Title: Seduction of an Angel
Part: 1/?
Author: lil*shinigami
Pairings: ::snicker:: wouldn't *you* like to know…
Warnings: angst, death (but not Duo or Heero!), yucky war stuff, did I mention angst?
Disclaimer: not mine, no matter *how* much I beg and plead. ::pouts::
Summary: revenge...so sweet when it doesn't backfire...
Author's Notes: angst...not my best. But I'm in an angsty mood. So deal. ::grumbles::


Shinigami strode purposefully through the small cluster of vampires that were the remains of his army. His long braid swung like a whip, black outfit highlighted with oranges and reds of the surrounding fires of Hell. Long, sharp fangs glistened in the firelight, amethyst eyes glittered coldly with unspoken anger, fists clenched tightly at his side. He was not pleased, and his men noticed this. They attempted to stand rigidly at attention, statement grimly set, eyes betraying the pain they felt and struggled to hide, and facing forward. Silently, the Devil's right hand man glared at the leftovers of his army. Most were struggling to stay standing, swaying precariously on their worn and bloodied feet. Many were adorned with deep gashes, some oozing what looked to be the start of an infection. The Dark Medics were busy though, reserved for those with severed limbs and the fatally wounded. Leaning on the heavy guns that caused many angelic deaths, the vampires sprang to attention painfully as the Death Lord passed by angrily.

It had been a long battle, not a good one either. One half of the braided lord's men were either dead or missing, and thus presumed dead. It wasn't entirely their fault, the angels had started it in the first place! <Them and their damn virtues.> He sighed, scanning the field once more for any remaining signs on life. It was hard to tell that the field was once a grassy plain. Bodies littered the field, some in one piece, some not. Anger hung thick in the air, combining with the perpetual death to make for a very depressing and ominous scene all together. He eyed the remaining men coldly, razor sharp fangs bared angrily. "What went wrong today?!" he barked, slamming his fist against his leather-encased thigh.

Of them all, the Death Lord was the least injured, body for the most part unharmed. It was a body many yearned after, but only one got; the Death Lord's Lieutenant. His leather bodysuit (complete with an embroidered "2" signaling his second in command to Satan himself!) clung to his well-toned body, leaving little to the imagination. A fiery belt encircled around the lithe waits, a sign of high power and command A small tear in the leather on his chest revealed well-tanned skin. His bare arms, muscled to perfection, were covered in small cuts and minor injuries, as well as a slice under his right eye, which only seemed to accent his anger even more.

"They should not have won! Angels!" he spat out, glaring around. "Where is my lieutenant?!"

"He...well, master, he...was injured." The officer backed away to a safe distance from the outburst he was sure his news would cause.

"WHAT?!" The braided lord's anger melted away to worry.

"He...was fatally injured. The medics have concluded that there is nothing...more they can do for him now. Master Duo, he wishes to see you." The vampire bowed and bade him follow.

Duo's face hardened as he turned to face his men. "Clear out! Prepare for tomorrow! Now leave, before I change my mind!" That said, the Death lord turned, anxiously following the vampire officer to his dying lover.


Duo strode purposefully into the darkened room where his Lieutenant was supposedly "dying." I mean, isn't he all ready dead? That's why he's here. In Hell. Surely the Most High Devil herself [1] would see that his lover did not deserve to be reborn! That's...that's...torture!! The worst form of punishment ever given to a person living in Hell. That was one of the differences between Heaven and Hell. The angels were rewarded for their behavior by being reborn, wereas the devils were punished. And he was a good Lieutenant.

"Duo..." The black eyed boy [1] rasped from the bed where he lay, breathing heavily. His face was covered in a sheen of sweat, and his eyes gave off a feverish glow. His pale face contrasted greatly with the lack of light in the small room as he looked up into Duo's eyes, hope flashing across his face before vanishing as quick as it came. "I...tried...but, he was...too strong...for me!"

"Shhh, save you're strength." Duo fingered the lock of jet black hair that lay confined in its tiny elastic. "Relax. It'll be okay, koi." The Death Lord smiled down on the prone patient.

The young Lieutenant shook his head sadly, wincing at the small firebursts spiraling around his eyes that the small movement caused. "I don't...think so...I don't think I'm gonna make it!"

"Yes you will!" Duo glared at him. "Don't speak like that!"

"Duo...I want…him…dead..." The boy stated hoarsely, eyes searching his pleadingly.

"You want him dead? Who? Who. Wufei, who?"

"The...angel...that...did this to...me. Came...from behind he did. I...had no chance...to react!"

"Angel? What angel? Describe him to me!" Duo sat next to him on the bed, gently wiping his dying lover's forehead with a cool cloth.

"Dark...hair...and the most…amazing...blue eyes...one could get lost...in them..." Wufei looked into Duo's eyes wearily, clutching his hand in a vice-like grip.

"What else? KOI!!! Don't leave!! Not yet!!" It was Duo's turn to look into Wufei's eyes pleadingly, who shook his head wearily. "Let me see then!!" He grasped the thin face on each side with his hands and stooped to get closer to his face. The raven-haired boy looked up, focusing on Duo's grief-stricken face, watching as the emotions faded into blankness, before he blanked out...

~*~ Wufei's Flashback~*~

Duo jumped, startled as the black nothingness suddenly gave way to the field where the battle had been fought on. It had been earlier; one could still tell it was a field and not a bloody sea like it was by the end of the day. Duo floated onward, searching for a specific black-haired boy among the bloodied dark warriors that fought to keep the light ones from destroying them.

"INJUSTICE!!!" The Death Lord almost laughed at the sound of the holler. Only his Lieutenant screamed such words. He turned, tracing the hollers to behind a large boulder. A light angel, covered head to toe with white cloth was swinging his sword forcefully at his Lieutenant, who retaliated. <That's funny...> he mused, <Wufei said he knew the hair color and eyes of this angel that killed him...how'd he know?!> He sat, unnoticed, on the boulder obstructing them from the other soldiers, watching as the two fought.

As he watched, he noticed as Wufei weakened, finally falling under a blow dealt to his head. <NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!> The Lord leaped off the boulder to rush to his lover's side, vanishing seconds before.

~*~ End Wufei's Flashback~*~

The Death Lord returned to reality, gasping for breath as much as his dying lover. "But...Wufei...that doesn't tell me how you know what he looks like..."

"Koi...you will know him when you see him...the only...dark-haired...angel..."

"But...what if I don't?"

"Avenge...my death, koi...I know you…will..." The hand slackened, his head lolling to the left. The Death Lord sat next to the lifeless figure, picking up the slowly cooling fingers. "I promise you, Wufei, that I *will* get revenge on the one that killed you!"

He stood up and glared at the ceiling. "DAMN YOU! Why did you have to take him!? WHY?!" It seemed, even though he was the Death Lord, he could not prevent the death of the only one he'd ever loved. And now he was lost forever. For when you are reborn, you forget about all past lives.


The white robed figure slipped silently out of Hell's gates. The gates were barely guarded due to the fact most were in the infirmary. Raising feathery wings tarnished with the blood of others, he flew upwards, white robes, once whole, now ripped and stained, flowing behind him.

...to be continued...


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