with his hard, muscled body, the kiss intensifying with leaps and bounds. After another few moments, Heero lifted his head and began to unbutton Duo's shirt without even asking - not that Duo was particularly surprised that the Japanese soldier had not asked. Duo had given him an unspoken mission with his third kiss, and now Heero was going to fulfill it - or else. But Duo was not going to lie there and simply be the unresisting uke, he thought to himself. Heero had gotten Duo's shirt open and was looking oddly at him. One finger touched a scar on the braided boy's chest, off to the side of his nipple. Another finger explored the outline of another scar - a long jagged mark that cut from beneath his left nipple all the way down his side, near his hipbone. Duo trembled, waiting anxiously for Heero's expression of curiosity to change to one of disgust. He was covered with marks, scars of all sizes and types. He had burn marks on his back from when he'd been running from the law once...they had thrown their torch at him. He had nearly died when it got infected, and if not for Solo he might have. But Heero's eyes continued to hold nothing in them but curiousity and desire. Heero was unsure of how to proceed, but faced with Duo's naked, imperfect chest, he wanted to know what it would feel like to trace those scars with his tongue. So he dipped his head down, tongue darting out of his mouth and coming in swift, uncertain contact with the raised flesh beneath Duo's left nipple. Hesitantly he dragged his tongue along the line of the scar and was rewarded by Duo's hiss of breath. His hands drifted unerringly to Duo's sides, seeking and finding the purchase he needed to continue. Duo did not move, for once in his life, he was actually holding his breath, still waiting in suspense for Heero's rejection. It would be swift and sure, just like everything the other pilot did. Needless to say, he was shocked when Heero met his eyes, and began to speak.

"You taste like something I cannot catalogue. It is a pleasant taste. And your hair smells like rainwater," Heero told him, his voice low. Duo's eyes filled with confusion, which was quickly replaced by desire as Heero's mouth closed over his nipple. Heero had wanted to know what that tasted like - what it felt like to have someone else's intimate flesh inside of your mouth. The skin around the nipple was deceptively soft. He had not known anything on Earth or the colonies was that soft, and smooth, and when the muscles tightened, he felt something deep inside respond reflexively. Duo ground his teeth and made a strange sound when Heero began to suck on his nipple. He was desperately trying to regain some sort of sense of reality, and trying to puzzle out where Heero had learned to do that. Heero's mouth left his nipple and trailed along down his chest. He paused to suck on the skin here and there, and then he dropped light kisses down his stomach, his tongue circling the American's navel before slipping inside for a moment. Then he stopped, raised his head and looked at Duo.

"I do not know what to do next," he admitted. Duo, suddenly free of the torture that had had him glued to the bed, tried not to giggle with unresolved tension as he sat up, rolled Heero onto his back, and took over. The green tank top he ripped from neckline to hem and tossed it onto the floor. The spandex was more difficult, but he grabbed his knife from the bedside table and cut the shorts off, watching as Heero tensed and the muscles in his stomach fluttered. He was not afraid of the knife in the least - but he was quite sensitive to Duo's touch. By that point Duo was straddling the Japanese pilot, and could not stop staring. Heero's chest was smooth, a delicate golden color, deceptively fragile-looking. There was a tiny birthmark marring the perfection of his flat stomach, and several scars from the last time he had self-destructed. The reddened marks were wild looking, as if they had been thrown onto the Wing pilot's body like stray sprays of paint. Duo inhaled, astounded by the beauty of his lover, the almost impossible beauty of someone so deadly, so dangerous. Heero was one of the most vicious people he'd ever had the pleasure to know - even more so than some of the gang leaders on the streets - and yet he was petite, his build slender, his body a muted gold color. He could have been a sculpture, Duo decided, as he drank in the appearance of that less-than-perfect expanse of skin. So the Perfect Soldier is not so perfect...Duo mused, then dropped his head down, tongue assaulting the scars that marred the other pilot's body. The taste of Heero filled his mouth, something that he could not place, and the feel of the Wing pilot's flesh under his lips was unsettling in its intensity. He could still feel the back of his mind trying to reconcile the soft beauty of Heero's body with the hard, unyielding strength of his personality. Duo's hands roamed over the Japanese pilot's chest, marveling at the unique feel of hard, developed muscle encased in paper-soft skin. Heero's body felt as though someone had stretched a piece of silk over water. Duo kissed Heero's stomach, enjoying the taste and scent of him - he smelled like damp earth infused with sweat, an intoxicating mixture. Finally Duo decided to jump in feet first, and he dragged his tongue along Heero's hard erection. The Japanese pilot succumbed to the weakness of a moan and his hips jerked upwards without his permission. Fear - an alien emotion - bubbled in his heart before he remembred the mission, and recalled that Duo would not hurt him - Duo was only vicious and violent when it was necessary. Duo's entire demeanor belied what he was - a gundam pilot who could kill someone in a matter of seconds with his bare hands. But those same hands, it appeared, could also bring pleasure, Heero observed, as the long fingers of Deathscythe's pilot made his skin burn and tingle. Duo continued to lavish attention on Heero's arousal until the Japanese pilot dug his hands into Duo's long hair and forced him to pause.

"I want more," he managed to utter, shocked by how difficult it had become for him to speak. What was Duo doing to him? Duo tilted his head to the side and considered.

"What do you want?"

"I want you inside, I want to know what that feels like," Heero responded.

"Okay," Duo aquiesced, and then slid his body up Heero's, creating and prolonging contact between every inch of their bodies. The sweat that had beaded on both pilots was sticky under their fused flesh, and the heat of the room began to seep into Heero's muscles. Sweat trickled down under his arm and along his side, and he waited for Duo to get "grossed out" as the American would likely put it. But Duo stunned him yet again when his tongue darted out and licked up the droplet that had trailed down Heero's side. Heero felt himself tense, as he wondered what it would be like to have the American deep inside his body. As if in response to Heero's unspoken thought, Duo stroked down Heero's body, smoothing the tension out, before he informed him huskily,

"I'm going to try and relax you first - I'm not exactly sure how to do this, but I know it requires preparation." Then Duo slithered back down the Japanese pilot's body until he was facing the Wing pilot's hips. Duo dropped his head and rubbed the curve of Heero's hipbone with his tongue, nipping at it. Tenderly he nibbled on the place where Heero's leg joined with his groin and was surprised and gratified when Heero nearly threw himself off the bed. Duo was excited and pleased to find out he had discovered one of Heero's weak spots - an area that would drive him wild despite how much he might try for control. Duo knew from his extremely limited experience that one such place on his own body was the hollow at the base of his throat. One of the OZ soldiers - planning to rape him - had once dipped his tongue into that spot and Duo had gotten hard even though he had hated the feel of the soldier. That soldier had died an excrutiatingly painful death - not only because he'd been planning rape but also because he had made Duo's body respond. After several more moments of torturing Heero by licking and sucking that special spot, Duo flipped Heero over on to his stomach. He swallowed a gasp when he caught sight of Heero's back. It was crisscrossed with scars and welts that had never healed correctly, and the knowledge of who he was about to sleep with slammed into him. Heero may have looked innocent, and delicate, but he was a soldier inside and out and his body still had the marks from his training to prove it. Duo knew for a fact that Heero had undergone whippings and punishments from not only OZ, but Dr. J as well. He put his hand flat against Heero's back, absorbing the feel of the marred flesh into his palm, before he inclined his head down. His tongue caressed the slope of Heero's spine as his fingers stroked over the muscle and bone of the Japanese pilot's shoulder blades. That, apparently, was another one of those areas as Heero moaned and swore into the pillow. Duo felt as though he was slipping down a piece of smooth glass as he drowned himself in the taste, scent, and texture of Heero's body. After what seemed like an eternity he managed to draw himself back into reality and sat up, legs still straddling Heero's back. The Japanese pilot was panting, breath coming in short spurts and heating the pillow he was pressed tightly against. Duo swung his leg over onto the floor, standing up.

"Be right back," he reassured Heero as he noticed the sudden tension that crept into Heero's shoulders. Leaving the room shirtless but not yet naked, he wandered out into the hallway, thinking. He didn't have any real lube, and he wasn't sure what else he should use. As he stood there pondering, Quatre opened his door and came out into the hallway, and stopped dead.

"Duo - either you're really overheated or you finally got Heero to relax somewhat. Which is it?" the blonde asked quietly, unable to hide the laughter that colored his tone. Duo looked up, a tad startled, and assimilated the fact that the blonde Sandrock pilot was about a foot away from him, clad only in his boxers, and something clicked.

"Kat - do you have any lube?"

"Guess that answered that question," Quatre chuckled to himself as he replied, "Yeah, be right back," and disappeared back into the room he shared with Wufei. Two minutes later he reappeared with a small tube, which he handed to Duo.

"Be careful - go easy on him, use lots of that, and we've got more so you can keep it if you need to. Oh, yeah, and have fun!" with that the blonde winked and his bedroom swallowed him up again. Duo turned around and re-entered his room, pleased to see that Heero was still sprawled naked on his stomach across the bed. He quickly stripped out of his black pants and then, opening the little tube, slathered the slippery substance all over his erection before climbing back onto the bed. He took a deep breath, mentally prepared himself, and then said,

"Okay, Hee-chan, get ready - if we ever do this again I'm gonna eat your ass cause it's tempting the hell out of me, but this time I'm just gonna go for it cause you asked and all -"



"Shut up and just do it already. I told you I want you inside."

"You mean, me as in me, or as in you just - "

"Cáete!" Heero expostulated, resorting to the Spanish he'd been learning in their last school mission. Duo closed his mouth, inserted a finger on each side to spread his lover open, and then plunged into his body as gently as possible. The lube made the entry much easier and there were only a few tense moments where Heero felt pain. Then he raised himself off the bed, indicating that Duo should move. After a few hesitant thrusts Duo began to find a rhythm and Heero began to rock upwards into Duo's movements. When Duo orgasmed he pulled out, spraying over Heero's back, managing to blur some of the angry lines that spread over the Japanese pilot. Leaning back down he licked his essence of off Heero's spine, then flipped him back over and took him into his mouth. Heero had not cum when Duo had, and Duo was going to see to it that Heero found out exactly how much fun an orgasm could be. The heat and dampness of the American's mouth surrounded Heero's erection until he was writhing under the onslaught. He bucked his hips upwards and Duo tickled his sweet spot, pausing his ministrations as Heero tensed, then speeding them up until his Japanese lover exploded into his mouth. He swallowed what he could and the rest ran down the sides of his mouth. It was at that point that Heero's incredibly strong arms pulled the braided pilot down onto the bed next to him, kissing him and licking the leftover cum from Duo's chin. Duo sighed in pleasure, enjoying the feel of a much more relaxed Heero - even though he was fully aware that it was a side-effect of the orgasm and would not last - and snuggled into the warmth of Heero's chest. Just as Duo was drifting off to sleep, Heero whispered,

"Arigatou, Duo. I must return to my report now, however, because it was not anywhere near finished."

"You're welcome, Hee-chan," Duo mumbled into the pillow as the Japanese pilot carefully climbed out of his bed. Strangely enough, the tapping of the keys on the laptop lulled Duo to sleep. Heero finished his report and his prussian-blue eyes wandered over to the American, sleeping curled up on his stomach. He shocked himself when he got up, crossed the room, and tugged the elastic from Duo's long, silky hair. Lifting Duo's hairbrush from the bedside table, he unraveled the braid and brushed it through until it was a mass of beautiful chestnut waves. Duo stirred slightly but did not waken, and Heero's finger slipped down the curve of Duo's spine before he kissed the soft, shining mass of hair and then crept back to his bed.

"I meant it, Duo. Arigatou. I never knew such a thing could exist..." he murmured as sleep claimed his exhausted body.