Title: Memories (sequel to Silence)
Author: lil*shinigami
Part: Teaser
Disclaimer: not mine. Gundam Wing nor Monty Python. ^_^
Summary: Guess who's back?
Warning: ohh, it'll be dark and nasty. ^_^
''= movie speaking


Heero looked down at the softly snoring Duo, comfortably asleep on his shoulder, braid gripped in his nand even in slumber. He let his eyes wander over the prone body, from the peaceful statement upon the cherubic face, all the way down to the perfect toes, slightly curled. He laughed quietly, looking over the toes to the wagon-load of movies that the braided boy had rented shortly after they had bought this apartment.


The quiet boy's attention was averted from his friend to the knights on "Monthy Python and the Holy Grail."

The phone rang, causing Heero to jump. Eyeing the the phone aprehensively, he poked Duo urgently. "Duo...Duo!"

"mmm....lemme sleep...hee-chan..." The boy nuzzled closer to Heero, curling up in the process. The ring sounded once more.

"But...Duo!! The phone!"

"Awww...heero...can't you get it? I'm too tired...to get up..."

Hesitant. "All right. I'll get it." Carefully, Heero removed Duo's head, placing it on a pillow as the phone rang once more.

Pretending Duo was the voice on the other line, Heero picked up the reciever. "...Hello?"

Duo watched as the blood drained from Heero's face as he began to shake uncontrolably, swaying back and forth. The bloodless lips compressed, and the reciever slammed down with an alarming crash.


so....should i write more?? ::hides behind dalamar::