Title: Internal Chains
Author: Lelu & Otaku
Archive: Http://www.geocities.com/gw_luv/
Category: Yaoi, Action/Adventure
Rating: R (NC – 17) for possible lemon/lime in future
Warnings: Yaoi, Angst, OOCnessViolene & Language
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4
Disclaimer: We don’t own it or make money from it! So don’t sue, you have nothing to gain and we have nothing to give you!
Notes: ‘thoughts’ “dialogue” ‘emphasis’
//Flashbacks or Dreams//



Part Three

July 12, AC 195
Unknown Location

Quatre opened his eyes to a blinding light before hastily clamping them shut once more. His head throbbed, and his mouth felt as dry as the desert sands. Gritting his teeth against the incessant drum beat against his temples he attempted to sit up, his eyes snapping back open in sudden remembrance of his surroundings and situation. He couldn't sit up. He was strapped to a table; his body numbed by the drip of drugs through several IV's attached to his arms and torso. Several ominous looking machines beeped and whirred as he struggled against his restraints, setting off alarms as he thrashed with more force and fury than he could ever remember exerting before. He growled and screamed, vocalizing his utter contempt for his situation and his captors; 'They will pay...oh yes they will all pay dearly for this, I will not be..I will NOT!..AAGGHH!!!' Sirens rang out loudly as Quatre's body lurched forward violently, snapping his restraints sending pieces of metal and leather flying across the room in all directions. The door crashed open as several heavily armed soldiers burst into the room, panic stricken and yelling. Quatre, clad in nothing but wires and dripping with sweat stood before them panting and shaking, his lithe form twitching and tense with feral rage. His mind screamed at him from somewhere deep within to calm himself, to run for his life....his body however screamed nothing but kill, kill, KILL...Kill all that stand in your way. With a scream of rage he surged forward into the barrage or soldiers at the door, clawing and tearing his way through them like a wild beast. The air was suddenly filled with sounds of terror and the sickening snap of bones and the tearing of flesh, within moments all that remained was a deathly silence and Quatre; trembling and soaked in the blood of his enemies he turned and walked calmly through the remainder of the medical base, stopping only momentarily to mutilate any poor sap to happened to get in his way. ' Go now, you've got a clean path, GO!' Quatre's conscience screamed at him once more, his body refused to budge. He remained motionless, hold the head of what once an OZ soldier in its hands enjoying the feel of the blood dripping through its fingers and drying to its arms. 'If we go now we can get away! Get back to the safehouse..to Trowa.......Trowa...'

//Trowa smiled gently at Quatre, the smile quickly growing into a full faced grin. "I Love You too Quatre...I always have.."//

'Trowa....' Quatre's body and mind snapped back together with a start, jolting his body back against the wall dropping the decapitated soldier’s head to the blood soaked floor. "I have to get back, Trowa's probably worried sick. I'm coming home Trowa!" He turned in a flash bolting down the hallway towards the hanger in a flat out sprint, bypassing soldiers and nurses who only screamed and ducked away from his passing giving him no trouble. Quatre reached the hanger within moments, his eyes darting about in a quick survey of his surroundings settling finally on his desired target..a mobile suit. " Don't fret Trowa i'll be home soon..."

July 12, AC 195
Winner Estate, Eastern Asia

// Trowa stood transfixed at the images before him. Images of his beautiful Quatre, crying and screaming for help, sitting atop an endless mountain of rotting corpses drenched in blood. His eyes hollowed out, black empty...

"Trowahelpmetrowaineedyouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!" The apparition of Quatre screamed and doubled over in apparent agony and began to melt away slowly, horribly. Trowa ran towards him screaming "NOOOO!" 'I have to reach him, he needs me! Quatre..Quatre hold on!'

The figure of Quatre continued to melt away, flesh peeling off exposing the bone and sinew beneath, it screamed again in utter pain and terror. Trowa ran faster, each beat of his heart matching each step of his feet upon the ground, faster and faster, his heart racing threatening to burst from within the confines of his chest and explode. The figure just continued to melt away, and the distance between them refused to close; all hope was lost. Quatre vanished with a final scream and Trowa was left alone still running and yelling for him in terror.


"NOOOOO!!!" Trowa awoke with a start, his body shaking violently breathing heavily; Duo burst into the hallway in a flash, gun at the ready.

He quickly scanned the area, then stopped to stare at Trowa in disbelief. The heavyarms pilot lay on the floor in a fetal position rocking and crying softly to himself, his eyes wide with fear and pain unlike anything Duo had ever seen before. He approached Trowa carefully, slowly lowering himself into a crouch next to his trembling form.

"Trowa?..Trowa buddy, you alright? What happened?" Duo reached out, laying his hand upon his friends trembling shoulder in a gesture of comfort, Trowa continued to rock back and forth wordlessly oblivious to his presence. "Trowa?" Duo repeated, now gently shaking his friends shoulder in an attempt to get a response. He received none. A sudden noise at the end of the hall brought Duo's attention to the staircase where Wufei came barreling up, gun also at the ready. He stopped dead in his tracks when he noticed Duo and Trowa on the floor. He and Duo exchanged worried glances, and continued to stay by their friends side in the hopes he would soon emerge from within himself. 'Quatre..what has happened to you? Something is horribly wrong, I know it! Oh please be Alright....Quatre.....'