Title: Internal Chains
Author: Lelu & Otaku
Archive: Http://www.geocities.com/gw_luv/
Category: Yaoi, Action/Adventure
Rating: R (NC – 17) for possible lemon/lime in future
Warnings: Yaoi, Angst, OOCnessViolene & Language
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4
Disclaimer: We don’t own it or make money from it! So don’t sue, you have nothing to gain and we have nothing to give you!
Notes: ‘thoughts’ “dialogue” ‘emphasis’
//Flashbacks or Dreams//


Part One
July 10, AC 195 Unknown Location


Although it had probably only been a few days, it seemed like weeks since Quatre had been brought to this damp cell by OZ Soldiers. He recalled that he and Heero had been about to make a clean getaway when he had suddenly found himself trapped, surrounded on all sides by a barrage of mobile dolls. He had fought desperately to regain control of the situation, but to no avail and Heero hadn't been doing much better. He remembered the sound of Heero's voice calling to him over the radio, followed by a series of loud explosions. Then nothing.

He had been in this damp dark cell since he had awakened, sore and disoriented. Although he was not shackled moving about proved to be exceedingly difficult. He could not see the state of his body in the darkness, but the throbbing pain emanating from every part of his body told him just about all he needed to know. He was in bad shape. He had explored the enclosure of his cell many times already in search of something useful or any means of escape save a toilet and small sink there was nothing. The room appeared to be completely bare otherwise-not even a cot to sleep on-only the cold wall to wall concrete on which he currently sat. Once, a few days ago someone had come in and switched on a light. He was blinded by the sudden brightness as several pairs of strong arms had grabbed and held him down, he felt his skin pierced and a sudden warmth had spread through his body. Then they had dropped his prone body to the floor and left just as hastily as they had come. He still had not been fed, he could not remember ever having been so hungry.

Suddenly the door opened once again. As Quatre squinted his eyes against the blinding light of the doorway, he could barely pick out the silhouette of a woman and two large men entering the room.

"Hello Mr.Winner," the woman said. "My name is Dr. Onavich, I am pleased to see that you are awake-and still alive." Her voice was cold and deep, it sent shivers down his spine and gave him an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. Quatre just blinked and frowned at her, he did not reply.

She continued anyway. "You are the first of our test subjects to survive longer than 24 hours, and without any ill effects-promising indeed.." The last seemed to be spoken more to herself rather than Quatre but it was enough to set his mind and mouth into action. 'test subject? What is she..Oh Allah! Those people the other day..they must have injected me! That’s what I felt!'

"What have you people done? What did you inject me with?!" Quatre screamed at her, now more angry, than frightened. They had used him like some sort of guinea pig! The Doctor laughed.

A harsh deep-throated chuckle that seemed to chill the air as it echoed about the cell. Quatre shuddered but stood his ground.

"My dear Mr.Winner" she drawled as if chastising a small child, "Just be thankful you are alive and in one piece. Now, calm yourself and come with us if you wish to remain that way." Quatre narrowed his eyes further against the light; he could now make out the beginnings of a smirk on her face. He could see she wore glasses and her nose was bent at a weird angle, to him she seemed to look a lot like the wicked witch from that movie he and Duo had once watched. She was creepy. Quatre was quick to attest that he was not going anywhere with her, he raised his chin indignantly and crossed his arms over his chest refusing to budge.

The Doctor scowled.

"Very well.." she snapped her voice harsh, "If you refuse to co-operate then we will just have to do this the hard way." With that the two men who still stood patiently behind her, strode purposefully across the room grabbing Quatre roughly by his arms dragging him to his feet. Quatre thrashed and kicked in an attempt to get away even as he felt something soft being held over his nose and mouth, forcing him to inhale the sickly-sweet smell of ether. 'Trowa..help...me..' he called out mentally before all conscious thought eluded him and he was once again thrust into billowing darkness.