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Title: Memories (sequel to Silence)
Part: 3/?
Author: lil*shinigami
Archived: DHML site and mine, if I stop getting lazy and put it in HTML code. >.< tedious stuff. Can't imagine anyone else wanting it.
Pairing: 2+1
Disclaimer: Not mine. Nothing is. Gundam Wing, everything. You name it, it ain't mine. Though there are some that I wouldn't MIND being mine...duo, heero...::trails off:: Well…Officer Torren is mine. Heero's father too I guess, not that I’d want him by any means. You can, though!! ::offers him to reader:: For...i dunno, practicing torture increments?
Summary: Guess who's back?
Warning: oh...c'mon. Heero's father returns. Use your little imaginations, They ARE there for a reason. Language too.
Feedback: Who actually says No to this?!
Notes: I didn’t want to write this. I’ve been putting it off because of it.
::hides:: But Duo and Sephy had taken to a liking of threats and Dalamar is too now that Sephy is gone and...and…*sob* here.


“Yessir. That’s what they told me.” Officer Torren spoke into the small speaker as he drove along the roads.

“Well, you must find him Torren! Immediately! That boy is in potential danger! Did you get his address?” The Chief’s deep voice boomed through the receiver.

“Yes sir. Of course sir. The Headmaster gave it to me. I’ll head there now to check up on him.”

“Yes. Why don’t you bring the boy down to the station so we can talk.”

“Yes sir!”


Sally was in a frenzy. Folders were being thrown about, papers flying around, floating gently to rest on the floor, where they’d be stepped on by impatient high heels. Sally was on a search, and up until now, she’d thought her secretary room was perfectly organized. “Where is that folder?? Aghhh..!” She slammed her fist onto the desk, causing a ceramic figurine to topple over. She lay her head on the table and began banging it gently against the cool metal.

“Is something wrong, Sally?”

Sally bolted up right, plastered a smile on her face and waved the speaker in. “No, Wufei, everything’s fine.”

Glancing around the destroyed room, Wufei eyed her thoughtfully. “Oh, really. Then why is your normally sparkle-clean office suddenly a disaster area?”

“I can’t fool you can I, Wufei?”

“I was a military officer.”

“Yes, that’s right...I almost forgot.” Sally gave a small smile before slumping into the padded chair behind the desk, rubbing her eyes wearily. “I’m trying to find Heero Yuy’s medical folder. It states what foster home his younger sister was sent to.”

“Oh, that.” Wufei sheepishly held up the manilla folder with the name “Yuy, Heero” printed neatly on the small tab. “I had borrowed it for the follow-up on him that we all have to write. I was just returning it now.”

Sally snatched the folder from the offered hands and flipped through it till she found what she wanted. “53 Beaken Road. Got it.” And then she ran out, leaving a very stunned, and slightly hurt, Wufei.


Heero cried out as his shirt was ripped from his back, the abrupt movement burning his upper body. He didn’t really need to cry out, but it pleased his father more when he did so. And as long as his father didn’t get angry at him, Duo was safe. He was, of course, Heero’s first priority. His father could do whatever he liked to him because Heero was sure he could handle it. What he couldn’t handle, however, was seeing Duo hurt.

“Oh...my son. I’ve missed that sound so much...” Sharply turning the boy until his back was on the ground, the ex-prisoner straddled the boy, ripping his own shirt off in the process. Leaning forward, he lightly kissed Heero’s forehead, causing the boy to squirm and fight.


“Oh you want me to stop?” He smirked as Heero nodded feebly. The happy face turned to one of anger as his father delivered punch after punch, in accordance to his words. “I. Told. You. Not. To. Speak! Don’t you listen to what your father tells you?! No one cares about you! No one ever will but me!”


Officer Torren pulled into the driveway and shut off the car. Sauntering up the walk, he paused to smell the lilies growing next to the path. He looked up into the tall oak rooted in front of the tiny English Tudor and smiled up at the chirping birds singing their happy song.

He was jolted out of his reverie to the sound of a scream coming from inside the house. Yelling “Police!” and rushing into the house, Torren readied his gun and strode purposefully into the living room. He almost laughed. The scream had come from the television, and the room was empty. “Torren, you are too paranoid!” he told himself, removing his cap and moping his forehead.

A boy stumbled into the room, half of his head an ugly, purplish bruise. “You...scared him away.” He gave a weak smile before turning behind him and whispering through the doorway. Officer Torren couldn’t hear the words, only the voice they were expressed in, a voice full of caring and compassion.

“Scared who away, lad? What happened here?” The officer was reluctant to near the boy, as if it would only do more damage.

The boy turned his head, braid swinging behind him. The rest of his body was still turned the other way, at the person whom he was talking to. He responded quietly. “Heero’s father.”


Sally took the front steps by twos, impatiently ringing the doorbell. “Mrs. Jones? Mr. Jones?” She paced the small cemented area, looking around her at the tall house cramped between 2 of the same style. The small yard was well-kept, sky blue flowers and white daisies dotting the small flowerbed. She rang the bell again, and once more for good measure.

The flap to the mailbox opened and 2 eyes became slightly visible as a small voice piped up. “We’re not supposed to open the door for strangers.” The eyes disappeared as she nodded. “Darry said so.”

“Are you alone?”

“Darry says we can’t answer that either.” The mailbox flap shut.

“No- wait!” Sally rang the bell again and again, banging her fist against the door. “I need to come in! It’s very important!”

“How important?” The voice was older, perhaps belonging to a teen.

“Very!” Sally insisted. “It’s about Relena. She’s in danger.”

“Relena?” The voice sounded surprised and worried.


The sound of locks undoing was audible through the door and a moment later the door opened. A tall, hazel-eyed boy with dark hair that fell to his shoulders stood in the doorway. He stepped aside warily to let Sally in. He shooed children away from them and gestured at a table with mismatched chairs around it. “So why is our Relena in danger?”


Ignoring the officer, Duo turned to Heero, who was slumped against a wall, eyes wide and not missing a thing. “Heero...it’s okay now. He’s gone.” He spoke soothingly and reached out to touch him. Heero winced visibly and shied away from Duo’s hand, looking at him fearfully. Duo’s breath caught in his throat. “Heero...It’s me. Duo. Remember?” He pointed to himself. “Friend.” Heero skittered away from him into a corner, shaking his injured head all the while.

Duo moved closer to Heero, holding out his hand. “C’mon Heero, let’s get you cleaned up.” He went for the dark-haired boy’s hand but froze at the expression of unrefined fear on his face. Tears welled in Duo’s eyes as he sat back, looking forlornly at the one person who understood him.

Hearing footsteps behind him, Duo sprang to his feet, ready to defend Heero to the death if need be. But it was just the officer. Duo had forgotten he was here. “How...how did you know to come here?” Duo’s voice was hoarse and thick with emotion.

Officer Torren felt his stomach become sick as he saw the boy in the corner. Shirtless, countless scars littered the bronzed skin, new cuts scabbing to mingle with the old. Mangled and covered with scars, Torren wished he hadn’t stopped to smell the flowers. “I was sent here.” He swallowed thickly. “To take Heero into custody. To protect him from his father.”

Duo’s expression hardened. “You won’t get him to come. He doesn’t trust anyone.” He looked at the boy again, forcing him to meet his eyes. “Not even me...”

Heero looked away.



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