Title: This I Promise You
By: lil*shinigami
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not the computer I'm typing on, not the Sox cap on my head. ^_~ So it won't do you any good to sue me. I don't own Gundam Wing, nor "This I promise you" by NSync. I don't even like the song, but whatever.
Pairing: 1x2
Warnings- hmm..I think angst and that's about it....yeah....I think that's it

...."We need a Mobile Suit, or else we shall lose." A Federation officer hissed at the priest he was shaking violently. "And you are going to pay the price unless you get us one!" He tossed the frail man to the ground, ignoring the nun begging for mercy. The priest hit the ground and then lay motionless.

A little boy with a long chestnut-brown braid crept out from his hiding place to glare angrily at the officer. "You leave him alone! If you promise not to hurt them anymore, I'll get you your Mobile Suit."

"Duo, NO!!" the nun screamed at the little boy. "Run away!" Duo shook his head stubbornly.

"You?!" The officer scoffed, and burst out laughing. "How can a little boy such as yourself get something, we, adults, can't??"

Duo looked up at the officer defiantly. "Lemme try."

"Alright, kid, you can try, but if you fail, don't even think about returning here." He chuckled. "Now scram before I change my mind and decide to kill you now!" Duo scampered out the church doors, the broken body of Father Maxwell the only thing on his mind....

Duo tossed and turned fitfully in his sleep, hitting Heero in the face accidentally. "Owww, Duo you baka, watch where you put your hands! That wasn't funny." He turned to look at Duo and let out a tiny gasp. Tears were silently falling down the braided pilot's face. "Duo...Duo, wake up!"

But the braided youth didn't wake up, just whispered and moaned: "I'll save you, Sister...promise..."

Heero felt helpless as he watched Duo's face. "Duo...?"

//When the visions around you,
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surrounds you
Are secrets and lies//

....Duo stared wide-eyed at the scene spread before him. "No...no...no no no NO NO!!!!!" Mangled bodies lay on the ground, along with the rubble and blocks of what used to be Maxwell Church. Family members surrounded some bodies, some screaming and crying over their lost ones, while others could only stare in shock. No one noticed, or cared about a shrieking 7-year-old with a braid.

Duo scanned the crowd of distraught people for the Federation officers he knew had caused this. He spotted them, laughing and pointing at everyone crying. Duo stomped over to them, tears streaming down his small, heart-shaped face, mingling with the blood and grime that had gathered on him because of his brave mission. He pointed fiercely at the destruction behind him. "Why did you do this?!?" he yelled, stamping his feet to get the officers to notice him. When that didn't work, he began pounding on one's back, his tiny fists hitting quick and hard....


Duo sobbed into his pillow, still asleep. Heero looked on helplessly at the restless boy shaking next to him. "Duo...please wake up...DUO!!"

Duo continued sobbing, shaking and screaming, not hearing Heero's plea.

<I have to do something! He needs me! But...what?> Heero looked on worriedly at his koi. He rubbed Duo's trembling back, trying to calm the distraught pilot. "S'alright, Duo, I'm here, I'll protect you..."

//I'll be your strength,
I'll give you hope,
Keeping your faith when it's gone
The one you should call,
Was standing here all along.//

...."I was keeping my promise to you. You didn't return, so....KABOOOM!!!" The Federation leader moved his hands in a wide arc to demonstrate the explosion. "It was fun, boys, wasn't it?" The officers laughed again.

Duo stamped his feet in frustration, tears bigger and falling quicker. "I did return! I'm right here! You didn't even give me a day!!" he sobbed.

"Yeah, you returned, but where's the Mobile suit you said you'd get us? We would've destroyed it anyway, you came back empty handed, brat!" an officer retorted.

The leader marched over before Duo could respond. He picked Duo up by his collar and brought the boy's tear-stained face to become parallel with his eyes. "I told you specifically not to return if you didn't succeed. Why did you return? Answer wisely, kid," he sneered.

Duo glared rebelliously at the officer, refusing to back down under his intense gaze. "I did get it! It's over there!" He pointed to a truck with a covered load. Duo wiggled trying to loosen the officer's hold on him. "Put me down!!"

The officer dropped Duo. The boy fell, hitting the ground heavily and cried out in pain. Shakily, he rose to his feet. "Where is Sister Helen??!?" he demanded, glaring at the officer....


Duo cried out in his sleep. "I DID GET IT!!!!!" He clutched a pillow to him tightly, crying into it, shaking all over.

"Duo..." Heero pulled the pillow from the braided pilot's resistant arms and replaced it with his body. Duo clung to him, sobbing into his chest.

"Duo...s'ok...Duo...please...you know I'm no good at this emotions thing..." Heero wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and rocked him back and forth. <What could cause him this much agony?> He tried to think of something, anything, that could give a clue as to what Duo was dreaming about, but his brain was void of all ideas.

//And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you.//

....The officer smiled at some unknown secret and gestured vaguely behind him. "Oh, somewhere over there..." He and the other officers walked as uncaring as possible through the rubble and disaster towards the truck that only the small child had been able to retieve.

Duo ran in the general direction the officer had gestured to, searching hopefully for the two people he loved more than anything in the world. "Father Maxwell! Sister Helen!!" he called, hands cupped around his mouth. Spotting a black hood, partly hidden behind a slab of stone, he immediately recognized it as the hood his Sister Helen wore all the time. "Sister Helen!!!!" He cried happily. Duo ran faster and turned, throwing his small arms around her waist like he did so often. But this time, the slender arms didn't move to wrap around the troublesome child lovingly. Instead, they just lay there, next to her lithe body.

"Sister, no be mad at me!! I did it! I got the Mobile Suit!!! Now the Fed'ration officers won't bother us no more!" He smiled proudly, then frowned when the arms still didn't move. He looked up at her face, lifeless, lips blue with death. His small face crumpled with realization, and he began to cry. Reaching, he gripped her hand, now cold and lifeless, and wrapped it around him, like she had done so often, even when he disobeyed. He did the same with her other hand. Burying his face in her black and white outfit, he sobbed brokenly. "Now---I'm all---- alone!!"....


Duo clutched Heero, sobbing harder. Heero rested his head on top of Duo's and rubbed his back soothingly. "Oh, Duo, wake up, please!! I don't know what to do!! Oh, I hate emotions..." Duo continued crying, his tears wetting the skin of Heero's bare chest. "Duo...I hate seeing you like this...help me...Duo...I love you. Wake up...please..."

//I've loved you forever,
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore//


"Duo, you're awake!" Heero brushed the jagged bangs from the youth's puffy, red eyes, finally open and awake. "Tell me what to do to make it go away, to make you happy once more. I'll do anything..."

"Hold me..." Duo whispered hoarsely, tears still falling from his eyes, remembering the dream he had just woken up from. It had been so real! "Just...hold me..."

Heero hugged the slender boy to him gently. "...Ai shiteru, Duo..."

Duo smiled through his tears at his dark haired co-pilot, face more peaceful. "...For always...?" he murmured.

"For forever and always, Duo."

//I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow,
Forever had now begun...//

....When Duo woke up, night was speedily approaching, and all the people had left for their cozy houses. Duo shivered against the cool weather, and looked once more at Sister Helen. "Goodbye, Sister." Carefully, the boy fixed her hood just the way she liked it, and folded her arms across her chest. Spotting something gold sparkling in the moonlight, he reached and pulled the chain out. Attached was a gold crucifix. He sniffled, feeling the tears threatening to fall once more, but held them at bay. Gently, he pulled the chain off of her and placed it on himself. "May you rest with...God." He fingered the braid in his hair that she had braided...was it really this morning?? So much had happened. "I will keep my braid, Sister, in mem'ry of...you."

He ran off, not daring to look back. Solo was dead, Father Maxwell was dead, even Sister Helen was dead. "GOD, If you really are God, why must you pick on me so?? Why must everyone I love hafta die?" Duo ran on, having no idea where he was headed. "I am Shinigami, that's what I am. The God of Death."....


"Duo... what were you were dreaming about?" Heero asked, tilting the braided boy's face to look at his.

Duo took a deep breath before responding. "Today is the anniversary of the day when the Church... was destroyed...." He held onto Heero tightly as he slowly explained his nightmare...it had been so real...

Heero buried his face in the chocolate waterfall that cascaded down the violet-eyed pilot, listening as Duo told him of his past.

//Just close your eyes
Each loving day
I know this feeling won't go away
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you...
This I promise you//

....Duo stumbled in the growing darkness, unable to see where he was going. He bumped into something hard and tumbled backwards. He looked up through a mass of jagged bangs to see a long-nosed man with gray hair peering down at him.

"My boy, do you have a home to be at? It's getting rather late." He knelt beside the small boy and smiled kindly.

Duo broke down. "N- n- no, mine was destroy'd. I stole a mobile- mobile suit for the Fed'ration officers so they wouldn't, ...but they d-d-did anyways!!!" He cried into his hands.

"You stole a Mobile suit?? All by yourself??" When the child nodded, the man picked him up and carried him to his ship. "My boy, I believe you are just what I'm looking for...do you have a name?"

"Duo...Duo...Maxwell." <There. That's to 'member you, Father...> "And I'm Shinigami."....


Duo was crying again. "You see? That's why I don't want to love you!! I don't want you to die! And don't tell me you won't!! Cuz you will! Everyone who gets close to me does!! Solo, Sister Helen, Father Maxwell...all dead 'cuz of me!!"

"Duo! I don't care!" Heero pulled the reluctant boy into his arms and held him there. "I don't care." He repeated. "Duo, I need you... you can't just walk away..."

//Over and over I fall
When I hear you call
Without you in my life baby
I wouldn't be living at all//

"But, Heero, I don't want to loose you!" Duo shook his head sadly. "Like Father Maxwell, like Sister Helen, like Solo! I couldn't take it anymore if I caused anymore to die!"

"Duo, that's different. We're Gundam pilots, with missions. Every step we take could be our last. If we fail, we die. That's how it works and we- you have to accept that!" Heero continued to hug Duo. "Duo, I suck at this emotion thing, yet I still realize that there's something forming between us! I'm trying, I really am, and you have to try to. We're so close... don't give up yet..."

Duo looked at Heero in amazement, tears forgotten. "Whoa, who are you and what happened to Heero?"

Heero gave a small smile. "You! You happened to me! Duo, you've totally altered me, and you don't even know it! Try, don't give up 'cause I might die, you know me."

Duo hugged Heero. "I can try." He looked up an lightly kissed Heero's cheek.

"How my doin' so far?"

//And I will take
You in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
Till the day my life is through
This I promise you baby.//

Duo snuggled deeper into Heero's chest. "Heero?"


"I love you..."

//Just close your eyes
Each loving day
I know this feeling won't go away
Every word I say is true
This I promise you...//



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I don't even like the song. I heard it on the radio, and the idea popped into my head.
I don't like the fic either, but we won't get into that, ne?

Heero: I liked it.
Duo: yeah, you would, you got to be Macho man while I cried the whole time!
Heero: so?
Duo: INJUSTICE! Er... no, not Wufei... no...
Heero: hn
Duo: *crosses arms stubbornly* that was very unfair. And who's to say I have dreams like that?
Heero: *hentai voice* then what do you dream about, Duo?
Duo: HEERO!!!!!!
Heero: *mock surprise* u dream about me?
Duo: what?! No!! I was yelling at you!!
Heero: Sure you were.
Duo: I WAS!!!