Author: Leena
Pairing: Umm... 1x2, ?+1
Rating: Probably R in the future
Warnings: Yaoi, angst... the usual. Dunno *grins helplessly*
Archive: My own hp www.geocities.com/dragonlady_silvara/
BGM: Gackt! *_*
Notes: Ummm... Zil-chan, where's my piccie??? :) Maggi, I'll send the full version to you when I actually write it and send to my friend who types it up (hopefully!!!)... and finally, Sony_Mouse... finish IAWW already... dying of curiousness!

So, this is unbetaed and all that jazz... don't kill me, ne??? *blinks*


5.35 a.m


A slim figure emerged from the big white house, his long chestnut braid swinging back and forth as he walked away from the house, his steps angry and sharp. His whole posture was stiff as he almost ran through the blossoming garden, not stopping to admire the extraordinarily beautiful view you could only see in the spring. His violet eyes were almost blazing like two liquid pools of sparkling jewels, filled with fury and something, which could be only described as hesitancy.

The figure, dressed all in black, stopped abruptly as he reached the wooden gate. He reached out his right hand, intending to open it, but then let his hand to drop limply to his side. A soft sigh escaped his half-parted lips as he turned around, his eyes now glowing with frustration.

"Solo!!! Drag that sorry ass of yours here in this instant or..." The voice was harsh and the words were meant to hurt.

Solo exhaled sharply, trembling with both anticipation and fear. Maybe he would stand a chance after all...

But why did his identical twin Duo have to be such an asshole? It really made him wonder if Heero Yuy was worth of all this trouble.

Slowly he made his way back to the house, this time looking at the flowers on the garden, wondering if they had same kind of problems as well.



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