Dragonlord's Adventure part 4

By: Lillie-chan

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Duo strapped her self into deathsythe, and started up the engines. SHe was to be at the oz faucility at nine in the morning, do the mission, then be out of there by nine fifteen.

As Duo flew over the cloads, she kept finding herself thinking about Heero, the way his eyes would light up as they flew into battle, about how they how they would most likely glow with fervor during their love-making.

Duo sat up straight at that thought. Her cheeks stained red, she busied her-self into making sure all the controlls were working. Her mission was to assaniate Lady Une, Duo smirked at that thought. She would half to go in on foot, sneak around the colonel, and make her way into section D where Lady Une's quaters were.

As she scanned the area, comming up to the oz base, she thought she saw two dragons in the distance, one greenish gold, and the other colbolt blue. she shook her head and wrote it off as an fanicful wish.

She landed deathsythe out in a secluded area and hiked the rest of the way to the base, she crawled into the base through an air-duct, then when she knew she was passed the section D crawled out of the duct.

she snuck her way around the hallways, and gaurds, and ghosted into lady Une's room, she saw Une sitting at her desk, typing something on the computer. When Duo crept closer she saw a blue-print of a dragon, and blinked in surprise.

Lady Une saw Duo sneaking up on her, Duo's form reflecting on the computer screen, as she saw Duo reatching for her hand gun, lady une grabbed her gun from her lap, and swivled around in her chair, lining her pistol up with Duo's forehead.

Duo backed up in alarm and ran into a night stand. Duo looked at lady Une's calm profile and glared. From the look of things, Lady Une had been expecting her.

Une smirked at Duo's glare. "Gundam pilot 02, You've been expected."

Duo bristled. "Well, Une, Thannk's for inviting me to your Tea Party."

Lady Une stood up and walked towards Duo." You will be a most valuble asset to the Fraturnity."

Duo blinked. "what is a fraturinty? I'm not pregnant, if that's what you mean."

Une's laugh chilled Duo to the bone. "But you see, my dear, The Fraturnity is A Powerful group. A group that hates Dragonlords. Now that we have a Powerful dark mage, all we need is a fledgling, why do we need a fledgling, you ask? If we have a dragonlord on our side, we would be invinceable, and since fledlings are weaker and easier to take control of...thats where you come in."

Duo's ire rose. "what the hell do you mean 'THATS WHERE YOU COME IN?' I sure as hell ai'nt a 'DRAGONLORD'."

Une beconed Duo closer with a finger. "you see my dear," Lady Une pointed to the computer screen. " We have proof that you are the black flegling."

Une raised her gun up to Duo's head. "now, are you going to come peacfully, or do we have to do it the hard way?"

Duo snarled. "im sure as hell not comming peacfully, you leisbien."

Lady Une smirked. "how did you know i was a leisbien?"

"the way you were checking out my body."

Lady Une blinked. "But..you're a guy."

Duo's face burned with enbarresment. 'God, why dont i just tell them the location of the safe house while im at it?'

Lady Une took her free hand, and unbuttoned Duo's jacket, then ripped her shirt down the middle. Une stared at the cheast bindings, then ripped them off too. Duo's breasts rounded as the bindings fell off.

Une placed her hand under Duo's left breast and cupped it. She placed her index finger and her thumb on Duo's nipple, and rubbed it around, the rosy bud perking until it was hard as a pebble.

Duo's face burned with emmbaresment and anger. Duo saw that Une was distracted and brought her hand up to punch Une.

Une saw the movment, and brought the butt of the gun down on Duo's head, Duo crumpled to the ground.

Lady Unewent to the vid phone, and dialed Zechs phone number. When Zech's awnsered, she reported. "02 captured and unconcious, Sir."

Zechs smirked. "Tell me lady, why is He unconcious. You where told to bring him down to leavel 5c unharmed."

Une frowned. " Ive found some things out about 02 that upset the pilot. She got unstable when i found it out."

Zech face contorted with anger. "SHE? I though 02 was a boy! This puts our plans back a step. while females are easier to control, their weaker."

" 02 is definatley not weak. And it will be to your advantage when you bed her. And If i had any experiance, which i do, i would say she's the strongest female dragonlord, ever having lived, her chi is 100 percent stronger than June's and he was tested to be the strngest male." Yoiu will have a most powerful bed mate, dark mage zechs.

Zechs visage scoweled. "we'll see."


Heero and Lillie came up on the safe house, and landed in the forest that surrounded it. They changed, and walked to the safe house.

Heero went into the hanger and beconed Lillie towards him.

"Im famished, man! lets hurry and get to the-"

Heero turned around to see Wufei pressing his sword against Lillie's neck.

"If you move, Onna, you will be dead before your head hits the floor."

Heero walked up towards Wufei, and wufei paled and dropped his sword.

"Heero?...Your dead!"

Heero Hn'd and gestured towards his companion.

"Meet my sister Lillian. Lillian, meet wufei."

"My God, you have a sister?" Wufei peered at Lillie and blushed, she was beatiful, not even quatre was this beatiful, or delicate, or dainty, or ...he gulped. Angry.

Lillie saw that wufei was busy drooling over her body, and scowled. 'men only think with their dicks.' she 'humphed' and walked passed wufei and Heero and went into the house.

Heero smirked at wufei's still shocked visage, then walked casually into the house.

drool seeped out of the corner of wufei's mouth.


*)(*()*()*()*()*()*()*()LEMON ALERT!*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*()*()

Duo slowley opened her eyes and glanced around her surroundings. She couldnt remeber where she was, or who she was.

She glanced beside her and saw a sleeping figure beside her. She glanced down at her naked form and blushed.

Zech's rolled over and smiled lazily, running his fingers through his hair.

"So, youre finally awake Duo."

Duo blinked, then slowley frowned. "my names Duo?"

Zechs scowled. 'Lady must of hit her too hard. But this works to my advantage.'

Duo's eyes widened as she got a better look at zechs. he was gorgeous! the way that his silver hair caressed his elfin face, his silver-blue eyes sparkiling with some pent-up emotion.

Her eyes scanned his naked cheast then when the sheets covered his private area, let her imagination do the rest.

Zechs saw Duo's eyes lingering over his covered erection, and smirked. The lovley piolet would be his.

Zechs leaned over and captured Duo's lips with his. He slowley kissed her, savoring her little moans, and then he sneaked his tounge into her mouth, Duo 'epped' when she felt his tounge battling with her's, then melted into zech's arms.

Zech's reached up and cupped Each breast and slowly rubbed his thumb over each nipple until they perked. He let Duo's mouth go, and trailed down her neck with butterfly kisses. When he reached Duo's breast he took a nipple into his mouth suckiling until Duo's moans made him so hard he had to go on. He trailed down some more, stopping to suck at her belly button, and when Duo started to squirm, he went even further south, and he gently pushed Duo down on the bed, then opened her outer lips, and licked up her jucies.

Duo couldnt think, she was in so much pleasure. a picture of a young man with colbolt eyes and messy brown hair filtered across her mind, and an emotion that felt like she was betraying something, or someone. but then zechs erection was at her virgin opening, and slowly filled her, she didnt think about it again.

Zech's pushed in and felt Duo's hymen, and slowly looked up at Duo's passion filled face, he gently cupped her face and wispered, "It will hurt."

Duo pleaded with her eyes, then asked, "Please."

He didnt need anymore encouregment. He thrust into her, and at her pained cry, leaned over and kissed her deeply. when he felt her start to thrust against him, he begain to move. Deeper and deeper he thrust into her, until he was fully inside her, up to the hilt. Duo wrapped her legs around him, pushing him into her harder. He pounded into her, his lust over riding his sense's.

Zechs reached up and took her mouth with his. He thrust into her one more time, and when Duo let out a cry, signaling her realese, he filled her with his seed at the same time.

Duo lay back relaxing as zechs came up and pulled her into his arms. She slowly faded off, with the same feeling she had earlier, like she was betraying someone.


Heero walked into his room, unloading his few postions he had with him, and walked into duo's room. He went over to her computer and saw that duo was on a mission. He walked back downstairs and went out to find wufei.

He found wufei still in the hanger. "Wufei, do you know where Duo went for his mission?

Wufei didnt answer him, and heero waved his hand infront of wufei's face. wufei slowly blinked, then wispered, "by nataku, she's beautiful."

Heero blinked in surprise, then laughed. wufei liked his sister!

Heero wacked the back of wufeis head, and wufei glared at him. "Why the hell did you do that?"

"Your mind was in the gutter." He said, then went over two sit on a barrel.

"now, answer my question. where did Duo go on his mission?"

Wufei pouted and rubbed the back of his aching head. 'damn yuy.'

"Duo went out at 0700 for his mission, I had no details. But the baka did say he would be back within a day. I was heading out to look for him, its been 12 hours since he left, im worried."

Heero frowned. 'Where was the baka. My god, the frauturnity!'

Heero lept to his feet and ran to the control room. he wrote Dr.G and asked where Duo went for his mission.

Heero sat around for a few minutes, until he got the reply. Duo hadnt recived a mission. Heero's eyes widened as he thought of the only possibility. The fraturnity.


Duo woke up, she had on some black silk pajamas, she was pretty sore, and zechs was gone, the space beside her was cold, and empty.

She blushed as she thought of what had happened. How could she have had sex with the enemy?

And how did she know he was her enemy? God! She rememebered!

HEr cheeks red with anger, then white with realization. She had given her virginaty to a man she didnt love, the enemy! She couldnt ever go back to the safe house. to look her comrades in the eyes. She snuck out of the room, and found her way back to her hidden gundam. well, they would never have to know.

She booted up Shini's engine, and started for home.


*A couple hours later*

She climed out of her Gundam, weary and bruised where Zechs had handled her too rough.

She walked into the house and too the kitchen to get a sandwich, and some chocolate milk. Her silk pajamas carressing her form, she knew she had to get to her room, before any of the other pilots would see her form.

She grabbed the beef, and mayo, and cheese from the frige, and took the bread out of the bread box. She threw together a sandwich, and pored some chocolate milk out fromm the carton, and set the milk back on the refrigarator rack.

She turned around, ready to go upstairs, and emidatley stopped. Her eyes widened. Heero was right in front of her.


Heero heard a noise downstairs and emdiatley shot up from the couch he was resting on. He snuck downstairs, and went into the kitchen. What he saw was Duo bending over the counter making a sandwich. He smiled with relife, and started forward. Then he stopped. Duo turned to go get something from the refrigerator, and the black silk outfit he was wearing showed off every curve. Curves which a male shouldnt have. he stared at Duos breasts. The silk shirt she was wearing went low, and it hugged her body tight. as soon as Duo had pored the milk, then sat it back in the frige, she turned around. he saw her eyes widen, and he walked forward.


Duo dropped her eyes from Heero's face as he walked towards him. She had betrayed him. She was stained, used goods. Her tears swelled with tears of shame and relief at seeing heero alive. He put his arms around her and pulled her into a crushing hug.

Heero saw Duo's eyes begain to water, and pulled Her into a hug. He was so glad to have Duo back safe.

Then Duo fainted into his arms.

He carried her upstairs and set her on top his bed. He went into his bathroom, and got a basin and filled it with tepid water, then went into his room, and set the basain on the night stand. He removed her shirt and began to swab the wash cloth acros her nech, then over her soft mounds, then down to her narrow ribs. She was perfect, his soul-mate.

Duo woke up to Heero washing her feet. It was tickling her. She squirmed, then relised she was naked. She jumped up in alarm, and Ran to the bathroom, and slammed the door shut. Heero had no right to see her naked! Her face turned red with anger, and she stared at her self in the mirror. Her apperance was messy, water droplets still on her skin from where Heero had washed her. She stared at her thighs, where there was bruiseing. Heero had saw them, she knew.

Heero Stared at the closed door. A tear traced its way down his face. She had been raped. The bruising was horrible. No wonder She had lept up and ran away from him. He wished he could gather her in his arms and kiss away her fears. "Duo....."



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