Title: The Dragonlord adventures...*wince* i know I'm terrible with names*.* but~ its better than untitled^_~

Pairings 1x2 3x4? and 5xLillie *cackles* and LindenXMaurynna and others as well as the come up...

Warnings ooc-ness au angst SAP with a major S

Disclaimer I do not mown G-boys they just like to let me play with them! cause I'm nice! oh! and also the characters from the book the last dragonlord linden and maurynna are not mine either.

Flashback ** **


"Heero! Are you up yet?" Heero poked his head up from under the covers and winced. his sister was coming in with supper, he was happy to be home, but he missed Duo, and was worried about him, especially after returning to his home and recuperating after the last battle.


** **

"Heero! are you ok?" Heero grunted with effort as the mobile suit got through his defenses."Shit!" He gritted his teeth as he was surrounded by 5 more suits. Heero looked up into the vid-link and looked into Duo's worried face. "Duo get back!" Heero felt relief when he saw Duo retreating.

"Heero what are you doing, HEERO! Duo's screams faded out as Heero self destructed.

As Heero woke up he was covered by rubble, he fought to reach out of his pile, he felt somebody grab hold of his hand and pull him out. When he looked up, he was surprised to see his sister, Lillian.

"Hey Heero!" Heero glanced at Lillian as he checked himself for injuries. he had a broken leg, a concussion, and that was about all. except for minor lacerations. He grunted when Lillian pulled him into a hug.

"God Heero! Why do you self destruct so often! Your gonna kill your soul mate, even if he doesn't know he is your's yet. You can't keep doing this!"

Heero snorted. "What do you expect me to do? Change? I can't change in front of Duo, he hasn't had his first change yet! I know I hurt Duo when I do this, but until he has changed, I can't let him know about me, and Shadar!"

Lillie shrugged and stepped back, then pulled her self up straighter. "You're just lucky I was watching this fight and was able to get to you in time, other wise OZ would of had you by now. Besides, Mom and Dad wanna see you, it seems the Watch has detected 3 more fledgelings. Your friends Trowa, Quatre and Wufei. We should get going. Stand back."

Heero watched as his sister melted into her Dragon half, Shahar. Shahar was beautiful, a dark Green dragon with gold tips. His sister also was beautiful, dark brown hair, with green/gold eyes. Slender with a angel's appearance, she looked every inch a sweet 5'2 little angel, but if you got her ticked off... Heero just stopped his train of thought and melted into his dragon half Shadar. As they winged back to his home at Cassorin, he couldn't help but worry about Duo, Duo won't know if I'm alright until I am able to get to him, I hope his first change will not come until I am able to go back. "Keep safe Duo-love."

** **


Heero sat up as his sister pulled the cart in and sat down on the edge of his bed. "Heero, you look like shit." As Heero looked up sharply, Lillian laughed. "Didn't know I could talk like that did you." Her green eye's twinkled in the firelight. "Well, after 200 years I guess I should be used to it."

Heero smiled and accepted the apple dumplings first. "You still haven't gotten over eating your dessert first have you?" Lillian shook her head and continued. "Anyway, Mother and Father have things to discuss with you, you already know about the new fledgelings, but what you don't know is that their is rumors of a new Fraternity around..." Heero looked at her with unease. "The last time the Fraternity was around was when our parents, Linden and Rynna destroyed them, it's not possible that their could be another Black mage as powerful as Althume."

Lillie looked even more concerned as she continued before she was interrupted again. "You must look after Duo as he has not yet changed, and will be vulnerable to attacks from the Fraternity."

Heero trembled as his vision tuned red. "If anything ever happened to Duo I'd..."

Lillian slapped Heero. "Mother and Father will help you."

"Take me to them."