Warnings: Yaoi... sap... basta...

Notes: Most at the end because they are rather extensive. Here just let me say that this is dedicated to Amy and Andrea. My friends, it's happened. Andrea has worked up the guts and asked Amy to marry him. They're been going out for a very long time, and I was wondering when he was going to do it. He did. He wrote her a letter, and sat there as she read it, trying not to cry because it would ruin her mascara. Hence the title of this ficlet/letter - it's the last line of Andrea's letter: "Sposiamoci" or "Let's get married." She has promised him an answer by Christmas, and he has promised to have a ring for her if she accepts. We'll see, ne?

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me and I am making no money doing this. Suing me is no good, since the sum total of my personal posessions is a rather small anime and manga collection, one rather smelly little dog, and my beloved computer!

Sposiamoci: A Love Letter
by LaMangust

My Beloved Duo,

You don't know how I love you. I do. With all. I wish I could find the words, but for once my speech has deserted me, and I must try to say by these crude means what would be better expressed with actions. Actions I will not take, for in them what I want to say is inevitably lost. Such is the power you have over me. You make me laugh. You make me smile. You make me see the world in a light completely new and fresh and beautiful that I never knew before. I know you know it, but you won't mind being told anyway. You are a living aphrodisiac to me. Everything about you makes me want you and love you more than ever before, and in this manner your importance to me grows continually, even though each time I swear loving you more will make me burst because it's impossible. You make me want to live. Do you remember the time when we lay under the stars and you made a wish? You wished that I would find what I was looking for. I found it, and I never told you. What I was looking for, what it took me years to find and longer to unlock, is you. Your wish has been granted, so now let me tell you mine. I made a wish that night, too, you see. I didn't tell you, because you said that wished made for oneself should not be said aloud for fear they would never come true. I wanted this one so badly. It was a wish for me. And a wish for you. You are my light, my life, your smile is like a beacon for me, and I want nothing more than to be by you forever. Here is my wish. Marry me, Duo. Please, stay with me forever. I can't imagine life without you anymore.

Duo looked up from the letter in his hands, tears brimming in his eyes.

He fixed his watery gaze on the figure across the room who waited anxiously for him to speak, and saw the tears on Duo's face, rushing to his side.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry. Please don't cry. I'll take it back. I'll never speak of it again. I…"

Duo shook his head, tears flying free to land on the carpet and the paper still held in his shaking hands. "Shut up. Just shut up. Don't say those things. I'm just happy." He smiled glowingly, feeling his salty cheeks stretch.

"So…" His lover's voice was filled with tension. "What do you say?"

Duo tilted his head to one side, his smile growing to impossible proportions and eyes shining with the remnants of his tears and something else. "Heero…" he said softly, gently, "Heero no baka. Do you think I would refuse?"

Heero's eyes widened, his mouth opening in a stunned oval, searching Duo's face and eyes as if he didn't believe his ears. His violet-eyed lover's face turned serious, though it lost none of its light. "Heero, you are the best things to me. Everything to me," Duo felt his own confession pouring out of him, provoked by the complete openness of his beloved's letter. "Since you accepted me and told me you wanted me too, life has been like a dream, no matter the hardships we've had to face. I can't imagine life without you. Yes, Heero. Of course I'll marry you."

Heero Yuy was a soldier. Heero Yuy was a killer. Heero Yuy was a man of many resources. And Heero Yuy, at that moment, had no idea what he was supposed to do. He felt something strange on his face, and reached up to find out what it was. Bemusedly, he stared as his hand came away wet. Tears. "Duo?"

"Yeah?" Duo smiled again at him, reaching down to gently trace the trails down his blue-eyed lover's face.

"I can't believe how happy you've made me."

Duo began to laugh, a merry joyous sound, and pulled Heero up off the ground to kiss him, loving the incredulous look on his lover's face. "Heero-chan," he breathed, "Heero-chan, I know. I know." He buried his face in Heero's neck and continued to chuckle, his head spinning with elation.

They remained thus for a long moment, holding on to each other as if the world would fall away and leave only them. Then Heero pulled back quickly, grasping Duo's arms gently. He smiled, a genuine smile that almost matched Duo's. "I almost forgot." Swiftly, he reached into the pocket of his soft cotton shirt and pulled out a box. Duo smiled, eyes narrowing.

"Is that what I think it is?" Heero kissed him again, a quick teasing peck that had Duo leaning toward him seeking at nothing.

"Probably, but don't ruin my moment," Heero laughed, "It's taken me a while to work myself up to this!" He laid the box flat in his hand, hinge facing him, and held it up to Duo. The small black box seemed to shed light as it opened, making Duo gasp.

The longhaired boy reached timidly forward and reverently extracted what he found inside. It was a ring, pure silver and shining in the light, reflected in both their eyes. "Oh, Heero," Duo whispered as he inspected the engraving on the ring's surface, "It's perfect!"

There, shining in the light, was a heart, and spreading majestically away from it around the silver band were two wings. One was pure white and feathered, the other black as night and solid. The two met, tip to tip, on the other side.

Duo scrutinized the ring closely, studying every detail. Then he held it out to Heero, new tears coming to his eyes. "Put it on for me?"

Heero smiled. "Of course." The ring fit Duo's slender finger perfectly, as he knew it would. "Thank you, Duo. Thank you for making my wish come true."

Then there were no more words.


Notes: Happy?? I was!! Okay, now the explanations. What actually happened was not that Andrea gave her a ring, but that worked well enough for my purpose, since the real option seemed a little… strange for Duo. Plus the play didn't work. Anyway, Andrea gave her a necklace with an A on it. For Andrea, Amy, and amore. And I told you I loved that contrast between the wings. Always have. So now I got to use it!! Belated Merry Christmas and Early Happy New Year to you all!! Spend it with the one you love!!