Dragonlord adventures chapter 3

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Duo landed Deathscythe in the bunker. As she swung down, she noticed Shenlong was gone, and of course Wing wasn't there. Duo walked into the kitchen, and Quatre glanced up from the newspaper. "Honey, I'm Home!"

"Hello, Duo. Did you find any trace of Heero?"

Duo looked down. "No, Q, I didn't. I have no idea where anything, let alone anyone, would be in that hell hole."

"I'm sure something will show up sometime."

Duo smiled weakly."Thanks Q."

As Duo walked up to her room, she couldn't help but start thinking about Heero, as she passed his room. Duo felt her eyes start to sting. ' Human Duo.' "Huh? Sahharri?" Duo could feel Sahharri smile.

'Human soul Duo, I can train you tonight, since there is no one you know is a Dragonlord.'

"Ok, Sahharri."

Duo continued on to her room, and Trowa looked at Duo's retreating back.

'Who was Sahharri?'


"Heero, wait up! We have to rest! 'CAUSE," she paused, then continued. "I am not a fricken gundam pilot that can keep going until I drop dead." Lillian snarled, and Heero rolled his eyes. 'I think She has her period.' Heero flew back to where Lillie was.

"We need to keep going."

"WHY! My wings hurt!"

"You don't have a soul twin to get back to."

"I know Heero, you don't have to remind me."

Heero looked stricken. He hadn't meant to say it like that.

"I'm sorry, Onee-chan. I am just worried about Duo. Last time I was with her, her energy was high, she is really close to changing."

Lillie smiled as she winged, she blew smoke rings, cause there was nothing else to do. "cho cho!"

Heero rolled his eyes at his older sisters antics. "Grow up. Oh, and by the way, do you have your period? You are certainly acting like ya do."

"Oh, shut up."

Lillie smacked Heero hard as she flew ahead of Heero. They were a day away from the safe house.

And she wanted some sleep.


Duo crept out to the hanger, and from there ran to the clearing.

She let her self change. The change flowed over Duo caressing her, Duo could feel the magic inside her, as her bones broke, stretched, and remade themselves.

Duo opened her eyes and stretched her Dragon body, flexing her muscles, and yawing. 'Duo.' Duo looked around, then realized it was Sahharri mind speaking her. 'Hey Sahharri. Wuts up?' Sahharri mind smiled, sending brilliant colors racing through Duo's mind. Duo blinked, not sure what was happening.

'Sahharri, what was that?'

'That was my smile. It comes through as colors, like if I were laughing. since you cant see me smile, you see what it would look like through my colors. If I were mad, you would see red.

Duo smiled, enjoying the lesson in Dragonlords. 'If they would only teach me how to do this in school.'

'Now to take off, all's you have to do is stretch your wings, move them and then, TAKE OFF!'

Duo was doing what Sahharri said while she said it. Soon she was flying through the air, enjoying the night sky.

'If only Heero could see me!'

'Who is Heero?'

Duo answered with a sad smile on her face. 'Heero was the boy I love, or I guess loved more than anything in this world. He died the other day in a battle.' crystal lined tears dropped off duo's dragon face, one by one and fell unchecked to the ground. a flower sprung up where each tear dropped.

'Little fledgling, you have a soul-mate out there somewhere. You will find him soon, I can feel it.'

Duo replied, swishing her tail angrily around. 'Sahharri, I can NEVER love anyone as much as I loved Heero.'

Sahharri frowned. her little fledgling is stubborn. 'Little one, We have one more lesson for tonight.'

Duo sighed, relived that the conversation was going elsewhere.

'Okay, the last lesson is very important, but relatively easy. Listen closely as I teach you how to make your self invisible. It will even work in your human form, only a few have ever been able to be invisible, it takes a strong and powerful dragon-human to be able to do that. And you my dear, are one of the strongest I've seen for a long time.

Duo listened to all this, eyes wide, and thoughtful.

'You listening?'


'Okay, all's you have to do is imagine your self invisible, you doing it?'

'Yes.' Duo replied as she started to concentrate on becoming invisible.

'Okay, you see the bright light?'

'It's beautiful.' it was a bright violet color.

'Reach out and grab it. Now think that you are invisible.'

Duo did as she was told, and she was... invisible, she could barley see her outline of her body, she melted in the back ground to well.

'Now to become invisible, alls ya have to do is think yourself invisible, and let your mind let go of the bright light.

Duo did as she was told, and she was back to normal. She changed and went back into the safe house. when she got to her room, she flipped on the laptop, and checked her email. she had a mission tomorrow, to infiltrate the Holister Oz base. Lady Une was there, and her mission was to kill the said woman.

Duo's eyes glowed as she said. "Mission accepted."



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