Title: Heero Worship
Author: Lelu & Otaku
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Category: Lemon, PWP
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi 2x1, Explicit sex, Major OOC Heero, Releena bashing!!(Minor)
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Notes: ‘thoughts’ “dialogue”
Spoilers: None


Heero held his breath, crouching further to the ground trying to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. Which of course was proving to be quite difficult since he was attempting to hide behind a small metal garbage can in the middle of a public park. Not to mention the fact that Releena had the almost uncanny ability to track him down like an animal stalking its prey. Damn that girl was annoying! No matter how many times he shrugged her off, TOLD her off and practically ran away from her, she still didn’t seem to get the message. So she continued to follow him around like a lost puppy. He released his breath in an audible ‘whoosh’ as the crazed pink-clad creature gave up her search of the area and returned to her limo, speeding off. Undoubtedly to search elsewhere or berate the others as to his whereabouts once more.

Duo was going to be severely pissed again when he got back, he chuckled lightly to himself as he rose from his hiding place and began the short walk back to their shared dorm room; If Releena wasn’t careful Duo would likely throttle her to death in the near future. He chuckled again, the image of a giant snarling Duo shaking the crap out of a little pink rag doll that was once Releena. Man – He really needed to spend a little less time watching those silly old sci-fi movies with his koi! He was starting to think like him! Another chuckle.

Heero entered the dorm room, the hint of a mischievous grin adorning his normally stoic face. The main room was empty but he could hear the faint sound of water running in the adjoining bathroom, Duo must be taking a shower. “Duo?…” He called out sweetly, barely containing his laughter at mimicking his lovers standard entrance. “Honey I’m home!” This time he couldn’t hold back the giggle . To his surprise however there came no reply. Usually Duo would spout obscenities at him for ‘poking fun’ as he called it, but instead all he received was silence. He must really be pissed about Releena’s appearance this time. ‘I wonder what that stupid Bimbo said to set him off now?!’ “Duo?!” He called out again a twinge of concern fluttering in his stomach, as he once again received no reply. He approached the bathroom door warily – A pissed Duo was nothing to scoff at – tapping on it lightly when he reached it and calling out to Duo one more time. Still, nothing. Now Heero was becoming worried, Duo couldn’t be THAT pissed off, something had to be wrong!

Across the room in a darkened corner two deep amethyst eyes watched the Wing pilots every movement with keen interest, and desire. Duo grinned devilishly, licking his lips admiring the look of his unsuspecting lover from afar. Heero was in for a night he wouldn’t soon forget! And by the time he was done, niether would little miss Releena….

Heero slowly pushed open the bathroom door, waving his hand in irritation at the steam in front of him; trying unsuccessfully to clear his vision. “Duo?… Duo are you in here? If you can hear me damnit anwser me!”

Duo’s grin widened dangerously. ‘Now the fun begins’

Without warning Heero was tackled from behind, the sudden contact sending him flying forward to land under the hot spray of the ‘empty?’ shower. Again before he could react he was pulled forcefully from the bottom of the tub and slammed face first into the slippery tile on the showers wall. “What the fuck!?” he ground out ominously, struggling against his captor who now held both his wrist in a firm grip above his head.

“Exactly koi, Fuck!” Duo growled, grinding his hips into Heero’s with a brutal force.

“D..Duo!?” Heero cryed out in surprise, groaning in response to the evidence of Duo’s arousal now pressed firmly against his ass. He moaned again, rocking his hips back to meet his lovers urgently. “Wh..what are you doing ? Why didn’t you anwser….AHH!”

Duo grasped both of Heero’s wrists firmly in one hand, using the free one to explore his body. He reached around Heero, trailing a hand down his wet, cloth covered chest, squeezing a nipple hard as he ran his finger tips over it. Heero voiced his pleasure, stopping whatever he was saying – Duo had stopped listening long ago – to moan and writh under his rough minstrations. Leting go of Heero’s wrists, Duo now used both hands to swiftly divest his koi of his wet garments; flinging them carelessly to the bathroom floor. Flipping Heero around to face him Duo gazed deeply into those beautiful Blue eyes before swiftly crushing his mouth against Heero’s for a deep urgent kiss. Their tongues battled against one another roughly, Duo’s finally trapping Heero’s against the roof of his mouth the sucking it roughly back into his own.

Heero felt dizzy with desire. Never before had his lover acted in such an urgent way towards him, it was usually he who initiated sex. Not that he minded, the attetion Duo was giving his body was exqusite, and he gasped and moaned at the feel of every heated touch. Duo’s hands seemed to touch his body everywhere at once, igniting a passion within him unlike anything he’d felt before. Duo’s hands quested lower, his slick fingers wrapped tightly around his quivering flesh and pumping in relentlessly in quick sharp strokes. Heero struggled for breath, his legs wobbily beneath him as Duo’s onslaught brought him closer and closer to the edge; and the all too suddenly the hand was gone. Heero wimpered at the loss of that fevered touch and reached out to his lover, pleading.

As Heero’s soft pleading wispers reached his ears Duo felt as though his entire body were aflame. The helpless desire in his lovers voice spurring him on faster still, lifting one of his koi’s legs to wrap around his waist his fingers sought out his entrance, finding it quickly and driving two fingers swiftly inside.

Heero arched his back, his mouth opening in a silent scream of pleasure-pain. Duo’s slick fingers massaged his insides, rubbing mercilessly against his sweet spot over and over again.

“D...Duo….Please..AHH!!” he pleaded, as his body shook with each push of his loves fingers. More, he needed more! And he needed it NOW! “Duo!!!! AHH!! NOW!!”

Heero’s pleas did not fall on deaf ears. Removing his fingers swiftly Duo positioned his now painfully hard member at Heero’s entrance, pausing only momentarily before seating himself to the hilt in one powerful thrust. He forced his trembling body to remain still until he felt Heero’s muscles begin to relax around him, then he took up a quick steady rhythm, each thrust urgent and violent eliciting sharp cries from both boys at every push.

Heero screamed Duo’s name over and over, wrapping both his legs up around his lover’s waist as he pounded him back againt the tile wall. It was too much, Duo’s was hitting his prostate with intense precision, and his arousal rubbed roughly between their stomachs with each thrust. He came violently, his seed spurting between the two, only to be quickly wash away by the spray of the now cooling water.

Duo felt Heero’s muscles spam and clamp down around him with brutal force signaling his climax, and after a few quick desperate thrusts Duo followed suit, his seed spilling into his lover, pulse after pleasureable pulse. Slowly he sunk into the tub, laying back against the wall Heero still seated on him panting harshly.

After a moment Heero finally managed to recover enough to speak, not lifting his head from where it rested againt Duo’s chest he murmered sleepily, “I thought you were mad at me.”

“Huh? Why is that koi?” Duo kissed the top of Heero’s head lovingly.

“Releena.”he stated flatly. Duo began to laugh. “What’s so funny?!” Heero snapped his head lifting up to look Duo in the face. Duo smiled at his pouty expression.

“Don’t worry about that silly girl, I know you’d never leave her for me. Besides I kinda feel sorry for her..”

“Huh?” Now it was Heero’s turn to be confused.

“The poor girl’s got the same affliction I’ve got” Heero quirked an eyebrow in question. “It’s nothing too major koi’ don’t worry about it. It’s just a bad case of Heero Worship” Duo grinned, Heero rolled his eyes at the stupid pun. “Speaking of which, I don’t think that last treatment was quite enough…!”

In the adjacent room Wufei groaned loudly and pulled a pillow over his head trying desperatly to dull out the noises coming from his friends room. “Not AGAIN…..!”


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