Title: Memories (sequel to Silence)
Part: 1/?
Author: lil*shinigami
Archived: DHML site and mine, if I stop getting lazy and put it in HTML code. >.< tedious stuff. Can't imagine anyone else wanting it.
Pairing: 2+1
Disclaimer: Not mine. Nothing is. Gundam Wing, the Matrix, Duo's car ::secret grin to 'suki::, everything. You name it, it ain't mine. Though there are some that I wouldn't MIND being mine...duo, heero, keanu reeves...::trails off::
Summary: Guess who's back?
Warning: oh...c'mon. Heero's father returns. Use your little imaginations, They ARE there for a reason. Mild language too.
Feedback: Who actually says No to this?!


The receiver slammed onto its hold, powered by the force of Heero's hand.

"Heero...? Who was on the phone?" Duo sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Heero stared at the phone silently for a long moment before replying, "No one important. Just...a solicitor trying to sell something."

"Oh. So...then why did you hang up so abruptly?" Duo started towards the shaken boy, pausing the movie as he headed towards him. A worried statement was etched across his face, brows furrowed together in concern towards his friend.

"Well...you know I hate talking to anyone but you." Heero replied, eyes downcast. He hated lying, especially to Duo, but he didn't want to burden the braided boy with his own problems. Cause that's what they were; his own problems. Duo had enough to worry about without having to help Heero with this. Plus, Heero could handle it...right? "I'm tired. I think I'm going to go to bed. Good night Duo. See you in the morning."

"Goodnight Heero."


As he stacked the movies neatly in the red wagon, Duo thought about Heero's odd behavior towards him when he asked about the phone call. Something was obviously bothering the normally passive boy, and Duo knew it had nothing to do with soliciters. Duo was slightly offended by this; in all that he could remember, Heero had never lied to him about anything. In fact, he hated lying all together, considering it a characteristic of his father, thus avoiding it at all costs. Yet here he was, lying straight to his best friend's face. Duo was confused. If Heero didn't feel like talking about a subject, he said so. Rarely did he make up excuses. Whatever was bothering the quiet boy that much had to be major to force Heero into thinking he had to lie. It scared Duo that Heero couldn't trust him, even after all they went through together. Ahhh, well, Heero would probably tell him eventually. If there was one thing that he'd learned from the dark-haired boy, it was to be patient.

The remote control fell off the worn cushion, turning the television on as it bounced onto the floor.

'We interrupt the normally schedueled television show with this breaking news.' A mug shot flashed on the screen. A middle aged man with cornflower blonde hair and piercing blue eyes not unlike Heero's glared at the camera man, beard stubble accenting the roughness of him. 'It seems we have an escaped convict on our hands...'

Duo chuckled at the thought of all the old ladies sitting at home with nothing better to do, watching soap operas and gasping at the "breaking news."

'...escaped earlier this morning from the correctional institute where he was being held on charges of raping and molesting his two young children...'

Duo froze, studying the picture flashing on the screen. He looked a little like Heero, come to think of it. The face shape was the same, and the eyes were as well. But...Heero would tell him if his father was back...unless he didn't know. Duo shook his head, speaking aloud. "Come off it Maxwell, you're too paranoid. There's no way that's Heero's father. No way..." Shutting off the television, he trudged into the bedroom, crashing on the bed across from the peacefully sleeping Heero, joining his slumber.


"Are you sure you'll be all right, Heero?" Duo looked at the boy anxiously.

"Yes Duo." Heero reassured the boy firmly for the tenth time in the same amount of minutes. "It will only be a few hours-"

"Four. Four hours...are you sure?!"

"Duo! I can take care of myself! Don't worry. We need the money. Just go already!" Heero playfully pushed Duo out the door waving him to the car. "I'll see you when you get back, okay?"

"Bye Heero! Call me if anything happens!!!"

"I will I will!"


From the bushes, a man watched as the braided boy drove away, leaving his target alone in the house. Green prison clothes blending in with his surroundings, the man crept under the window, listening for sounds of movement. Sure enough, his target turned on the television, popping a movie into the VCR and settling on the couch. "...perfect..."


Officer Joe Torren liked his job very much. And he was very good at it, if he did say so himself. But it was times like these that made Officer Joe Torren dislike his job very much. He sighed, tilting his head up to view the sign for Happy Acres for the Mentally Unbalanced as he walked to the front doors. Opening them, he head forward, not certain where the Headmaster's office was located. His boots made a loud clanging noise as they hit the recently polished tiles.

"May I help you, Officer?" A kind woman smiled at him, brown hair forming two braids down her shoulders.

"Yes. I'm looking for the Headmaster? I have urgent matters to attend with him. The Cheif himself sent me here." Officer Joe puffed his chest out proudly at that last statement, as if it meant something to the pretty girl in front of him. It didn't.

"Oh, well, he's kind of busy...is it really important? Can I give him a message?" She looked at him hopefully, blue eyes concerned [1].

Officer Joe thought. He had strict orders from the Cheif not to tell anyone but the Headmaster. Well, him and... "Well, I'm not permitted to tell you, but I can tell the boy I am here to see anyway. Do you know what room a-" he checked his mission report, "Heero...Yuy..resides at? I have some news he needs to know..."

Sally frowned. What do the police want with Heero? "Officer, he was dismissed a couple of months ago. Why?"

Officer Joe's shoulders slumped. "Uh, to put it bluntly...his father's escaped. Do you know where I can find him? You see, I've been ordered to protect him from his father."


Driving towards the small insurance company that he worked for, Duo felt behind him for the small, black leather briefcase that followed him wherever he went that was work-oriented. All he felt was the furry backseat of his rusty brown car. [2]

None of the panels on Duo's car matched, being of different shades of brown, and hanging from the rear view mirror was a pair of bright green fuzzy dice, swaying side to side as Duo maneuvered the car through the busy streets.

"Awww...shit. I'm gonna have to go back." Pulling into a driveway leading to a rather large house, Duo turned around heading home. Grinning, he thought of Heero's face as he bounced in, surprising him. "This will be fun..."


'Here that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. The sound...of your death.'

'My name....is...Neo!'

Absently, Heero watched a movie he'd pulled out from the red wagon, "The Matrix". Under other circumstances, it would've been a most enjoyable movie to see. But Heero was too worried to focus his attention completely on the movie. This was the first time since they'd met that Duo and Heero were separated, being in 2 different buildings. Heero was worried. What if the phone rang again? Or the doorbell? Heero turned up the volume of the movie so he wouldn't think about how alone he was in the house.

Duo had offered to get him a pet to keep him company. A kitten, he said. Heero shuddered at the thought of the little kitten he'd had as a child. Zero, named because of her insignificance in his father's life. Heero had loved the orange and white tabby cat, making her his responsibility as well as Relena. Then, one day, he'd come downstairs early to feed Zero and found the small body lifeless. Heero shuddered once more, remembering how unaccidental her death had been. Memories flooded back, threatening to overtake him. Concentrating on the movie and nothin else, Heero tried to forget his past. But memories like those aren't all that easy to forget.


Sliding a hairpin into the keyhole, the man unlocked the door, silently creeping to the room where his target lay, unsuspecting. Eyeing the couch, he deemed it long and wide enough for his mission.


Duo pulled the rust machine into the driveway [1], turning the engine off and heading for the door. <Funny...it's not locked. Heero's really paranoid about people; he always bolts it shut...> Stepping over the threshold quietly, he crept towards the room with television, figuring Heero to be there. He paused by the doorway, listening to Heero and the movie.

"What are you doing here?!" Heero's voice reached higher than the movie on the small t.v.

Duo was about to open his mouth to ask how Heero knew he was here, when another voice, unfamiliar, answered instead.

...to be continued...

[1] All right. i wasn't sure what color eyes she had. so sue me if i'm wrong.

[2] ::giggles at Kyuketsuki:: recognize the car, darlin?


yeah..so...i didn't like this part. (When DO I like a part...?) I had some pretty nasty stuff for heero's father to do, which i refrained form, thank Shinigami. Oh, btw, Heero's father is made-up. Meaning, he isn't like treize or someone. I gave him Heero's eyes and Relena's hair in case you didn't notice