Title: Seduction of an Angel
Part: 2/?
Author: lil*shinigami
Pairings: ::snicker:: wouldn’t *you* like to know…
Warnings: angst, death (but not Duo or Heero!), yucky war stuff, did I mention angst?
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine, no matter *how* much I beg and plead.
::pouts:: Neither is the name of the bar where Duo goes to. That’s Anne Rice’s. “The Queen of the Damned” ^_^
Summary: revenge...so sweet when it doesn’t backfire...
Author’s Notes: angst...not my best. But I’m in an angsty mood. So deal. ::grumbles:: Life has been taking its toll on me, everything falling apart at once, so I’m taking it out on this sad excuse for a fic.

Heero sat, silently watching the angels celebrate their first victory. It had been two days since they defeated the demons, and the celebrations hadn’t stopped. He should be celebrating too, but for some reason, he didn’t feel like it. Something about that black-haired vampire’s expression when he sliced through him was haunting him, even up here in Heaven. He sighed, <I can’t take any more of this.>

Standing up, he headed for the doorway in time to watch a blonde-haired angel attempt to sneak out of the celebration hall. Heero hurried, gently grabbing the blonde’s arm and firmly turning the angel so he faced him. “Quatre?”

“Oh...hi Heero...” Quatre looked away, idly tracing a crack on the ground with his bare toe. “How come you aren’t celebrating?”

“I was just about to ask you the same question, Quatre.” Heero looked down at the shorter angel seriously. “Where were you headed?”

“Well...” The blonde looked up at Heero. “Nowhere really...just wanted to go for a walk is all.” He smiled.

Heero looked down the dark hallway, one of few in Heaven, curiously. “Oh, really.” He eyed Quatre skeptically, frowning when the slight angel smiled. It seemed more of a saddened smile. “What’s wrong, Quatre?”

Quatre’s smile faltered. “Nothing...” He paused, before speaking hesitantly, unsure of Heero's reaction. “Heero? Do you...think...we killed all the demons?”

Brows furrowed in thought, Heero responded carefully, eyes on the blonde’s reaction. “Probably not...”

A relieved smile broke through the fear etched in Quatre’s face, quickly replaced with half-hidden worry and concern. “Oh, good.”

Heero studied the smaller angel. “Why, Quatre? Hoping a specific vampire survived?” Quatre looked away, biting his lip nervously, confirming Heero's suspicions. “Oh, Quatre...”

Quatre whirled to face him, gripping the taller boy’s upper arms tightly, eyes pleading. “Heero, don’t give me a lecture about how wrong it is and the consequences involved. Please! I’ve looked at it from every view point! I just want to make sure he’s okay!” He looked at the floor. “If he’s hurt...Heero! I have to find out!” Now determination mingled with the plead and worry in the crystal blue eyes.

“Quatre--” Heero didn’t finish his sentence for two reasons. One, he realized that he was about to do what the blonde asked him not to do and the other, of course, being that the lithe angel had already jumped down the tunnel to Hell. Heero didn’t feel like following, so he sat down right where he was, waiting for Quatre. No angels would go looking for him; they were too busy partying to care, let alone notice he was gone.


The depressed Death Lord trudged up the hill, shoulders slumped, defeated. The angels had succeeded in doing the one thing that he had hoped would never happen. But he had to forget about it; it was interfering with his job, a job which up until now, he’d been the best at. But he had been slipping through the cracks these past couple of weeks since the battle, and the Devil had suggested he take some time off to think things through. He planned on taking full advantage of the offer.

The half moon reflected an eerie glow on the braided vampire’s body, elongating the dark shadow as it fell on the grass wet with dew. It was late, but children still pranced around, giggling and screaming as they chased one another. Duo was tempted to let one fall in the river beside him, but decided against it. He was on vacation. <I’m doing no work! But recruiting isn’t necessarily work...> Leaving the park, the black figure shrank into the shadows, and headed down the silent alleyways.


Heero paced around the circle worriedly, willing the blonde angel to appear in the center of the gaping hole that was their only access to Hell. It dropped them just above the gates to the underworld, leaving the angel him/herself to enter unnoticed. And because of the preceding battle, Heero suspected the guard shifts would be doubled. The chances of Quatre entering safely were slim.


Quatre left the tight passageway, floating silently towards the barren land and the gates. Feet lightly touching the parched ground, the angel hurried to one of the scant bushes and pulled out the black robe hidden inside it. Removing the white garments, the angel donned the black one, tucking his puffy white wings under the dark robes.

That accomplished, he hurried towards the gates, bare feet whispers on the dusty ground. He peeked through the boney bars, searching for the vampires who should be guarding the gates. Spotting them snoring, he tiptoed by them, freezing in shock and fear when he heard a voice behind him.



Eyeing the bar humorously for the shadow of an abandoned building, the Death Lord chuckled quietly to himself. Dracula’s Daughter was a great bar for him to go to and get his needs satiated. Plus, if anyone saw his fangs, they’d think he was going along with the title of the bar. He grinned, slinking in and out of shadows and arriving at the door excitedly.

“Hold it, sonny.” A guard stood in his way, one hand outstretched to stop him and the other holding a pastry dripping with excess frosting. “How old are you?”

Not for the first time, Duo cursed his young appearance. He had died when he was fifteen from a plague virus on the colony he inhabited. He still looked fifteen, even though that was ages ago. Smiling winningly, he struck a seductive pose and whispered “18.”

The guard laughed, sound cutting through the silence. “I very much doubt that, son. How about you go find a toy store or something? Come back when you’re of age.”

<So predictable...> Duo sighed, trying another tactic. <If this doesn’t work...I’ll have to take drastic measures.> Pouting cutely, he clutches his hands together, illusionary tears brimming under his eyes. “Please mister! You have to let me in!”

The guard looked doubtful. “Oh? Why is that, kid?”

Duo sniffled. “My brother’s in there! I have to get him!” “What’s his name, son? I’ll get him for you.” The guard seemed nicer.

“No! Only me!”

The guard snorted. “You’re full of bull, kid. Now scram!”

<That’s it. He’s asked for it.> Sauntering closer to the guard, he stood on tiptoes, face inches from the guard’s. “Are you prepared to die, ‘sonny’?”

The guard’s eyes widened and he backed up. “Now, kid, don’t do anything stupid. You could go to jail.”

Duo snickered. “No, only mortals can go to jail. Killing just happens to be my job. And...you’re...in...my...way.” With each word, the vampire moved closer to the guard, eyes gleaming with anger and hunger. The donut fell from shaking fingers, making a sticky mess on the rocky pavement in front of Duo. Sneering, he gripped the soiled uniform. “Do you want Heaven...or Hell?”


“Quatre.” At the sound of his name hissed over normally closed lips, the blonde angel turned, too aware of his surroundings and where he was. “What are you doing here? You’re not safe!” The brown-haired vampire glared at him, gesturing around the red and black ground. “You’re lucky; Lord Duo has taken a vacation in the mortal world. You would’ve been caught in seconds if he were here!”

The blonde bit his lip, fingering his robes worriedly. “I came to see you...”

The emerald eyes softened for a moment, before hardening again. “But right after the war, Quatre? That was ludicrous!”

“I wanted to make sure you were all right!”

“I am!”


An uncomfortable silence lasted a minute or so, before the two abandoned the glares and retorts, voting instead for a comfortable embrace. The vampire kissed the angel’s forehead, and murmured. “You shouldn’t worry so much, Quatre. I can take care of myself.” A happy sigh answered him.


To be continued...

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