Leave Me Be
by Laisia [animestarre@aol.com]

Tread carefully on this cold, blood-stained floor
You don't want a shard of my soul
To be driven into the soles of your feet
Just step around, leave me be
There is no longer hope for me
My mask has been stolen
A betrayal of my comfort zone
So I lie here, essence naked, fully exposed
Don't stare too long, you won't like the sight
Of who I truly am, despite what you thought
I'm not the joker you thought me to be
Since my mask has fled from me
Without it, I feel cold and alone
Leave me be, ignore my tears
Ignore the glistening on my cheeks
Please turn off the light and envelop me
In darkness like my essence is destined to be
I never thought I'd die alone
But without my shield, my mask
I can't go on, my soul hates itself so much
Ignore the blood dripping from my wrists
I can lie to you, my tag line no longer applies
And I will lie and say it was an accident
But that's a load of bullshit
You know it's a load of bullshit
Leave me be, let me lie
In my pool of blood while I die
I'm so useless, my soul is tainted
With the blood of those who shouldn't have died
By my hand I reaped them too
I'm Shinigami, aren't I? Damn that.
Hell awaits, I'm so impure, heaven shuns me
I won't see you there, you're too innocent
I'd tell you how I felt about you, the strong love,
But then you'd die with regret,
Knowing that I told you that I loved you
Right before my soul fled to hell
Goodbye, Heero, don't try to heal me
I've lost too much blood anyway
Even if I hadn't, I want to die
Give me my final wish, go away
This is the way it was meant to be
So just step around, leave me be