by Laisia Laurant [shinigami02@aol.com]
Pairing: 2+1/1+2
Warnings: sap, shonen-ai, AU, OOC
Rating: PG-13 at its worst for language.
Comments: This story is actually about my beloved girlfriend and I... these are the events that took place yesterday (Sunday), as accurately as I could remember them. Hilary, koibito, this is dedicated to you. I know you're a lot more like Duo than Heero, but I had to make me Duo for some semblence of the charas being half-IC. Ai shiteru, carphead -- 6 months on Nov. 14! WAI! *bounce* Zutto ai!

"So I get to see you today, right?"

"Of course you do. How's 2 sound, my house?"

"Perfect! I'll be there, koi!"

"Aa. Ja ne."

Duo hung up the phone, looking at the clock. 12:37 PM, the numbers taunted him. And his car was totalled, so he'd have to walk the interminable miles to Heero's house. Great.

He played Zelda, he played Super Smash Brothers, he watched the Powerpuff Girls, waiting until 1:30. At a good, fast pace, it would take him a half hour to get there.

That same half hour later, he was hopelessly lost, wandering along a street he'd never seen before. Then a white sign announced that he was leaving the city limits. "NANI?!" he screeched, glaring at the sign. "Where the FUCK am I?!" He turned back, retracing his steps, going back to where he'd obviously taken a wrong turn.

There it was, the construction site. Heero lived on the other side. Now, if he could only find the street that went around it... twenty minutes of exploring found no street that went around it. So close but so far away. Duo scowled and climbed under the NO TRESPASSING sign, working his way through the dirt and across the site.

The other side didn't have a high fence he could climb under. Tossing his backpack over the chain links, he lifted the bottom of the fence, squeezing under and wincing as the cold metal smacked his face, nearly drawing blood. Rolling out onto the sidewalk, he saw Heero's house, at long last, "Thank GOD!"

He trudged to the door, knocking weakly. "What took?" Heero asked, opening the door and looking at Duo's dirt-streaked jeans.

"Lost. Trespassed. Water. Now," Duo replied, stomping inside and kicking off his sneakers, collapsing on the couch, tossing his backpack next to him. "You're damned lucky I love you."

A cold drink and a lot of consolences later, Duo was feeling a bit better, but his back was killing him. He could just feel the knotted muscles pressing against his skin. "Anou... Heero... I need a massage here. My back's busted."

He turned sideways on the couch, crossing his legs. Heero pushed his hair out of the way and his talented hands got to work, roaming Duo's back, easing sore muscles, occasionally tickling Duo accidentally when his hands got too close to his sides. "Neh... aah! HEERO! That tickles!" he yelped, pulling away.

"Don't move, baka, you'll wreck all my hard work," Heero admonished him, holding him still and tapping his fingertips up and down Duo's back, kneading the skin.

"Aah... that feels SO much better, koi," Duo said happily when Heero had finished. "Arigatou." He snuggled against Heero's shoulder, eyes drooping. "Tired, though."

Heero smiled. "Family room? Bigger couch."


They went into the family room, Duo immediately cuddling up with his back on Heero's lap, laying a soft kiss to the clothed stomach his face was pressed against.

"Let me guess," Heero teased. "You're going to fall asleep, and I'm going to watch you sleep, and I'm supposed to say, 'Oh, wow, he's beautiful,' right?" He grinned. "Then I'm supposed to kiss your slightly parted lips in your sleep, which will in turn wake you up, and then we go up to my room and screw like monks. Right?"

Duo snorted. "Baka. Of course not. You read too much fanfiction."

"You're the obsessor over it, not me."

"Shut up."

They fell silent for a time, enjoying each other's presence. Duo reached over and took Heero's hand, cold as death like usual. "You need heating pads for your hands, koi."

"You already knew that," Heero replied, laughing, making Duo giggle as the vibrations bounced his head up and down on Heero's stomach.

"Indeed," Duo affirmed, tucking a strand of loose hair behind his ear. The action brought his hand in contact with Heero's chest, though, and Heero blinked. "Ah! Sorry, I really, really, really didn't mean to do that! Just tucking my hair behind my ear! Really!"

Heero shrugged. "S'okay."

"Heero... why am I always flirting with girls? I don't even like them," Duo mused, frowning.

"How should I know? Maybe because it's safe?"

Duo sighed. "Safe because I don't like them, but then why would I do it if I have you to flirt with? It's not like I'm single."

"The challenge, to try to see if they'll react or not? Because you already know I will," Heero thought out loud.

Duo shook his head. "Not true."


"You don't always react, carphead.[1] You're hard to figure out, harder than any girl I might flirt with. Sometimes I'll get it right, but sometimes you'll just brush off my advances..."

Heero blinked. "I'm hard to figure out? Trowa says that, too."

"Well, Trowa's right. You're a puzzle, all right. And I want to know where we intersect on the graph, pardon the bad math reference," Duo sighed. "Like why we're together... why we work, or why we think we work."

Heero laughed at that. "Right. Or why we decided to try to make it work."

"Easy for you to say, Mr. We'll-Never-Go-Out-No-Matter-What."

"I never said that!"

"Oh, yes you did. Outside the pizza place last year. I asked you out and you told me you were sorry, but it was never going to work." Duo rolled his eyes. "And now look. Three days until we've been together six months."

"Well, you were depressed, suicidial, everything negative. I didn't want to be responsible if you followed through with suicide, or responsible for your misery. But you aren't like that any more," Heero replied. "And stop teasing me about the three-days thing!"

Duo sighed. "Wanna go upstairs?"


Heero's room was small, but quaint. A bed on one side, a counter with a stereo on top and a bookcase of manga and novels. The desk was covered in doodles and random scraps of paper. A Discman lay by the bed, the cord to the headphones trailing into the darkness under the bed, covered by the pale blue quilt.

Duo flopped on the bed, snuggling into the mussed sheets. "Now we're upstairs, but you haven't kissed me in my sleep," he complained.

"You haven't slept yet. And besides, you wish." Heero went to the stereo, popping in a Steely Dan CD and sitting at the desk chair.

"You and your Steely Dan!" Duo exclaimed. "What about Green Day, Nirvana, Creed..."

Heero scowled. "I HATE Creed. You know that."

"Hai, hai, hai." Duo stood up and moved to the closet, looking at the picture of a very muddy, very sexy Matt Damon pinned to the inside of the closet door. "And you and your Matt Damon! You're going to make me feel unappreciated. What, do you want to lick the mud off him or something?"

"No... he's just sexy with mud all over him."

"But what would you DO with him?! He's MUDDY! You can't do anything to a muddy guy!"

Heero sighed and sat in the small chair by the closet, looking defeated. "Whatever, Duo. Whatever you say."

An evil grin spreading over his face, Duo walked over and sat himself in Heero's lap. "I've been a very, very good boy this year, Santa..." he drawled, smirking, wrapping his arms around Heero's neck.

"AAAH! Off! OFF!" Heero growled, eyes wide. He pushed at Duo who didn't budge.

"But Santa... I don't get a gift?" he complained softly.

Heero snorted. "No. What's your definition of good?"

"Fine. FINE. I've been a really, really BAD boy this year," Duo amended himself.

"You're insane. Off."

"No." Duo contented himself with cuddling into Heero's shoulder, legs hanging over the side of the overly small chair.

A few minutes later, Heero stood up, forcing Duo to land, not very gracefully, back on the floor. "Oi, what's the big idea?"

Heero walked to the desk and got some blank paper. "Let's write."

The next hour was spent writing a story about two boys, Ben and Chad, who met at a diner and were now on a date at the movies.

Duo's stomach growled, and Heero grimaced. "What have you eaten today?"

"A pop-tart."

"That's IT?! Damn it, Duo, we're getting you dinner."

Dinner turned out to be a hunk of mozzerella cheese, as Duo didn't like anything else in Heero's cabinets, proclaiming all other food too healthy and gross.

"I'm not walking back, you know," Duo said between a mouthful of cheese.

"Of course not. My dad can drive you. It's too dark, anyway, and you've done enough walking for a week."

Embracing in the hallway as Heero's father waited outside in the car, Duo kissed the top of Heero's head. "I know you don't know if you feel the same yet, Heero, but I love you."

Heero smiled. "I know you do. Ja."

"You're still a prude. Won't even kiss me."


"Evil." Duo blew a kiss regardless, turning and walking out the door, climbing into the waiting car, half-glowing in happiness.

Between conversations with Heero's dad, Duo could only think, 'A prude up until this Wednesday. Then we'll see about that little philosophy. Happy anniversary, koi.'




[1] carphead - Since koi means love OR fish in Japanese, carphead is an endearment used by Hilary and I to mean koibito.