Title: Internal Chains
Author: Lelu & Otaku
Archive: Http://www.geocities.com/gw_luv/
Category: Yaoi, Action/Adventure
Rating: R (NC – 17) for possible lemon/lime in future
Warnings: Yaoi, Angst, OOCnessViolene & Language
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4
Disclaimer: We don’t own it or make money from it! So don’t sue, you have nothing to gain and we have nothing to give you!
Notes: ‘thoughts’ “dialogue” ‘emphasis’
//Flashbacks or Dreams//


Part Two

July 10 AC 195
Winner Estate, Eastern Asia

Trowa was beginning to feel increasingly uneasy, and watching Duo pace continuously around the room a nervous wreck wasn't helping matters.

Quatre and Heero still had not returned from their latest mission, hours had turned into days and still no word. In truth Trowa felt just as anxious as Duo, if not more so, however he preferred to put better use. He spent endless hours contemplating what could have gone wrong, even though at times he had found himself highly tempted to join the Deathscythe pilot in his endless parade around the coffee table. He was having a hard time getting a proper grasp on the situation. They had received the usual conformation report - 'mission complete. Damage minimal. Proceeding to rendezvous point 04.' Since then, absolutely nothing. They had never arrived at the rendezvous point, and no telecasts announcing their capture or otherwise. Even their inside sources were eerily silent. It just didn't add up - there was something very wrong here.

Wufei was reacting to everything in his usual manner, thinking quietly in a chair by the window. The absence of Heero and Quatre becoming more than mildly distressing to him as well. The deathly silence between the three remained unbroken for hours.

A sudden loud crash and slamming of the front door brought them all out of their morose contemplation’s simultaneously, sending them scrambling with guns at the ready to the adjoining room. What they encountered left them gaping in shock.

Just beyond the front doorway sprawled in a miserable heap of blood and soot was Heero's lifeless body. Even as Duo reached his side and began spouting obscenities in several languages, the perfect soldier lay deathly still.

The sound of Duo's obscene remarks being thrust in his direction finally thrust Trowa and Wufei into action. Heero's injuries were severe. Broken bones, shot wounds, bloody gashes, leaving him clinging onto life by a mere whisper and a prayer.

They would have to work fast; Heero was a bloody mess and would not survive much longer without immediate medical attention.

After seemingly endless hours of standing a constant vigil outside Heero's bedroom, Duo was relieved when Trowa and Wufei emerged finally allowing him to enter. Nothing however could have prepared him for the sight he was faced with when he crossed the threshold of Heero's doorway. Upon the bed lay a living mummy, the entire expanse of his lovers body was covered in bandages; what flesh remained exposed barely recognizable as human, purple and swollen beyond imagination. In his dazed state Duo barely heard Trowa's pained words of comfort, or felt Wufei's strong hand grip and release his shoulder as they walked out leaving him alone to fall asleep by his lovers side. In the hallway outside Trowa's mind and heart were also racing.

Where was Quatre? If Heero had returned, why hadn't he? If the perfect soldier had been so horribly injured, what had become of his fragile little Quatre? He shuddered visibly at the thought of his love lying helpless and dying alone somewhere, or worse...he could already be dead. The pain and uncertainty was quickly becoming to much, every minute, every hour, brought a crushing weight upon his heart; cracking his usual stoic facade apart piece by piece, he couldn't take this much longer. ' Quatre, please...oh dear god please, don't leave me now.. be alright..be alright....damn damn Damn DAMN! ' Trowa's body shook violently with rage and frustration as his mental tirade continued to intensify tenfold, tears threatened to spill from his blurred eyes. Leaning against the wall for support he quickly sank inch for inch to the floor, where he remained, head hung low, body quivering until he passed into unconsciousness, and into hell on earth..