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*** Why Bother? ***

"I'm bored,"Duo flopped down on his bed and lied back.

"What"? Heero asked, swiveling around on his chair to face the speaker.

"I said *I'm* bored!" Duo propped himself up on his elbows, and quickly flopped back down again.

"Hn. As usual," the dark-haired boy snorted and turned back to his laptop.

"Hey, do ya wanna do something?" Duo chirped from his prone position on the bed.

"I'm busy," Heero said not even pausing in his typing.


Minutes past...Quiet. Too quiet. Something's wrong.

"What are you doing?"


"There is no such thing. It goes against logic," he retorted, cobalt eyes narrowed at the other's reflection on the laptop screen.

"Fine, then. I'm staring at the wall,"

"Oh." A pause. "That *is* nothing."

Duo raised his head and flashed a grin behind the other's back , "See."

"Do something constructive."

"Like what?"



"Repairs on Deathscythe?"


"Mission report?"




"Stop bothering me then," Heero swiveled back to glare at the braided-boy.

"OK. I'm done anyway," Duo got off the bed, bounded in the direction of the door.

"Nani?" Heero blinked.

Duo swung around to face the seated boy, braid swinging. He leered, "You were one of the things in my To-Do list,"

"Huh?" Heero blinked.

"First was my homework; second was repairs on Shinigami; third was mission report; and finally, fourth was to bother you," the braided-boy explained with the ticking off his fingers.

"Oh." Heero blinked. /I only ranked fourth?!/

"Well, that was fun. Ja!" Duo dashed out the door, braid waving like a banner.

10 minutes later in the now very quiet room...

"Now I'm bored. Hey, Duo?! Want to do something?"

"Naw, I'm busy."

"I guess I"ll do nothing," Heero turned to the wall challenging it with a round of staring contest.

The wall won but not by much.





Sucks, I know but I needed a break. C&C's are liked. Is this worth a sequel? I wouldn't mind doing one.