Hmm, this whole thing was born out of a love for Finnish piano music... and yeah, out of my love for piano. And I know this isn't really possible in GW universe, since the guys would have never had the time to learn something like that!
And I apologise if this whole thing is too cliché... I just HAD to write it ^_^

Author: Leena, leeneero@welho.com
Pairings: 2+1
Rating: PG
Warnings: shounen ai, POV, OOC(?), slight AU, slight sap maybe... ^^
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except the plot.




I never knew you could play until this night.

I came down because I heard the sound of an instrument I hadn't heard for ages. It was a divine sound and the fact that it was you made it even more so.

I watched as your fingers danced on the keys of the old, black grand piano standing in the corner of the dining hall. Your playing had been timid, when I first heard it but you had grown bolder and bolder and now you played with all of your skill and might. You were totally drawn into your own world, which was filled with melodies as lush as Heaven itself or chords as dark as Hell. And all this made me desire you even more.

You were so concentrated on playing that you didn't realize I was watching you. And you certainly didn't notice him. He stood in the shadows, his braid now undone and glittering in the dim, nightly light. He had his eyes closed and he was just listening to the melody you played. I had a feeling that he was trying to drown in the music. Or maybe he was trying to drown in you.

I recognized the slow, waltz-like song. It was by Selim Palmgren and it was called "Duo". I almost started to laugh. I should have guessed it. Really, I should have.

It hurt to see that special and fragile love between you, blossoming in your young hearts. I wanted you to look at me as you looked at him: gently and teasingly. Sometimes you were so angry with each other, but it was only because your minds were full of concern towards each other. You cared too much to let something bad happen to the other half of your newfound soul. It had been only a bud, but with his help it was now blooming. I could see that so clearly now through the painful haze in my eyes.

I noticed that he had opened his eyes and was now watching you with appreciative eyes, supporting you in his mind.

"Relax!" The sharp sound of his throaty voice snapped me out of my lonely reverie. You started, too, your blue eyes quickly searching for his violet ones. Then I saw your body relaxing completely. You obeyed him without a question.

You wanted someone to tell you what to do but still you never did what I asked you to do.

I hadn't noticed that the melody had become strained when your hands had stiffened because of the demanding chords. Your technique still needed practice and he had noticed it. Now the tone of the shining instrument was melodious again and you continued to play as if nothing had happened. I didn't recognize the current song, but it was one of the most beautiful compositions for piano I had ever heard. Maybe you thought so too, because you wanted to perform it for him.

I heard him chuckling a bit, the sound low but elated. "Romance in D-flat major. Sibelius." He obviously recognized the song and knew why you were playing it. He made me feel so inadequate and I hated him for that.

You didn't know what was happening behind your back; you were too intoxicated by the obvious pleasure the playing brought you. But he used this chance and moved behind you without a noise like a cat, like the stealth expert he was. I could almost feel your surprise as his hands found your waist and fixed your posture.

"A good pianist never lets his posture go slack." His voice was teaching. "It affects the sound immediately." You tried to nod as you obviously approached the climax of the song. Your skin was glistening because you were sweating: surrendering wholly to the music and dedicating yourself to him. I could see the muscles in your hands tighten as you dominated the keys, enjoying every second. I loved to see you this happy. I ached to see you this happy.

But if I did, so did he. He was shuddering as he listened to the thunderous chords you lured from the old instrument. He was in heaven together with you.

"Relax! Change the pedal! Keep up with the tempo... just let go!" His voice was almost a scream as he taught you everything he knew and gave you advice over your wondrous playing. I saw how his fingers itched to touch those ivory keys, too. He wanted to create a paradise of his own for you. Absently I wondered where he had learned to play; I was sure that it was he who had taught you. But you must be a virtuoso, too, because you had learned so fast. You wanted to be good at everything.

But I could have never taught you anything like this.

Right after the song ended, you leaned against the shiny material of the grand piano. You were panting from exhaustion and the lack of oxygen. You had flown along the music and forgotten how to breathe. I so wanted to give you the applause you deserved, but I didn't dare because he was there.

He didn't give you any applause, but what I saw happening warmed my heart like a flickering candle, though it hurt, too. He wrapped his arms around your waist and whispered some words of encouragement in your ear. You turned your head slightly and kissed him. Your hands found their way to his hair and his hands on your face, stroking and loving. I was happy for you but I wasn't happy for him. He stole you away from me.

But I still have to say that you both looked beautiful, kissing there in front of the grand piano, the blackness contrasting with the glow in your eyes, which opened every once in a while to glance adoringly at each other. You were clinging to him tightly, as if you never wanted to let go. I could feel bitter tears in my eyes. He had something I could never have. It wasn't fair though I have to admit that he understood you better than I ever could.

I felt my soul cracking once, twice.

After you had been kissing and exchanging your love for a while, he told you to stand up. You did only to be pulled right back on his lap after he had sat at your place in front of the grand piano. He didn't need to adjust the chair since you were both about the same height. You placed your hands on top of his and closed your eyes. His lips kissed your sweaty neck briefly, savouring the taste.

"Could you play for me, Duo? Show me how to do it right?" It was the first time I heard your voice this evening. It was adorably confused but still strong. You didn't hesitate to ask for his help at all. You were his.

He nodded and started to play. Somehow I wasn't surprised when I heard that he was even better than you were. I wanted to stay and listen to him but I couldn't watch the scene anymore; it was way too private. My mission was to bring peace to the colonies: not destroy the love you felt. I left the room like a haunted shadow. I had to save what I could of my desperate soul.

I fell asleep listening to his playing, imagining how your hands glided along with his in a dance as intense as lovemaking.

So, if you didn't get it, it was from Relena's POV. *smiles*

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