Author: Leena, leeneero@welho.com
Pairings: 1+2+1, ?+1
Rating: PG
Warnings: OC death and POV, short, angst, religious, shounen ai
Disclaimer: I don't own GW, and the song 'Electric Blue' belongs to The Cranberries.
Notes: I warn you, this might be a lil bit confusing... *sweatdrops*


Electric blue eyes, where did you come from?
Electric blue eyes, who sent you?
Electric blue eyes, always be near me.
Electric blue eyes, I need you

Domine, Domine, Deus,
Domine, Adiuva Me,
Domine, Domine, Deus,
Domine, Adiuva Me,

If you should go, you should know I love you
You should go, you should know I'm here.
Always be near me, guardian angel,
Always be near me, there's no fear.
Not at all

Domine, Domine, Deus,
Domine, Adiuva Me,
Domine, Domine, Deus,
Domine, Adiuva Me




Thunder. Lightning.

Crash. And burn.

Electricity running through me and I'm falling.

I felt the horrible pain for the first time in my eternal life. It blinded me with its dizziness and made me sick with hopelessness. I knew I'm going to die alone here, on Earth.

Heavenly colliding with worldly. I'm screaming but sins are not forgiven.

My ward, I will purify your sins. My God is the same as yours, since death is only one variation of life. Such a simple fact, but you don't know it.

But you've lost your guardian now so be careful. Death may want you even more than your deadly companion. I can see that emotion every time he looks at you, his electric blue eyes sparkling with lust. But Death may want you even more and take you to my God.

Did he ever feel lust for me? Of course not: he couldn't even see me. You can't see me.

I am invisible and I am transparent. I am glowing.

My child, be careful. Watch out for the malice in your cottony violets.

Ah, I can feel it coming even closer. I can feel it. It's sucking me dry of life. Death is draining me and my existence is almost over. The wedding white wings that used to be so pure once are bloody. Over a half of my other wing is missing; God has forbidden flying from me.

Bloody blue: the colour of my clothes and the colour of my wings.

And I suffer. I'm ethereal in my own worldly hell.

Forgive me, my God. Help me, my Lord.

Oh, I know I'm being selfish, but let this pain vanish. Please. Let me vanish in the blinding white flames surrounding my tall frame. Let me die and let me perish.

But let him live forever. Save his corrupted soul, save the last droplets of innocence of his body. Save the love that curses his mind.

And tie him and my ward together. Let his hollow guardian angel protect the one I should instead of me. Ah, give his guardian angel the strength he always lacked. Teach him how to love and give him religion.

Otherwise they will both die. My two loves. My only sins.

I pledged my soul to you, but did I ever ask you anything?

Domine, Domine, Deus. Domine, Adiuva Me! *

It's happening, it's finally happening. I do not deserve this but it is my fate to die like this, to vanish and never be born again.

But let my soul be together with theirs. Let them hear the angelic words I speak in their violated minds. Let them understand my own language: the holy language of Heaven!

My God, my Lord... I'm greater than you are, because I can die!

Angels don't die. They cannot die.

But I will die.

Just... die.


* Lord, Lord, my God. Lord, help me!

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