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Growing Wings by LdySowan
Chapter 6 -- Interlude

Duo passed out before we'd made it out of the room, not that it surprised me. He was lighter than he had been that morning, not much more than a 110 pounds now, with bone and muscle making a stark play just under skin. It wasn't unexpected. The New Type metabolism was something our scientists didn't understand yet, but it was something we'd seen before. On some of the induced Types, they'd run their body faster and faster, harder and harder, burning themselves up from the inside out, until there was nothing left and they died. Even in this age of technological miracles and genetic magic, nothing's free.

Drugged and not expecting it, Duo had no control over himself or his talent and had almost followed the same path. Given how strong his ability was, it was a stroke of pure luck that he had stopped it before he killed himself. I almost wished he hadn't.

Still, it was a bargain made--and now, kept. Heero had his own side to keep.

When I got Maxwell back to my room, I settled him into the shower, stripped off my clothes, and climbed in after him. It took some time to get him cleaned up. The soot was everywhere, so it was up to me to see if he was truly uninjured after his foray into flame. His back had been bare against the table, so it didn't surprise me that he didn't have a mark there. But the green gown had burned away from his arms, torso, abdomen, thighs and groin, and he didn't have any burns on his skin there either. Even is hair was in pristine condition once I got it unraveled and started getting the chalky residue out of it.

"I told you not to touch his hair."

I looked up from where I was scrubbing, pushing my own wet hair out of my face, and smiled up at Heero Yuy. "Yes, you did. And you were right, by the way. His talent is as strong as yours and a hell of a lot more flashy."

Heero shrugged, his dark eyes unreadable as he stood in the shower door. "Duo was your best option. Milliardo wouldn't have worked for you. Too difficult to control. You don't have anything you could hold over him, and if you broke him, you'd have even less ability to control him."

I didn't think they were his real reasons, and it's true that I could have gone into his mind, opened it up under mine... but I had found that I preferred not to know what Heero was thinking. Too often, it involved the naked man I was scrubbing clean or the numerous failed attempts he'd made on his own life. Funny, now that he knew why he'd failed all of those times, he didn't try to do it anymore.

"I know, Heero. I know. So you've said. But if Duo doesn't work out, he's really our best option."

I returned to trying to scrub Maxwell clean. His hair was a mess that was going to take some time. I gathered up a handful of it, poured the shampoo in my hand, and started working it into a lather. Heero's hand closed on my wrist, a little too hard. It would leave a bruise later. I blinked up at him, not chastising him over it, curious to see what had brought out his anger. He crouched in the open shower door, his statement distant, unreachable.

"I meant it. Don't touch his hair. I'll clean that; you worry about the rest."

I shrugged, nodded, and let go of the tangled mass of hair to start working on his hands. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Heero strip off his boots, shirt, and pants before opening the shower door and stepping in to join us. I tried not to stare. I had seen Heero Yuy naked many, many times, but I'd never had him, and knowing that tonight was going to change that made my breath catch in my chest all over again. He was beautiful.

And he was washing Duo's hair with a deft touch that I didn't like. Had he been with Duo before? I had long suspected the pair of them of being lovers, but I'd never been willing to prove or disprove the notion to myself. Now, watching him handle Duo with that gentle efficiency, I was almost sure of it.

He looked sharply up at me when my hands stilled. "He's a pyrokinetic?"

I nodded, tasting ashes in my mouth.

"Hn. Not what I expected."

That was new information. I sat back a little, drawing one of Duo's limp legs into my lap. I was curious, as I always was when it might provide some handle on how the Japanese man saw the world. Besides, it distracted me. "What did you expect?"

He didn't look up from where he worked on the last quarter of Duo's hair. So quickly! He had finished most of the job in less time than I'd taken to clean Duo's hands.

"Death. I expected him to be Death."

Ah. Now that made sense. Duo was, after all, Shinigami. And Heero was life, healing. His talent proved it, even though he denied it. It made sense that he thought Duo was his natural opposite. Beyond that, I wasn't willing to consider the possibilities.

We finished cleaning him up together in silence, Heero's mind a pleasant, quiet buzz at the edge of my awareness, Duo's similarly quiet. By the time I had finished with Duo's feet, Heero had worked conditioner into his hair and braided it again into a very wet, clean, orderly rope that he coiled on Duo's chest. When I turned the water off, Heero worked his arms under the braided pilot's back, picked him up with a small grunt, and carried him, still dripping a little, into my living room. There, he settled him onto the couch and wrapped him over with a blanket. I wanted to protest that the couch would get wet, but it had survived worse, and I didn't want to take the chance that Heero's solution would be to share our bed with Duo.

And that was what it all came down to: our bed. I'd promised Heero that I would find a way to get Duo here, to get Duo's New Type ability activated--in spite of my superior's wish to use Milliardo Peacecraft instead. When this was over, I would get them both out of here. I'd been willing to promise much more, as long as Heero himself was the exchange for it.

He hadn't hesitated over our bargain, but I didn't expect him to. Heero was, first and foremost, a soldier. He was willing to die for his cause. While having sex with me wasn't something I really believed he wanted, it was considerably better than dying. He had seemed settled with the idea, easier with me after we had made our deal, more willing to let his guard down.

Heero's only mistake had been in believing that I shared his particular idea of peace--something that I had purposely worked towards making him believe. And if a telepath couldn't convince Heero Yuy of a lie, then no one could.


Chapter 7 -- Interlude

We had gotten dressed, Heero only in a pair of jeans, myself in pants and a sweatshirt--I wasn't sure why I had bothered. Maybe it was that our Duo-washing shower together hadn't been a sexual thing, and I wanted that part of the night to be separated from the rest. Maybe it was just that I wanted to unwrap Heero like the gift he was.

Heero stood over the couch, still watching Duo's face while he tucked the blanket in around him. His own face was a little softer than usual, a little more open with the concern he felt. He reached down, smoothed Maxwell's bangs back, and before he could do another tender, uncharacteristic, infuriating thing to Duo Maxwell, I leaned wrapped arms around him and folded him against me. Cupping his face with one hand, I turned his head to mine and kissed him, gently, with all of the restraint that I had in me. I wasn't here to break him, or to prove that I was stronger, more dominant. I had nothing to prove to him.

I made the kiss an open invitation. I wanted the world, but at that moment, I was willing to settle for letting him choose our pace, letting him choose what he wanted. I intended to seduce him, it was true, but I wanted him to love it, to realize that I was willing to do anything for him, that I was willing to submit to whatever he chose. I had wanted him for so long, so many years of watching and dreaming. Reality was better than the best of dreams though; his lips were soft under mine, pliant, his body restlessly moving back against mine. He half-turned into me, reached up, and slid his arms around my neck. I lost myself in that simple, chaste kiss, and made the mistake of a lifetime.

I opened my talent to him.

Heero knew I normally didn't listen to his thoughts, that I found them disturbing. Besides, he had a highly trained mind and never made the mistake of leaving potentially compromising information at the surface level, so there was little point in it. What I saw wasn't compromising information. Worse, it was personal.

Heero Yuy had just kissed me as innocently as a school girl with her first crush because he was imagining that I was Duo Maxwell.

I believed, before that moment, that I knew the limits of my fury, that I had found it when the Preventers had betrayed everything I'd once held sacred. I was wrong.

I slammed my shields shut and pushed him away all in a single moment, sending him crashing, hard, into a wall. Before he could move, I caught his wrist as he had caught mine in the shower, too hard, so that the bones ground against each other where I pushed it against the wall, pinning him with it. I pulled him against my chest, knotted his hair in my other hand to yank his head back, and kissed him viciously enough to draw blood from his lower lip.

He was gorgeous.

Tense, every muscle in his body rigid but not quite fighting me, he kept his mouth shut for that kiss. I drew back, watched those shuttered blue eyes that I knew so well. "Come now, Heero. A ten dollar whore could do better than that. If you can't manage something a bit more..." I smiled down at him, let my voice drop to the barest of whispers, pressing my lips against the lobe of his ear, "accommodating, then I'll see to it that Duo gets to spend this quality time with me."

I could see his mind working behind those dark eyes, could see him coming to the conclusions I wanted him to reach. If he found Duo desirable, then surely I must as well. If I found Duo desirable, then there was very little to stop me from taking anything I wanted from him.

He reached his free hand up, maybe to push me away, maybe to brush the blood off of his lower lip. I caught it and used it to lever him around so that he was facing the wall, trapped there, with his hands twisted up behind his back between his shoulder blades. It was a position that hurt, I knew, but at that moment, it was nothing like what I wanted to do to him.

I held him there, his shoulders near to breaking, his talent healing them even as the muscles tore. "I'll do whatever you want." His voice was low, toneless. I almost didn't hear it.

I leaned over him, realizing just how damn small he really was, and a part of me that I didn't know was there quickened at his words. I closed my eyes, dizzy for a moment with the image of him spread open, struggling, waiting for me, his face tense with anticipation and fear. I would tie him down like that...

Not what I wanted! That isn't what I wanted at all!

And yet it was. I pushed away from him, releasing his arms. "Anything?" My voice was scornful, sharp. *Then come here and kiss me, Heero. Properly this time, so that I can see what's dying inside of you when you do this.*

He turned slowly, closed the distance between us in unsteady, jerking steps, his Prussian eyes dark with something unnamable. When he kissed me, I tasted the fear in him, felt him shaking as he tried to fit us together properly in spite of our height difference. He opened his mouth to me, passive at first, but when I drew back to smack him, he trembled and leaned up, initiating the kiss once more, this time with active invitation in it. His fear was a heady thing, more intoxicating than the strongest of spirits, more erotic than any one thing I could think of. I was getting drunk off of it very quickly, and though I could have him for as long as I wanted, I wasn't going to wait much longer to claim him properly.

Still, I took my time with that kiss.

I touched him nowhere but his mouth and face, brushing my fingers through the damp tangles of his hair. I had never thought of such a thing as a weapon before, but I recognized it as one now, and I used it to teach Heero just how far I was willing to take this. When I finally leaned back to let him breathe, he had to brace himself against me, his mouth swollen and his eyes lost. Behind me somewhere, Duo stirred on the couch, whimpering in his sleep. *The bedroom, Heero. Unless you want to take a chance on Duo waking up in the middle of my fucking you.*

He nodded, trying to gather himself together, to find some of his soldier's pride. Somehow he succeeded. With a remarkably straight back, he turned and walked through the doorway. I followed at a more leisurely pace, closing the door quietly behind me, setting the lock on the panel beside it. I was going to take my time with Heero, whether or not Duo woke up.

Watching me, his face relaxed just a touch. He was relieved that I wasn't going to shame him in front of his lover? The anger that I had thought was dying down flared back to life. I stalked forward, backhanded him hard enough to knock him off his feet. *Do you honestly think you're going to be able to stay quiet, Heero?* I pulled him to his feet and pushed him over the bed. *Do you really think I can't make you scream?* I caught one of his hands, wrenched it to the small of his back, and held it there with my knee while I leaned over him. The restraints I had planned to use on Duo when he woke up were barely within reach in the night stand drawer. They weren't designed for the bedroom, but they could certainly hold Heero Yuy.

With another twist, I levered his hand up properly for the restraint and locked it on. *Give me your other hand, Heero.* Underneath me, he was panicking, his breath coming in short gasps. Heero hated to be bound like this. He hadn't minded it so much when he'd first arrived here, but after the scientists had finished spending several weeks testing how much damage he could heal on himself, he went a little crazy every time someone put him in restraints. It hadn't really been necessary since then, but right then I wanted to hurt him, badly, and I knew most of the buttons it took to do it.

"Kael, please don't do this." His whispered voice was hoarse, on the edge of losing control. "Please."

I stroked a hand down the lean line of his back. His skin had been flawless the day his talent had started working, a rich, smooth golden color that I wanted to taste. *Why shouldn't I do this, lover? It won't actually hurt you, and it might just remind you of how much you owe me.*

"I said I would do what you wanted--anything."

*Anything?* I mocked him, pulling his arm, hard. He was, after all, refusing to give me his arm--hardly the actions of a man willing to do anything. *Hesitate on another thing, Heero, and we'll see how long it takes Duo to learn how to beg the way you just did.* Then I let him go, one half of the pair of cuffs locked around his wrist, the other dangling loose. *Lose the pants Heero, and lie down on the bed on your back. I want to see your face.* Outloud I whispered, "I want to see how quiet you can be. Who knows? Maybe your Duo will never know about tonight." He rolled over onto his back, eyes wild, and hands shaking violently, but did as he was told. His fingers went to the snap and zipper on the jeans. I wasn't honestly sure he could do it while he shook like that, but he managed to pull them loose and fold them down his legs, kicking them from him, off the bed and onto the floor. Seeing him like that, vulnerable, shaking, naked and spread across my bed, I got a flashback to my earlier vision. Yes, tying him down was too tempting a thing not to do.

I feathered my hand down his chest, across his abdomen, skating it lower to cup his groin. Grasping his cock gently in my hand, I massaged him for a moment, felt the stirrings of something, and twisted, hard. He cried out--not a scream, not yet, but enough to make me let go. I leaned low over him, enough to make him connect the idea of my teeth with his body. "Remember, lover, you're trying to be quiet." I pressed a kiss to the fragile skin on the inside of his thigh. *Lean up, Heero, and thread that restraint around the headboard. Don't worry if there isn't much slack--I'll lock it for you.* Something in his face fractured then, but he did it. He leaned up over his head, wove the other half of the cuff through the frame of the bed. As I'd guessed, it didn't leave him with any slack to fasten the other cuff around his own wrist, so I had to lean up and press him into it. I drew back, slid down him, and kissed him while I locked it shut around his wrist and he sobbed, helplessly, into my mouth. *You're beautiful when you cry.*

I suppose I should have savored it longer, really drunk in his helplessness, his surrender, but my anger and my desire both were too strong for much waiting. I moved down his body, knelt between his knees, and drew his legs up over my shoulders. When I entered him, it was in a single, punishing thrust, calculated to hurt even someone prepared for it.

But Heero wasn't prepared, and whatever control he'd had until that moment was gone. Arching desperately away from me, he screamed hoarsely, twisting against the cuffs. He tried to fight me, but he had no leverage, no way to push me out and away, and all of his struggles just made him tighter, more pleasurable for the taking. I drew myself all the way out of him and thrust in again, reveling in this feeling of possessing him, of taking something from him that he could never take back. Heero Yuy was mine now, branded body and soul. A third time, I drew out of him completely before I settled into him, deeper than before and took up a harsh, demanding rhythm. With each stroke, it seemed that I forced a sob out of him, so that by the time I orgasmed deep inside him, he was openly crying, his face wet with tears, his eyes black with something like shame.

And staring down at him, at this man that I had loved for years, that I had wanted for years--this man that had never even noticed I was alive--I was satisfied somewhere. I stroked his sweat-soaked hair back, resting my head on his chest without pulling out of him, savoring the warmth of him trembling under me. *You know why Westerners are so afraid of homosexuality, Heero? It was a notion they inherited from the Romans, long before Christianity made it a sin. You see, the Romans thought that, if you were a man and you let another man fuck you, you were useless. Broken. You could never be dominant in anything, could never lead or fight, that you would always have to submit.* I propped myself up to watch his face. *Why would Duo ever want you like this?*