Title: Dreams of Reality
Author: Lil' Shinigami (me)
Disclaimers- the usual normal stuff. Sadly and although I hate to admit it,
Gundam Wing belongs to someone else who is much smarter than me to be able to think up a great show like GW, but whatever.
Pairings- 1x2/2x1, but I don't have to warn you about that, do I?
Warnings- I hate doing these, they give the whole story away, but oh well, everybody likes to know what they're in for, and we have to please the readers. My friend is making me send this in (if I don't, she's ready to kill me); I don't think it's good enough compared to what I've read, but whatever. Possibly a deathfic- it depends upon how you interpret the ending. This is the result of a VERY boring Sunday night, so beware.
<> = thinking

Duo sighed as he watched the continuous waves crash over the deserted sandy beach. Not a soul was in sight. Duo had been the first to arrive here this morning, even though they had all agreed to wait for each other before leaving. He always woke up first, and hadn't felt like waiting. The pilots had decided the day before to take a personal day and go to the beach. Wufei was not pleased, but then again, he wouldn't be. Wufei's definition of 'break' was to meditate, or spar, or polish his beloved Gundam, Nataku. Well, the boys had convinced him to come today, and do they were all at the beach, even though Duo couldn't see them. They had left awhile ago to go for a walk to find seashells and such. Duo had wanted to stay and relax, and so they left him, promising to be back soon. They had been gone for quite some time now, and boy would they be surprised when they eventually returned and found a cold and lifeless Duo.

As he lay back and stared into the clear blue sky with puffy white clouds, he spotted a seagull off in the distance. It was soaring in circles around the sky, as if looking for something. <It's looking for its friend.> He thought decidedly. <Him and I have something in common.> He was tired, oh so very tired. And his wrist ached. It was bleeding, that was why. He welcomed this pain; it took away the pain caused by other things in his messed up life.

The seagull up above cawed loudly. Duo looked at it dreamily. It was closer now, he could tell. It cawed again, this time louder. <Oh, his friend isn't listening to him. That sounds vaguely familiar. It's ignoring him, I wonder why? Maybe it doesn't know how to be friendly, to care for others, to LOVE.> The towel that Duo lay upon was a mess now. <Just like my life> he thought. It's all wet and sticky, covered in blood <MY blood> he thought hazily. <Does blood even wash out? Man, I'd hate to have laundry duty this week, they're gonna have a hard time cleaning this towel. And me.> The seagull was in front of him, soaring around in a tight circle over the crashing waves. Duo sat up. As he did, a wave of dizziness spread throughout his body. He involuntarily shuddered. His fingers and toes were beginning to become numb, and his vision was blurring. <No! I want to see the seagull find his friend. I wish I could help him.> He had found a way to end his pain, a quick way.

Duo slumped backward onto the towel. There wasn't enough energy left in him to stay upright. That's okay though, he had a better view of the sky. <Is that another seagull?> The sky was tilting from side to side. <Yes! That's another seagull, I'm sure of it!> He was caked in blood, and he couldn't feel his hands or feet. They were stiff. <Stiff as a board, that's what I'll be. Shinigami, here I come!> His arms and legs were turning numb, and his vision was slowly dimming.

Duo's two seagulls were circling around each other. <One's chasing after the other.> His breath was coming shorter and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. <Good, I'm almost there.> The pain was almost over. Shouting, screaming, were his ears deceiving him? No, it was his fellow pilots, back from their happy walk on the beach. Not so happy anymore. <They're aren't supposed to be back yet! I'm supposed to be as dead as a doornail before they return! Oh well, I'm to close for them to do anything. Bet right now they're wishing they never went to the beach.>

More shouting. Very close. <Not yet!> He watched the two seagulls chase each other round and round. It was making him dizzy, but that could be because he'd lost a lot of blood.

The seagulls disappeared. <Is my vision gone?> No, it's just Heero. Will you quit shaking me?! I'm trying to die here, in case you hadn't figured that out yet.>

"Duo... don't die... please..." Was that Heero begging him? CRYING?! Mr. Unemotional?! <Well, well, well, I finally got a reaction out of him. Incredible, and all I had to do was kill myself. That didn't take much.> His vision faded, the last he heard was "No... don't leave me... I love you." <He said it!! He actually said it!> before the pain and suffering ended at last...

Heero woke up with a start. "What a horrible nightmare. Duo, you won't believe what I dreamt would happen today..." He felt next to him for the comforting presence of his koi. The bed was empty.