This fic (or short story) was originally written to my Finnish class way back to last autumn/winter. While writing this I was thinking about Heero and Duo all the time, but then I changed the names. The teachers never found out about the sex of the main charas, because in Finnish there's only one word for she/he. So... I think that's pretty much all I have to say about this thing.

Author: Leena, leeneero@welho.com
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Pairing: 1 and 2
Warnings: slight sap and angst both.
Rating: PG or G
Notes: Thanks to Maggi as always... and, I was listening to Gackt all the time I was translating this. To be more specific, I had "Mizerable" in repeat mode for two hours. Heh...
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It was ten to seven in the evening. He was sitting on his narrow bed, swinging his legs lazily. His thoughts were wandering like always, not even wanting to stay still and let the person who owned them figure out the crazy patterns of his mind. He hadn't realized that he had bitten his nails so, that they were way too short, until he felt the coppery and steely red taste in his mouth. But this didn't matter. The only thing he was aware of at the moment was that he was terribly nervous. His fingers were twisting the white bed sheets, clenching and unclenching rhythmically and he could feel the nervousness in every part of his body, coiling and swirling.

And all that just because he was waiting for his best and only friend to come to visit him tonight.

Heero sighed resignedly, staring at the clock intently. His best friend was supposed to appear at seven o'clock: not a minute before or a minute later. He was supposed to come exactly at seven. And he was always punctual. Always.

He had just moved to a new apartment, or should he say to a new room. He had lots of roommates and they all shared a bigger apartment. But they all still had their own private rooms they were allowed to decorate in every way they wanted. Heero thought the people living in that house formed a community: one where no one else could ever belong. He didn't have his own kitchen or kitchenette, but it didn't matter since all the people in their small but cosy community usually ate together at the same time.

Though he had thought a lot about his fellow community members, he never claimed to know a lot about them. In his opinion they seemed to be nice people, but still he had never even tried to make friends with anyone of them. He had only one friend, and that was Duo. There was no one who could ever take Duo's place in his heart, and he did his best to prevent that accidentally from happening.

Actually, their friendship had always been pretty odd. Heero had always been a lonely person, who wasn't even interested in making friends. Or so it seemed. Deep down he would have loved to have even one person he could call his friend, but no one ever talked to him or asked him to go out with them. Heero didn't know if the fault was in him, or if the fault was in the other people he had learned to despise. But the fault was somewhere, cursing Heero.

Whatever the reason was, Heero couldn't have been more thrilled, when on one rainy and stormy day he was walking towards his school, trying to fit his body under his tiny yellow umbrella. He was looking at the sky longingly, wanting to touch the beauty of the lightning bolts, which currently illuminated the whole landscape, bringing forth its electric blue light. Heero looked down from the sky, only to see a thin form walking on the other side of the road. The slender figure didn't have an umbrella, and it was obviously soaked to the bone. The figure had its shoulders hunched and was shivering from the cold, trying to hug his arms around his body.

Heero never knew why he decided to play a guardian angel back then, but it was one thing in his life he never regretted. He could still remember how the rain had hit him as he ran towards the hurrying figure, trying desperately to catch it. When he finally had reached the figure he was panting hard from exhaustion. But the dazzling smile that had lightened the whole face of that enigmatic person was a price enough for Heero, who finally summoned the courage to ask if the slim form would like to share his umbrella. He could have sworn that his heart truly missed a few beats whenever he faced that mysterious smile.

Though he tried and tried, he couldn't make out if the person was a girl or a boy, because it had a long hair bound in a golden braid, which tangled all the way to its waist and buttocks. That hair reminded Heero of a field full of blossoming cornflowers. But if the figure's hair was light, its eyes were the definite opposite. They were a darker shade of violet than a winter night. Heero could see traces of the electricity that had hit the ground in a form of a lightning bolt, swirling in those amethyst bottomless pools, threatening him and forcing him to say something. The figure was feminine with its feline grace, but still there were some unknown hints of masculinity lingering around it. Heero thought that this stranger was the most beautiful piece of creation he had ever seen.

But when Heero heard that deep and soothing voice, all his doubts vanished like he had never experienced them in the first place. The person was most obviously a male. He told him that his name was Duo and encouraged by that little gesture, Heero introduced himself whisperingly, his voice soft and hesitant. He was so afraid Duo was going to leave him now, when they had just met, to vanish and perish like his doubts had only a moment ago.

But he was just so wrong when he was thinking thoughts like that. Tenderly Duo took his cold hand in his, rubbing his numb fingers gently, making the ache the coldness had brought disappear. Heero had never known it could feel so heavenly to hold some other human being's hand like this. Their fingers were entwined and they completed each other perfectly, like a sword and a sheath. It felt like their fingers should have always been linked so intimately.

However, Heero's statement changed the very moment Duo told him that they went to different schools. Heero would have loved to have a friend to spend time with at school: it was always so lonely otherwise. But Duo only smiled down at Heero, squeezing his hand reassuringly, not once flinching away despite Heero's blaming gaze. Heero's eyes lit up when Duo told him softly, that he would be there to wait for Heero when his school ended. Duo even made Heero laugh by remarking that he still needed Heero's umbrella. But Heero felt safe with Duo: this wasn't about the umbrella anymore. He had just realized that he had a friend now.

They were always together after that fateful day.

It was seven to seven already. Heero had stopped biting his nails, but his legs were still swaying merrily, sweeping the floor absently. His blue eyes surveyed the room calculatingly, trying in vain to make that feeling of absolute nervousness to vanish. His room was nicely decorated: his parents had rented it for him. They had said that because Heero was already 18, it was time for him to move to his own place. But because he didn't have any income yet, they had promised to pay the rent for a while. That was exactly what they had said to him, their voices begging Heero to trust their judgement.

Heero had just cleaned up that solitary room, because everything had to be perfect for his Duo. Though Heero liked to think of him as 'his Duo', their relationship was purely platonic. There was absolutely nothing romantic in it. Heero just happened to love and adore Duo more than anything or anyone else in this world. That was the only reason everything had to be so tidy and perfect.

Suddenly Heero felt a slight sense of panic filling his mind. He realized that if he were sitting on his bed, the bed sheets wouldn't be straight anymore. Quickly he stood up, slowly walking to the window near the desk. The view was great: he could see both a huge pine forest and a deep blue lake painted in the scenery around him. But Heero felt a sick sensation in his stomach whenever he thought about the forest. Maybe Duo would have wanted it to be a birch forest after all!

He bit his lip as his gaze swept over the clock hanging on the wall. It was a clock full of fruits: every number was replaced by a fruit. Though Heero thought the clock was childish, Duo seemed to adore it and that was the main reason Heero hadn't thrown it away.

It was five to seven. Grapefruit to apple.

Heero laughed a little as he accidentally turned to face his small bookshelf. It was full of all kinds of fantasy books, old and new, humorous and serious. They both loved them, and sometimes Heero even read Lord of the Rings aloud to Duo. They both enjoyed those little session, which included just the two of them and a good book.


Heero felt butterflies flying upwards in his belly, trying to break loose when he heard that heavenly voice. Duo's arms encircled his waist and he could feel a warm breath in the nape of his neck. He couldn't help but smile happily, that small lifting of lips slowly lighting his whole stern face. He turned his head, wanting to see his best friend. Duo was grinning at him mischievously, playing with the hem of his shirt. At that moment Heero felt like he was the most important person in the world.

"Such a nice apartment you have here... I like the view. How did you know I love pine trees?" Heero could have died of happiness at that moment. Duo liked his room and its surroundings. It was a weird feeling in a way: to be that happy for once. He hadn't seen Duo for a few days and he had already been showing withdrawal symptoms. Was it possible to be addicted to their subtle relationship like that?

"Would you like me to read for you?" The words had left Heero's mouth before he could prevent it from happening. Duo nodded solemnly, entwining their fingers and leading Heero towards the bed, where they could lie comfortably and enjoy the book and each other's company. Heero's other hand grabbed the heavy book from the bookshelf and throwing it to the bed before starting to stroke Duo's long braid.

Suddenly Duo tackled them both on top of the white linens, falling on top of Heero himself. Heero was too busy with trying to draw in some breath to notice that his best friend had quickly straddled his waist, holding him tightly in his grip. The next thing Heero knew was that Duo's lips had covered his in a small kiss, which still indicated something more than a simple friendship. The kiss itself was sweet and gentle, but there was a touch of danger apparent in it. Heero watched as Duo's eyes slid closed. He couldn't close his eyes because he couldn't leave that sense of something being terribly wrong behind. Slowly he withdrew, placing his hands on Duo's shoulders.

It was something he had never even thought about. He didn't want Duo like that, because love wasn't eternal. Friendship was. To be more specific, Duo's friendship would surely be eternal. At least as long as they kept things like they had been before.

And luckily for Heero, Duo understood this clearly. Of course Heero felt bad when he saw that disappointed look in Duo's eyes, but he reassured himself that it would be better this way. At the end everything would be just fine.

They had almost fallen asleep mid-reading, but the sudden knocking on the door woke them both immediately. Heero couldn't help the irritated tone of his voice, as he shouted whoever there was to come in. The door was still open, because he had left it open for Duo to enter. He frowned as he saw a black-haired man with oriental features, dressed in white, to step inside and close the door silently. Heero recognized the man as the owner of this house they were living in. A smile spread on his face and he unconsciously tightened his hold of Duo's hand.

"Hello, Heero. How are we feeling today?" The man smiled down at both of them warmly but his eyes were still solemn and a bit wary. But this all went unnoticed by Heero.

"Hi Wufei. Wanna meet my best friend Duo? The one I've been talking about so much?"

"I'd love to."

Dr. Chang Wufei's voice was as calm as always, but his eyes were sad as he watched the young short-haired boy in front of him, hugging the empty air contently and smiling softly.

Then he steeled his heart and stretched out his hand, waiting for the hallucination to shake it.


The End.


Hmhp... I'm sure this idea has been used before... so, this is just my take on the subject ^_^. Anyway, feedback anyone? And, if someone happens to know any good stories dealing with this particular subject (mental health)... well, please, tell me! ^__^ I'd love to read some.