Title: Internal Chains
Author: Lelu & Otaku
Archive: Http://www.geocities.com/gw_luv/
Category: Yaoi, Action/Adventure
Rating: R (NC – 17) for possible lemon/lime in future
Warnings: Yaoi, Angst, OOCnessViolene & Language
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4
Disclaimer: We don’t own it or make money from it! So don’t sue, you have nothing to gain and we have nothing to give you!
Notes: ‘thoughts’ “dialogue” ‘emphasis’
//Flashbacks or Dreams//



Chapter 4

July 14, AC195
2 Miles West of Winner Estate, Eastern Asia

The rain had not stopped for days. It was as if the very heavens had begun to cry shamelessly. Droplets of cool water pooled about Quatre’s feet as he stood before the ruined remains of his crashed leo. The suit had malfunctioned and crashed in a wooded just a few thousand kilometers from his destination. Quatre was distraught, at this rate he would never reach safety and Trowa before Oz was able to track him and maybe even recapture him. His naked frame shivered under the cool onslaught of the pelting rain, his knees remaining unbuckled by sheer force of will. He would not give up now, he had come this far he would travel the rest of the way on foot if necessary. He would return to Trowa, and he would regain his strength. Then they all would see the error of their ways…oh yes they will all pay dearly in due time…in time. Quatre stood there for a moment longer, looking at the remains of his suit then at the darkening horizon. It would be night soon and with the darkness would come a bitter cold that would surely take its toll upon his already battered body. He needed to find a secure spot to rest and build a fire for the night, he would have to complete his journey home tomorrow. ‘Soon Trowa I will be home..’


July 15, AC195
Winner Estate, Eastern Asia

Heero awoke slowly, his conscious mind first registering he was somewhere warm and safe; second he was in terrible pain! He tried unsuccessfully to recall exactly where he was or how he had arrived here as he slowly cracked open one bruised eyelid, then the other. The room was dim so his eyes adjusted quickly as he took stock of his surroundings. He was in a room he immediately recognized as his and Duo’s, his aforementioned partner stirring restlessly in his sleep at the foot of the bed; his usual cheerful expression replaced by one of worry, his brow furrowed in his current state of unrest. Carefully so as not to disturb his slumbering lover – as well as to cause himself more pain – Heero forced his body upright, slowly pushing himself into a sitting position. His every movement caused his entire body to scream at him in protest, he winced visibly gritting his teeth against the pain. How had he managed to make it back in such a state? Something about the events leading up to his being here nagged repetitiously at his subconscious, he couldn’t seem to remember a damn thing! And the only thing he really knew for certain at this point was that he was forgetting something VERY important, but what? He shook his head in frustration, turning his attentions back to his lover and the harsh expression on his beautiful face. He hated to see his koi frown. His radiant smile and upbeat demeanor was what had made Duo so irresistible to him in the first place, it was one of the main factors in the start of their current relationship; he never wanted them to ever go away, to lose that.


He forced his aching body to get out of the bed, blocking out his pain in favor of easing Duo’s. Slowly he made hiss way to him, still sitting his vigil at the foot of the bed. Leaning down he placed soft kisses across that worried brow, gently brushing his lips along his in a sweet gesture of adoration.

Duo moaned in his sleep at the faint contact, his heavy lidded eyes peeking open slightly at the familiar feeling. “Heero?” he muttered still half asleep.

“Hai Duo, It’s me.” Duo’s eyes snapped open. The sudden realization that it WAS Heero - awake and UP - hitting him like a ton of bricks.

“Heero! OMYGOD! You’re awake! Wha..What are you doing out of bed?! Are you okay!!” Heero almost chuckled at Duo’s stream of excited babbling, instead he smiled at his love nodding in affirmation that he was indeed just fine. ‘oh thank GAWD!!!!” Duo breathed, his first sigh of relief in many days. “I was so worried! What the hell happened to you anyway?! Don’t you EVER scare me like that again Heero Yuy, or I swear I’ll kill you myself!!!” This time Heero did laugh, then suddenly became deathly silent once again; his mind working in an attempt to answer one of Duo’s many questions – What HAD happened to him? “Heero?…” Duo’s worried voice reached his ears snapping him out of it once again.

A loud clamor of confusion from below diverted both Heero and Duo’s attention away from their conversation. “Great. NOW what?!” Duo cursed aloud, wrapping his arm around Heero to support him as they hurried downstairs to investigate. Duo would had preferred Heero remain behind, but of course he knew that would most certainly prove to be nothing more than an exercise in futility, so without so much as a quip or complaint the both went.

The main Foyer was an absolute Madhouse! Rashid stood in the center of the floor, ordering Maguanacs this way and that in a fury; Trowa knelt by the front doorway, Wufei hovering just beside him. The Two pilots desperately struggling to hold on to a small screaming naked figure on the floor between them.

Heero stood at the bottom of the stairwell totally perplexed, his body too weak to proceed further into the masses of people that had gathered about. Beside him Duo gasped in Utter shack and realization at the same time, parting swiftly from Heero’s side to join Wufei and Trowa at the door; pausing only for a moment as a servant slipped past him long enough to pass the pair a blanket, then make a hasty retreat. Duo stood in awe at the small figure cowering before him, his shaking and screaming now replaced by soft sobs and whimpers as Trowa wrapped him tightly in the blanket and pulled him close. Quatre…he was back!