Dunn dunn, dunndunn--


Dunn dunn, dunn dunn dunn,




Duo Maxwell tossed a few boxes out of the truck, skipping in step with the beat of the song he had blasting from the speakers that sat on top of his car. His voice didn't crack once, thankfully, as he cheerfully caterwauled along with the lyrics to the song.
"Wild thang, I think I love you," Duo confided in a chair as he got down on one knee, "But I want to Knoooooow for suuuuure…" Neighbors were now watching the strange boy unpacking into the house that had been for sale for nearly three years now. No parents in sight, but he couldn't have been over seventeen. Homeowners wondered if they should be calling the officials about an escapee.

Duo leaned in close opened his mouth and--

"HAAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!" The violet eyed youth burst into laughter before he had a chance to kiss the piece of furniture. If it could, the chair would have sweatdropped. Duo fell to the ground, cackling with glee, before finally pushing himself up and dragging some more boxed from the U-Haul. He danced and skipped along to the beat, then he disappeared into the house carrying five boxes stacked on top of eachother.

The last chord of the song hummed out of the speakers before being replaced with the beginning of the next.

"Am I… your fiiiiiire, your one…desiiiiiiiii--"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Everyone in the entire neighborhood turned to the shreik of the violet-eyed brunette as he raced atlight speed out of the house to tackle the radio. The battered radio Looked as though this was a normal thing; covered in dents, scratches, and on huge crack down one side, I'm sure it would have bewailed the unfairness of being punished for playing the songs that were given to it.

Of course, if you think radios can bewail unfairness, you must be Duo.

"Ohhhh, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha…"

* * *

Heero Yuy tore his eyes from his laptop to glare at whatever was making that annoying racket. Walking over to the window, he looked out and saw a cheerful brunette dancing and swaying to No Doubt while tossing boxes into the front door. Various thuds and crashes emanated from the house as the packages soared across the threshold, but the boy didn't seem to care. Heero rolled his eyes and tried to concentrate on hacking into the government's military files.

While in the middle of checking out the president's personal files (Heero turned bright red and clicked delete about five thousand times) there was a loud crash and a baseball went flying through Heero's window.

"What the f…" Heero stood up and went to the broken window to stare out at the sheepish young man holding a giant slingshot.
The boy waved. "Sorry 'bout that!!" He called up at Heero, who was slowily going into homicidal mode. "Hey, come over for lunch, okay? I'll try and pay you back with my super cooking!"

Heero counted to ten. "You'll pay me back with cash and get my window fixed!!"

The boy nodded, waving it off. "Hai, hai… well, in that case, you'll have to help me move in in return for lunch."

Heero just stopped and stared. This was not happening. This was not happening. "I'm not coming over to lunch and I'm not helping you move in!!" he yelled out the smashed glass. He hated yelling, but if he used his usual voice the boy would never hear him.

The boy stared. "Well, if you want to be anti-social about it… yeesh. I've never seen such a--" The boy was interrupted by a lamp flying from the window and hitting him in the face.

He sat up and looked at the lamp. "Wow!! This was just what I needed for my desk, man! Thanx, I take everything back!!" the youth tossed it into the house and drove off with the now-empty van.

Heero just stared.

* * *

"This is Duo Maxwell."

"HI!!!" The violet eyed youth cheerfully smiled at his new classroom. His chestnut hair swung in a thick braid down his back, and his strong, lithe frame was beautifully accentuated by the all black ensamble of jeans, tank top and jacket. The beautiful shards of amethyst seemed to suck you in, and the uncaring smirk planted on his face made you want to wipe it off with a well-placed punch.

Heero thumped his head on the table and wondered what god up there hated him.

"I'm really glad to be here! I hope I don't get kicked out for burning down the library again, this place seems cool!" Duo chattered at the classroom and the instructor made motions to sit down. "I…HEY!! You're that guy who lives next door!! How are you?" Duo hopped across the linoleum and plopped down in the yellow plastic chair that schools with no money use. "Thanks for the lamp, man, it works great! Hey, do you guys have a basketball team here? I saw the coolest park on the way over here, it--"

"CLASS has STARTED," The teacher finally yelled, causing all the students to jump in their chairs. Heero merely slammed his head against the varnished desk and contemplated suicide.

* * *

Luckyyyyy…Duo Maxwell sat down and immediately began chattering at his newfound friend. Well, the boy didn't seem very enthused, but it just took time. After all, they lived next to each other, so they were bound to see each other, ne? Duo smiled and stared at his neighbor while the instructor attempted to teach him economics.

The boy sat and took notes, not paying attention to anything else. His russet hair swept messily over his diamond hard eyes, and his head was bent from the concentration. His strong, angular face stared hard at the paper, as though every word was vitally important, and his beautifully muscled shoulders rippled slightly through his tank top as he moved.

Duo was in love.

Duo leaned back in his chair to get a good look at is new neighbor. Antisocial, but damn he was cute. Duo shrugged and tried to think of something else before his classmates caught him looking. Getting run out of town on a rail was enough for him once, thank you very much. He was still sore. And it would be a shame to have a cross burned in that lovely front lawn he'd just bought.

On the upside, taking law and suing the damn bastards had gotten him a much nicer place to stay than that dingy little apartment. Duo Maxwell grinned and leaned back. He wondered if that asshole ever found out where duo hid his pet iguana? Oh well, he'd probably never find out. Not unless he wanted to get tossed in the river again.

Speaking of which, his neighbor seemed like the most reptilian person he'd ever seen. Did he ever move when he wasn't writing? Duo sighed and leaned back. Hmm… leg muscles looked like he was used to a lot of jumping, arms were definitely used to throwing…

Not that I wasn't planning to anyway, but this seems like a very good reason to join the basketball team…

* * *

"Yo! Heero! Wait up!"

Heero didn't even deign Duo a glance over his shoulder as the braided wonder raced across the campus to catch up with him. Duo jogged, huffing and puffing, to the darker boy's side and tried to reclaim the breath he spent.

"How are you?"

"Hn," Heero grunted, not paying attention. Duo frowned.

"I thought, since we live next door to each other, we could walk home together."


"I'm really sorry about the softball."


"I get the feeling this is going to be a rather one-sided conversation."


"I'm pregnant with twins."

"Hn." Duo sighed. There was just no way he was going to break that wall, not this early on.

"I admit defeat. Hey, did you hear about the dance coming up next month?"


"Well! I saw this girl watching you, and…"