Title: Heero's pledge.

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Notes: lil goes around Singing: Duo is a girl~Duo is a girl~ oh, and the background info is: the era is around 1800's after the civil war.


Duo Maxwell jumped at the gunshots, dropped the bolt of violet calico, and hurried to the window. she caught her breath as Wufei Chang, red faced, shouted threats to Mr. Heero Yuy, who stood cool and unresponsive. The gun discharged again, this time not at the sky, but at the feet of the tall gentleman, spewing a clod of dirt into his face as he leaped backward. Yuy's cool demeanor ignited into fury. Wufei took aim again and hollered, "Draw your weapon and lets settle it!"

From her vantage point behind the small paned window of the dry goods mercantile, Duo watched both men: Wufei in his worn pants and pulled back hair; Yuy in Tan breeches, knee-high boots, shirt sleeves, and vest. A pearl handled colt hung at Yuy's hip, but he didn't reach for it, nor unclip the leather strap that held it in place. Thankfully he possessed greater self-control than Wufei.

With her heart pounding, Duo rushed for the door but was blocked by the corpulent Hardee sisters pressing their faces to the glass, oozing excitement.

Will you look at that? It's the Chang boy steaming like a kettle." Lizbeth Hardee wiped the shine from her cheek and forehead with a limp white handkerchief.

Sarah giggled. Maybe he'll injure Mr.Yuy so's he'll need doctoring."

"I'm afraid that job will go to the doc, sister. Now that we have one."

Duo's chest tightened as Wufei raised his arm again and pulled the trigger, but the gun didn't fire, and she released her trapped breath. Wufei hammered the gun in his hand, then threw it in the dirt and charged Heero, who stood poised to receive the onslaught.

Heero had the benefit of a longer reach and more years, but Wufei was out of his head with anger. Pressing herself between the two soft bodies, Duo gained the door and pushed through. The townsmen hollered the fighters on with carnival shouts, but at Wufei's next thrust, he was grabbed from behind by Deputy Clem Davis. He contained Wufei's fury with arms as thick and powerful as a grizzly's.

Heero bent to pick up his hat from the dusty street. His dark hair no longer waved smoothly but bent into unruly curls at the back of his neck. He slapped the dust from his hat and followed the deputy into the jail, the lines of his face as hard as the rocky bluff for which the town was named.

"Five dollars gold says Marshal Haggerty'll dismiss it," Jacob Barnes hollered.

"Five dollars says he don't, contended old Guy Ebbons. "now that the new deputy's got his hands on the young'in he'll keep'im awhile."

"All depends if Yuy's a mind of pressing charges."

Jacob Barnes shoved back his hat and swiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "Anyone else an' they'd of let em fight it out. Guess we can't have no one lettin lose on Heero Yuy, now can we?"

Duo bit her lip in frustration. "What in earth had Fei been thinking?" she thought to herself. She sighed.

"Its a shame Deputy Davis spoiled the fun." At her glare, Mag French tipped his hat to her with a yellow toothed grin, then spat.

Duo turned away. She wished she could throttle 'Fei herself, then wished he hadn't been hauled off to jail. All this for a few flattering words! True, Heero Yuy's compliments had slid from his tongue as gold from a sluice box, but it was no more than any of the other young men in town might of said, given the opportunity. And he had lingered as he bowed over her hand, held perhaps longer than necessary. Fei had glowered like a ranch dog on a coon.

Even then, things might of been alright if Mr.Yuy hadn't remarked how very much he had enjoyed his visit the previous evening without mentioning at all that it was her father's company he'd shared...mainly. Fei had gone off like a cannon, but Duo figured that was the worst of it. When he'd stormed away, she thought he'd like his wounds and be done.

She watched the jail door for Wufei to emerge, embarrassed but free. He was temperamental, but... gunplay! At least the fool boy was alive. Heero Yuy had never drawn the gun that hung at his hip. Though a man rarely invested in that fancy kinda hardware unless he could handle it. She shuddered to think if he had.

As the door opened, she clasped her hands to her chest, but Mr.Yuy came out alone and prepared to mount. Her heart sank. He must of pressed charges after all.

Clutching up her skirts, Duo flew to his side. "Mr.Yuy."

He turned to her and tipped his hat with the slight bow that betrayed his southern breeding. It lost none of its elegance, even though his face was smudged, one sleeve askew, and dust up to his knees. "Miss Maxwell."

For a moment she faltered. "Wufei's in jail?" That much was obvious. He opened his mouth to reply, but she rushed on. "surely you know he intended you no real harm."

"I'm afraid I know no such thing." He spoke softly in the manner of the south, but his voice was deadly serious. " Had he not possessed an inferior weapon, I might have been forced to kill him. I don't consider gunplay a game."

Drawing herself up, Duo tightened her mouth into a determined line. " He's just a boy, and I'm sure it won't happen again. If you would drop the charges against him..."

Heero Yuy hooked his thumbs into his belt. "And what would lead me to think that it won't? That rascal has a hornet in his hide."

"It's all a misunderstanding. I'm awfully sorry for the trouble. I truly don't know what gave him the notion to behave in such a manner...."

"Don't you?" The ghost of a smile played on his mouth.

She flushed. "Well...I...if I told him my feelings are not what he....thinks they are..."

Heero Yuy ran a hand over the sleek sorrel neck of the stallion, loosening the reins from the hitch. "You believe his jealousy can be cured by a dose of truth?" Mr.Yuy smoothed back his hair and replaced his hat under the afternoon sun. His tone was cool but no longer angry.

"I'll speak to him. I'll speak to him right now." She flashed him a smile and spun for the jail, her skirts swirling against her legs. Inside, she walked directly to the desk.

"Afternoon Miss Maxwell" Marshall Haggerty said. Behind him Deputy Davis removed his hat with a bearish grin. He dwarfed the marshal, and the tight space smelled like him. An animals den. She wrinkled up her nose.

"Good afternoon. I've come to see Wufei."

Marshall Haggerty motioned her by, and she moved to the single stone cell of the rocky bluff's jail. Fei sat on the thin cot, head hanging and hands limp on his thighs. He was to old to be whipped, but he deserved it anyway.

His head came up. "Duo! What are you-"

"I need to talk to you Wufei."

He jumped up and encircled the bars with his hands. "This is not a place for you to be in."

"It's hardly a place for you either. What have you gone and done."

"I won't stand for Heero Yuy coming here strutting around like he owns the whole dammed town, and making eye's at you, talking to you with his fancy talk..trying to woo you...I warned him off, but he wouldn't listen to me." He started to pout.

Exasperation choked her, and Duo stamped her foot."This is plain foolishness, and you've NO right to be causing him trouble."

Wufei's face fell. "your not taken with him?"

"No I'm not. But, I'm not taken with you either." She paused softing. "Oh, Fei, I have great affection for you, but I haven't the slightest notion what made you carry on so. You've been itching all over Mr.Yuy since he came. Promise me it'll stop now."

"Well, it wont exactly do me any good if you don't care for me anyway. Not that it matters now."

"I believe Mr.Yuy will drop the charge's."

"What charges?"

"What charges! Maybe attempted murder, and I'll wager he know's the law."

Wufei cocked his head, shaking the lose hair from his eyes. "Are you being straight with me, or are you trying to convince me, just to save my neck?"

"I've been completely honest with you. You know I never lie."

He saged. " I was afraid of that."

"Give me your word that you won't bother him again." She begged him with her eyes. He visibly wilted.

"You have it." he muttered.

"Say it Fei, On your honor."

"I won't mess with Yuy no more...on my honor." He grinned, and Duo squeezed the knuckles that protruded from the cell, relief washing over her.

"You'll find someone else to guard as ardently."

He slowly nodded. "Maybe I will. But it won't be the same." He slumped down on the hard bunk against the wall.

That settled, Duo rushed back outside and searched for Heero Yuy. The narrow street cleaved twin rows of single and two-story building with false fronts feigning the great stature. Her eye's swept to Chang's livery, where the smoke and noise of hot metal on anvil rang into the air.

Only God had kept Mr. Chang from hearing the noise and thrashing Wufei in the street himself. If Pa had been at work at the news paper across the way, he might of done the same. She scanned the hardware store, sporting the name of the new owner on the sign: Peterson Hardware. Across the street she searched the general mercantile and dry goods, then the grocer's where the Hardee sisters where haggling over something.

The walkway by Mrs. Munson's clothier, the post office, and on down to Pa's news office where empty. Turning her head, Duo gazed in the other direction-town hall, lumberyard, bank, school, and the church, still closed up after the untimely loss of Reverend Peale. There where several horses tethered at the hitching posts, mostly before the saloon-hotel, where the men where most likely drinking off the excitement of the afternoon heat. Mr.Yuy's horse was no where's to be found. With annoyance she realized he had gone, and with him her hopes of Wufei's immediate release.

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