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Title: Memories (sequel to Silence)
Part: 2/?
Author: lil*shinigami
Archived: DHML site and mine, if I stop getting lazy and put it in HTML code. >.< tedious stuff. Can't imagine anyone else wanting it.
Pairing: 2+1
Disclaimer: Not mine. Nothing is. Gundam Wing, everything. You name it, it ain't mine. Though there are some that I wouldn't MIND being mine...duo, heero...::trails off:: Well…Officer Torren is mine, not that I’d want him by any means.
Summary: Guess who's back?
Warning: oh...c'mon. Heero's father returns. Use your little imaginations, They ARE there for a reason. Language too. Feedback: Who actually says No to this?!

Sally’s eyes widened at the statement sliding from the officer’s mouth. “Oh my god! Are you certain?”

Officer Torren nodded. “It’s as clear as crystal, madam. He escaped yesterday. It’s all over the news. Haven’t you seen it?”

The woman’s tone was curt. “We don’t permit patients to watch television. Only movies. Some shows disturb the patients.” She gripped the officer’s hand and hurriedly ran down a hall, tugging Officer Torren behind him. “Come on! You have to tell the Headmaster immediately! For all we know, he could be there by now!”


The doors to the conference room burst open, a frantic Sally running in, an officer in tow.

Headmaster Trowa Barton jumped to his feet. This was not something his secretary would do. She know how important these meetings were and not to interrupt him unless it was a dire emergency. Which it obviously was. “Sally? What is it? Is everything okay?”

“No! Heero's father’s escaped from solitary confinement!” Sally panted, leaning on the officer for support (much to Wufei's dislike)

Headmaster Barton staggered, gripping the table as he fought to remain steady. He’d read Heero's reports. Heero's father was one of the worst child molesters out there. And he had escaped. What idiot jailer had fallen asleep during his watch? “Sally, I want Heero back here now. It’s safer here than where they are. Duo too. Lord knows he won’t go anywhere without him now.”

“Sir...what about Heero's sister?”

Trowa sighed, glancing at the officer steadying Sally. “Find her too. I don’t want anymore harm to come to them, especially Heero.” Saluting, Officer Torren marched from the room to relay his orders to the Chief.


Duo opened his mouth, preparing to ask how he knew that the braided boy was home, when he heard another voice answer for him.

“Aren’t you glad to see me? It took me a long time to find time to see you! I missed you so much.”

Duo didn’t recognize the voice. It was too low to be Dr. Winner’s, and not low enough for anyone else’s. Concluding in a matter of seconds that he did not know the speaker, Duo was all for stomping into the room.


Duo faltered as he stepped through the threshold of the door leading into the living room. Heero's voice sounded like that of a six-year-old Of all the speakers, Duo Maxwell did not expect him to be Heero's father. It was then he realized who was on the phone last night. <But why didn’t he tell me?>

It was like Heero had grown ten years younger. Voice small, Prussian blue eyes fearfully looked at the man that loomed before him, cowering under the intense look. All the months of hard work and persistence visibly fell away in a matter of seconds.

“Yes! Aren’t you glad to see me?” The sentence was repeated, emphasis on different words and syllables so that the sentence became more of a threat. Heero nodded, unhesitant. It was then that Heero eyes caught Duo frozen over the doorway, and he bit his lip fearfully. Back turned to Duo, Heero's father didn’t notice the braided boy until his eyes followed the direction of his son’s. The cheerful, yet threatening expression on the escaped man’s face turned to glaring harshly at Duo. Snarling, he started for Duo. “Who are you!?” he boomed, stomping closer.

Duo felt fear creep into his system, being the receiver of the glare. The hair rose on the back of his neck as the man snarled out his comments. Swallowing his fear, Duo knew he had to be the brave one. Heero had been put through too much from his father to be able to stand up against him, and even Duo was reluctant to do so. The braided boy was quite surprised that Heero had survived as well as he had. After only a glare Duo had to glup back fear and the urge to run and hide.

“WELL!? Answer me!”

Standing up, Duo looked up defiantly into the man’s eyes. All traces of fear dissipated as the boy returned the glare, fists clenched angrily at his sides. “I am Duo. I own this house and I demand to know why you are here!”

The man laughed, a cruel laugh that chilled Duo to the bones, sending a shudder up Heero's spine. He stalked toward his son, wrapping an arm about him possessively. “Why? I’m here to see my son, of course!”

Heero flinched, but said nothing, did nothing. It was as if someone had pressed the “off” button. He refused to meet Duo’s eyes, focusing instead on the ground before him. Arms plastered firmly to his sides, Heero didn’t move as his father moved even closer towards him.

Duo glared. “Get your hands off of him!”

Mocking fear, the ex-prisoner shoved Heero away from him, waving his hands near his face. “Ohhhh...possessive are we?”

The impact of the shove forced Heero into the near-toppling tower of movies, causing them to scatter as he hit them, slumping to the floor. Duo cried out, and made to head towards him.

“Well, my son, it seems you have found someone. Let me guess. He loves you?” Lips curled in a sneer as he pulled the half-limp form up from the carpet. “If you ask me, he’s using you! He couldn’t care about you! Who could? Would?” Grabbing Heero by the shirt he was wearing, his father shook him violently in front of him.

Duo marched up behind the man, throwing punch after punch as he screamed. “That’s not true! I care about him! More than you ever would!” Laughing maniacally, Heero's father turned, whacking Duo across the face, sending him sprawling onto the ground. Returning his attentions to Heero, the man murmured, “Oh how I’ve missed you...”

It was then that Duo fervently wished, for the first time in his life, that Shinigami would come and save him and Heero from his father.


...to be continued...i think.

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