The Dragonlords Adventure Chapter 2

Author: Lillie

Rating: R to NC-17

Pairings: 1x2 3x4 5xLillie LindenXMaurynna

warnings: this chapter Rape.

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"Heero! Damn it! Wait up. you shouldn't be walking around in your condition, at least not until your healed !" Lillian watched her brother as he walked on, seemingly oblivious to what she had just said.

As he and Lil walked into the Lady's chamber, Heero locked eyes with his mother.

"Heero!" Maurynna looked at her son with tears in her eyes. Heero felt overwhelmed that his mother had missed him so much.

"Heero, I've been so worried about you! With all the talk about the Fraternity around, and you not letting us know your whereabouts, me and your father were begining to think you had been caught!"

Maurynna rushed over to Heero and embraced him. as his mother released him, Heero looked up at her and frowned. "What's all this talk about the Fraternity? Is Duo in danger?"


Duo looked around the battlefield and sighed. She hadn't found Heero, or any trace that Heero might still be alive. "Well, Deathsycthe buddy, guess we'll never be seeing Heero again." Duo felt a sharp pain in her heart as she remembered why she wouldn't be seeing Heero again. "He gave himself up for me. He didn't even say goodbye." Tears dropped one bye one onto the ground as Duo turned around. 'Damn Heero for stealing my heart like that!'

"Damn. Well, I best be getting back before Q-ball gets worried and sends his little army after me." Duo snickered at the thought. Rashid was big enough for three people, and he wouldn't want to get him upset for anything. "Even if it's just because Q-man was worried 'bout' little ol' me." As Duo turned around to get back into Deathscythe, she felt dizzy, then she was falling.

"Human soul Duo."

Duo opened his eyes as the words washed over her. 'what the hell was going on? why was she suspended in the air?'

"Human soul Duo, I am Sahharri, your dragon half. I vow to never come forth unless summoned or you are tired of this world."

"What the heck is going on here buddy?" Duo's eyes got bigger as she heard 'dragon half' mentioned. "Umm, Sahharri, what the heck are you talking about?" 'I'm going mad. I'm talking to a voice in my head. That's it. I'm never gonna have margaritas before I go on missions ever again. No matter if they're non-alcoholic.'

Sahharri smiled as she heard all of her human soul's thoughts. "Little one. You are a Dragonlord. I am your dragon half." Sahharri smiled again, as she retreated into the sleep like mode she would be in most of the time, until her human half would tire of her life. 'Maybe next time I will ask Little Duo why she pretends to be a guy.'

'Dragon lord? I thought they were all myths. Now this dragon in my head is saying I am one. Ok. Whatever.'

Duo looked down. 'Yikes! How am I up here?' Duo looked down at her feet and gasped. "I am a dragon! Holy mackerel son of a gun, WOW!" She looked behind her, as far as her long graceful neck would turn and saw her midnight black tail. As she reached for it, it slipped the other way, and she missed. 'KUSO!'


"Sir, I think you should come see this." Treize turned around as Lady Une walked over to his side. "The surveillance cameras have caught a distrubence in Sector 9."

Treize looked onto the screen and gasped. There was a black spot on the screen. as he looked closer he could see it was a dragon. Chasing its tail. It was as black as midnight, and had red eyes. Treize fought a shudder. As Treize turned around, Lady Une smiled. The Fraternity would be glad to here about this.


Duo looked about herself and laughed. She had the freedom of the wind! To come and go as she pleased. She looked about herself and she could see for miles. She looked back at Deathscythe and sighed. "Why did I have to bring DS-chan with me?" 'Oh well.' She placed herself on the ground, changed and climbed back into her gundam. I can't wait to tell Wufei, he'll probably want to study me or something. But, then they didn't know she was a girl and nobody could know that.


** ** **Flashback** ** **

"Girl, get over here!" 8 year old Duo looked up as The Gang got closer, and they had Solo trapped in between two of them. She had to get Solo and her out of this mess. She backed up into the wall as the leader got closer. She could smell the cheap beer on his breath, and he looked like he'd never taken a bath, greasy hair hung beneath his shoulders. The leader grinned. "Hey look-ie here, gang. We've got a pretty girl among ourselves." Cat calls and whistles made Duo shiver with fear. Solo looked up and began struggling again. "You leave her alone! She's no use to you!"

"Oh, I'm sure she could be a lot of help." The man reached down and started rubbing himself through his jeans. "Oh god, I can't wait." He groaned and started for Duo.

Solo reached down and punched the leader in the groin. "Christ, I better teach this little boy a lesson first." Then with out any more words, he ripped off Solo's cloths and raped Solo. Duo watched this as tears streamed down her face. Duo pressed herself between the garage cans and trash bags and hid herself.

As soon as it got quiet, she crept out, and saw Solo lying bleeding, dying on the cold cement. "Solo!" She rushed over to Solo, and put his head in her lap. "Don't worry, kid. I'm glad it was me, and not you." Solo looked up at her, then his head fell to the side. "Solo? SOLO!" She sat there on the wet cement and cried, when she finished, she promised herself she would never hurt anybody else again, just because she was female. She would make herself look like a boy, act like a boy and talk like one. She would never be weak again.

** ** ** End of flashback** ** **


Duo strapped her self in Deathscythe and started up the engines. "Nobody can ever know."


Heero looked over to his father, as he finished explaining the Fraternity. "So they can only hurt Duo if they know she is a fledgling?" Linden smiled at his son's worried face, and thought of when Maurynna was still an unchanged fledgling. His son was exactly like him. "Yes. I believe that Duo will never be exposed to the Fraternity, but just in case, you should stick close to him."

"Thank you Father for your help." Heero stood up and went to the door. "I will be on my way."

"Wait! HEERO! Let me come with you? Lillie looked up at Heero with tears in her eyes. "I can't stand to be away from you any more!"

Heero smirked."Ok."

Lil looked at Heero with disbelief in her eyes. Heero had just agreed to let her go with him.

As they were packed and read to go, their parents came out and hugged them good bye. His mother looked Heero, the Lillie in the eyes. "Travel safely."


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