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A Twisted Mission
by Laisia [animestarre@aol.com]
and Starsha [sailorsagitarius@aol.com]
Part One

My eyes flew open as I was awakened out of my slumber. I glared rudely at my lab partner. With a not-so-gentle punch in the arm, he had just awakened me from a rather pleasant dream. About him. Again.

"Why'd you have to wake me up, Heero? I need my sleep, especially in classes like THIS pathetic excuse for science!" I hissed as unpleasantly as I could in his ear.

He didn't even give me the courtesy of a reply. Unless, of course, I was to call his usual penetrating silence a reply.

"This class is stupid and not to mention bor-ring!" I continued, more annoyed than angry. "Why do I have to pay attention? Besides, this teacher is so thickskulled! She lets us do whatever we want, and just keeps RIIIGHT on teaching her crap to herself, 'cause we sure aren't listening! So what's the big deal?" Of course, his reply was just one of his infamous "shut-up-or-regret-it-later" glares. So I sighed and tried to pay attention...

I started awake again at the sound of the bell. With a yawn, I picked up my stuff and raced from the room to PE. I got into my gym clothes quickly and went into the gym to wait for class to start. A familiar presence coming to stand next to me broke me out of my daydream. What made it bad was that it had been a particularly ... graphic ... daydream, about HIM. //Damn,// I thought, //I must be the color of a tomato!// To make up for my obvious blush, I spurted out random babblings.

"Oh, hi, Heero! I think we're going to play basketball today and that would be really really fun because I like basketball and we're both good at basketball and it's much better than stupid street hockey and I hate street hockey and I broke my toe playing street hockey so it's good that we don't have to play that anymore and when do you think class is going to start and..."

"Shut up, baka," he said menacingly, and ignored me again.

Not one to give up that easily, I took a second stab at conversation, Heero-style. That came down to me talking and him grunting agreement or disagreement, not really paying attention to me at all. After a few painstaking minutes of THAT, I sighed in aggrevation and shut up. //Why is this guy always so rigid? Couldn't he at least ATTEMPT to be friendly?// My thoughts were interrupted as the teacher announced the basketball teams. Ironically, I was on Heero's team. Perfect. More cold glares and one -ended conversations. I trudged to the court, regretfully deciding to leave Heero alone for once so that I could concentrate on kicking the other team's ass.


I sighed and grinned a bit to myself. Being able to watch Heero play basketball was worth the round sitting out of the game. I was out for this round due to the fact that there was an uneven amount of kids in the class; therefore, someone had to sit out every round.

"Go team! YEEEEAH!" I cheered for my teammates who were racing around the court and having all the fun. I wasn't going to let that bother me, though, and I kept on cheering at the top of my lungs, having nothing better to do.

Suddenly, the ball went flying through the air on a direct course with some guy's lower anatomy. The poor guy went down in considerable pain, clutching the injured area. The girls were laughing hysterically over this, but none of the guys were. We understood the pain; it was certainly nothing to laugh at.

After the coach had gotten the injured guy out and the girls to shut up, he called out to me. "Duo! You're over here now!"

I bounded out to the court, glad to be back on a team. We played for a while and the score was pretty much tied up. Heero now had the ball and I was racing madly after him, trying to steal the ball. All of the sudden, I felt my shoelace tighten under my foot.

"Oh, SHIT!" I yelled as I plunged towards the hard gym floor. I braced myself to slam into the ground ... but I slammed into someone's chest. I looked at my victim as we fell... it was Heero! He must have turned around when I swore! So HE got the impact of the floor, while I got the best cushion that a guy could ever ask for. I stared blankly at him at first, but then realized my luck. As I lay on him in a daze, I wondered if this was some glorious dream. //Holy Mother of God, I'm on top of Heero Yuy!// the little sick corner of my mind whispered at me. Myself being in no mental state to argue with it, I didn't move a muscle.

"Duo... GET... OFF... OF... ME!" Heero growled angrily at me, and I was jerked back to reality. The entire gym class was silent and staring. Heero was glaring at me, death threats lashing at me through his eyes. I scrambled to my feet in a fluster. //Damn, my face is so hot... I REALLY must be blushing! Damn!// I thought in a panic. Thankfully, the bell rang at that moment. I turned on my heel and bolted out of the gym in a cloud of dust.


As I trudged back to my dorm room, I thought about my feelings for Heero. They confused me, though my thoughts often made it quite clear where my attraction lay. I mean, I'd known for the longest time that I was attracted to my gender and I was fine with it. The thing I didn't understand, though is, why I could have such deep feelings for such an unfeeling and cold person.

I sighed involuntarily as I neared the dorm room I shared with Heero. I plastered on one of my happy-go-lucky grins and went to open the door, prepared to relate my whole day to Heero... as if he'd CARE, clicking away at his computer. But for once, Heero stood up and closed that damned laptop of his as I opened the door. I just stared at him, wondering what he was doing.. He got down on his knees and reached down to get a package from under his bed. After retrieving it, he handed it to me.

I looked at the package, a smile creeping over my face. "Heero... thank you! What's the present for?" I asked as I tore off the plain brown paper.

"It's not a present, it's your clothing for our next mission." he replied coldly.

"Oh, okay... I hope it's in black, whatever it--" I stopped short as I lifted out the contents. My world turned black, as I had wished the clothing to be, as I slumped to the floor in a most ungraceful faint.

My eyes reopened to see Heero sitting at his laptop again. I had been moved to the couch. At first I didn't know why I was just waking up, but then I saw the dress sitting next to Heero's laptop, a cruel reminder of my earlier shock. Determined to get this crazy idea out of Heero's head, I jumped off of the couch and marched right over to the table. Heero was going to experience the amazing persuasive skills of Duo Maxwell, right here, right now! Who did he think he was, telling me to cross-dress? No, I was just going to have to firmly put THAT idea to the side... for good.


I glumly stared at myself in the mirror. Maybe my so-called persuasive skills weren't so amazing, because the Duo who stared back at me was suffering from the indignity of wearing female garments. Female garments that just happened to be PURPLE. //Somebody shoot me, not PURPLE!// I thought disgustedly.

Turning to face Heero, I put on my best sad puppy face and said sorrowfully, "And why do I have to wear this again?"

Heero calmly glared at me, ignoring my melodratic acting, and replied, "It's for a mission and you have to, so don't even try refusing."

"But I already did try!" I protested.

"Exactly," he retorted. "So don't try again. It's not going to work."

I wasn't one to give up that easily. As I was ranting at him about the indignity of it all, I thought to myself that it all came from having a braid. Everything good comes with a price, as they say. And this was the price.

Heero was still looking at me indifferently, now adding impatience to his glare, so I gave up. //Fine,// I thought. //If I have to do this, I might as well know what's going on.// So I asked, "What's the mission, anyway?"

He looked at me in almost-hidden relief that I had finally given up and said, "It's a major infiltration mission. Our target is a private school and the main recruiting center for OZ. There are two campuses, a boys' one and a girls' one. We need to have easy access to both for the mission to be successful. Therefore, you have to wear the dress so that you can be in the girls' campus."

I looked surprised for a second and then I grinned. "So, you can say more then a couple of words an hour." Then my smile became forced again as I remembered what I was wearing and I asked, "When do we leave?"

I looked a little startled when he stated, "In a week."

I thought curiously, //A week? Why so late?// I'd never know if I didn't
ask, so I voiced my thoughts. "Why in a week? Why not now?"

He turned around and stated in a flat voice, "You need time to get accustomed to woman's gear and we need to wait to organize with Quatre and Trowa." //Jeez, he makes it sound so NATURAL, as if it were something we do all the time!// I thought, irked at his neutral tone while saying such a thing. //Women's gear, indeed!// He smirked at me, obviously taking in my discomfort about the whole idea of a dress and "women's gear." //For God's sake, my discomfort isn't a GOOD thing!//

Then I thought for a second and asked, "Is either one of them going to have to wear a dress, too?" It only seemed logical... why have three pilots in one campus and one pilot in the other? I assumed that Wufei wasn't involved, since Heero hadn't mentioned him. I didn't even bother to wonder WHY he wasn't involved, being so angry with Heero's obvious amusement at my suffering.

He sat down and replied, "Quatre is going to be sharing a dorm with you in the girls' campus, yes."

I groaned inwardly and plopped myself down onto my bed, still wearing that stupid dress. This was going to be a loooong mission.


Trowa glanced up from the computer screen and almost grimaced. Quatre would of course do it, but it wasn't going to be any fun for either of them.. Trowa looked over at Quatre's sleeping form and smiled serenely. Quatre, his Angel, lay fast asleep after a very sweet yet exhausting time spent in bed with him.

Trying to stay focused on the mission, Trowa glanced back at the screen and read the mission again. Of course, it stayed the same. Not that it would change. Quatre, Heero, Duo, and himself would be going on a mission together. The only problem was that Quatre and Duo would have to be dressed as girls and be living together in the girls' campus.

He shut down the computer and slowly made his way over to the bed, thinking it over. Trowa yawned, and decided that he should probably go to sleep, and mull it over in the morning. His Angel had quite exhausted him with his antics in bed. Trowa looked at the sleeping body on the bed next to him and silently told himself that he could tell Quatre in the morning. There was no need to disturb the peace now.


Every boy in the class looked at Quatre and I when we walked in. Well... all the boys noticed, anyway, and those who didn't notice were soon informed. I blushed deeply at the stares we were recieving from them and looked over at Quatre to see how he was faring. He was recieving the same looks, but a little less on his part.

The teacher was now tring to calm down the class to get "the new students" introduced. Deciding it would be best to ignore the stares I was getting, I decided I would talk with Quatre, who was standing next to me.

"Hey, Quatre!" I asked in a soft voice, "What do you think those boys would do if they knew that they had major crushs on guys?"

Quatre stared at me in horror, and said, "How can you think of such things?!"

I just shrugged and replied, "I dunno, but shh....the teacher finally shut the class up."

The teacher was now standing in front of a quiet class with four new students patiently waiting to make their introductions.

She smiled in apprieciation, "Now, isn't that better, class? We have four new students here today who will introduce themselves in just a minute.. Everyone must be good and help them out." Indicating Trowa, she politely asked him, "Will you please introduce yourself to the class, young man?"

Trowa took a step forward, "Trowa Barton," he said shortly.

Quatre took a step forward next, blushing to his roots, "I'm Quatre Raberba Winner," he said, giving his name as politely as he could, but in the shortest amount of time. He quickly stepped back.

Heero stepped forward and stated coldly, "Heero Yuy." He, of course, was staring hostily at the classroom, and the rest of the class was a bit afraid of him, excluding us pilots, of course.

I stepped forward and decided that since my fellow pilots didn't exactly give the attitude of normal students, I would just have to. With that, I sighed heavily and started talking. "Hi! My name is Duo Maxwell and I'm really glad to be here!" I said as girlishy as possible. "I hope that you will all be good friends, and I hope I will enjoy this year as much as I think I will!"

After stating that I turned to look at my fellow pilots who were quite literally staring at me. I was very annoyed by this, but knew I couldn't do anything about it. //This is so frustrating,// I thought. //I mean, not only do I have to wear REALLY unconfortable clothing, but I have to endure the stares of my so-called friends because I'm acting like a girl! Damn, I HAVE to act like a girl! I'm not doing it for fun!//

I walked back to my seat and carefully put my books and supplies down. I decided that it would be for the best to ignore my fellow pilots, so I settled down to pay attention to a mind-numbingly boring class. I was interrupted from my silent boredom by someone whispering to me.

"Hey, Duo! You sure are cute, baby! How would you like to be my girl? I'm the best guy around, and any girl would kill to have me, but I'll go with you."

I looked at the guy in disbelief, and blatantly stated, "Well, then why don't you go with one of those other girls, cause I sure don't want to be your girl!"

I could tell he was enraged by this comment, but class was starting, so he could do nothing about it. Sighing, I realized as I looked around the room that all these guys would be doing a similar thing. //This is not good,// I thought. //This will interfere with the mission!// So I spent the rest of class thinking of a way to solve this problem. Unfortunately, I came up with nothing.