Author: lain

Title: In the Darkness

Pairings:? +2, 1+2, 3+4, (others)

Warnings: What are the ratings for those cheap horror movies? O.K., that with yaoi thrown in.

Disclaimers: No ownerships or profit being made. No G-boys under my bed. I've looked they're not there.

Archive: Those who can tolerate my writings!

**** =scene change
#### =flashback


part 5

"Mmmmm," Duo couldn't but help moan from the passionate kiss. "That was, uh..."the flushed violet-eyed boy breathed and smiled up the other.

"Amazing," Solo finished giving a knowing grin, just as flushed and breathless. "It will always be like this," Solo breathed through the chestnut hair.

Duo smiled against the other's sturdy shoulder, reveling in the familiar feel of being within the blonde's warm embrace. ‘Safe. Solo will keep me safe. He'll protect me, he'll always does just like before.’



"I need to tell you something," Duo peered from the covers of his bangs.

"Nah, Kid. *We* need to talk," Solo crooked a forefinger under the smaller boy's chin, so they were gazing at one another. "A lot has changed since..." he looked away, unable to continue.

Silence continued between the two, feeling awkward in the situation. Both unsure how to go about. Both having secrets that will inevitably change their lives for the better or for worse.

’Duo, doesn't know half of it’ Solo grimly thought. ‘But it is out of my hands. I'm just here to make sure there's no trouble.’

"Hey," Duo gave a weak grin. He swung an arm around the taller boy's shoulder. "How about some grub?"

"Sure," Solo smiled, glad at the escape from the uncomfortable silence.

"Hmm. Let's see," Duo looked at his watch, "Lunch is almost time, guess we head to the cafeteria then, and meet some of the guys!" Duo beamed at the thought.

"Duo?" the blond asked, uncertain. ‘I do not have much long before...’ Solo turned to glance down at the beaming boy. ‘Damn.’ "Why not?" he relented.

"Sugoi! You'll love them." Duo bounded up ahead, leading the way to the cafeteria with Solo trailing not far behind.

’I guess things never change’ the blond smiled wistfully.

"Oi, Duo! How about the nurse?" Solo shouted at the bouncing bundle of energy up ahead.

"Oops." Duo ran back, poked his head in the nurse’s office, and yelled: "Feel better. Bye!"

The still seated nurse only shook her head.


Slender fingers rapped impatiently against an arms rest. A figure enshrouded in black reached for the jeweled goblet he had just set down, swirling it absently. Deep in thought, some of the wine spilt on his leather-clad lap. A smile curved his lips.

‘Now, let's see how he is progressing.’ A wave of his hand, a portal appeared before him. What he saw marred his face with worry.


The cafeteria was typically loud and busy as in any other schools. Students milling about looking for seats. Shouts from students calling to join them or saving seats for friends. The rest of the pilots was seated at the back for 'security reasons' Heero said. It would not do to have top-secret information be heard by those not intended for them. And one is currently being discussed ...

"...and so what happened?" Quatre said, eyes wide as saucers. He leaned forward on the table, mesmerized by the story.

"I gave his wallet back," Wufei answered, deadpanned and smirked at Quatre's clear disappointment in the story. ‘Childish? Yes. Fun? Absolutely! Toying with Quatre is so juvenile---I cant’ help it.’

"Wufei," Trowa gave a warning glare at the black-haired pilot. He placed a comforting hand on his disappointed koi’s shoulder.

"Gomen, the lack of missions has been getting to me. I need some excitement, a distraction, someone to occupy me between the lull," Wufei replied contritely. Suddenly his face lit up with a thought, "Where's Maxwell?" ‘I'm in the mood for a good verbal sparring.’

"I don't know, I haven't seen him since first," Quatre answered distractedly as he scrutinized the edibility of his lunch.

"..." Trowa shrugged, and turned to Quatre guessing what sort of meat the fair-haired boy was holding up for inspection.

"Yuy?" He turned to the Japanese boy, eating mechanically at the end of the table, not bothering to guess the mystery meal with the other two.

"He's in the nurse's" Heero replied, monotoned.

"What?" everyone jumped to their feet, questions of concern directed to the Japanese boy.

"He shouldn't be alone considering we are so close to an Oz base," Quatre was worried. ‘I know things haven't been well between the two for a while lately.’

"He's fine," Heero retorted sharply, hands gripping the fork he held.

"I'll go check on him," Quatre was surprised, but did not back down from Heero's vehement response.

"No need. He's not alone," Heero muttered sourly, turning back to his lunch.

"Still I'll go make sure.." Quatre made a move to leave.

"Hey, Q-man! Where ya goin'?? I just got here," Duo slapped the smaller blond playfully on the back. "Food that bad, huh?" Duo looked at the food in question and made a face. "It's food, right?"

He looked to others for confirmation but all eyes were on his companion.

"Duo? Who's your friend?" Quatre coyly asked, face staining pink. Trowa's visible eye twitched ever so slightly.

Duo saw and grinned. "Well, my man this is my very good friend, Solo," he shoved the taller boy to the front.

"Hi," Solo greeted.

"Hello," Wufei gave a curt nod.

"..." Trowa greeted, barely a head movement. ‘He's spoken for’ referring to the still ogling Quatre, and sighed.

"Uh, hi," Quatre flashed a smile. ‘He's so...he's so...damn!’

Solo smirked at the other's reactions. ‘The little one's cute but I think he's taken.’ His suspicions were proven right when the brown-haired boy pulled the smaller boy closer to him and wrapped a possessive arm around the other. ‘Yup, taken. That's fine with me’ he glanced at Duo prodding whatever it was on the plate, and fondly smiled.

"And you already met Mr. Quiet," Duo tossed his head in the direction at the end of the table.

Heero glowered, not liking one bit of the teasing tone in Duo.



The shadowy figure thoughtfully gazed at the scene. ‘This might be proven difficult. By the looks of these boys they might put up a fight.’ He smiled at the thought, absently twirling a long, silky lock of dark hair. ‘Who can blame them?’

"No matter," he said to no one in particular. His rich baritone voice echoed, bouncing on the jagged walls of the cavern. "He's gone for too long," he turned back at the smiling face, "yes, too long."


"What do you think about 'em?" Duo asked.

"Who?" Solo asked.

"My friends. They're a great bunch of guys, huh?" the violet-eyed boy smiled.

"Yeah, they are. The blonde’s nice but I don't think the rest liked me much," the Solo shrugged.

"Don't mind them," Duo dismissed it with a wave of his hand. It was Saturday and the two decided to spend sometime together to get 'reacquainted' and was on their way back to the campus from the park.

"They're just those strong, silent types," Duo continued, licking his ice-cream cone.

"R-Right," Solo choked at the way Duo was going at it on the cone.

"You want some?" Duo innocently, eyes wide.

"Quit teasin'" Solo laughed, tackling Duo to the ground.

"Solo! You'll make me drop it."

"Then you shouldn't tease a guy." Both boys rolled around on the leaf-covered ground, laughing; ice cream forgotten.


High above the two laughing boys a dark shadow watched in barely controlled fury.

’How can he act like that?’

Heero turned away from the open window in disgust. The Wing pilot had been putting his considerable skills in obtaining information ever since the two boys left for their outing. He had hacked his way in the L2 database searching for anything about the person claiming himself as Solo. Heero snorted at the security. ‘Nothing can keep me away from my mission.’ And this particular mission was by far the most important than any other for this concerned his love for a certain violet-eyed boy.

He was in luck, he encountered articles concerning about the Plague from snippets of information he remembered of Duo's past. It read: Local gangs died in Plague. Heero sifted through all the visual archives and found Solo's composite among the dead.

’The dead can't just come back to life.’


Duo returned to his shared dorm room after walking Solo to his dorm.

"Hey, Heero! You've been here all day?" he asked playfully at the seated boy in front of the laptop. "You should get out man. The weather's so nice." Duo flopped down on his bed, taking off his shoes. "Solo and me..." Heero's back visibly twitched at the name, "Ya OK man?" He got up and went to Heero's side.

’You shouldn't care---he hurt you. Damn it, but I still do.’

The dark-haired boy abruptly stood up, wrenching away the arms on his shoulders.

"What do you know about this Solo?" Heero coldly questioned.

"Huh?" Duo scratched his head, confused "Well, he's my best friend," saying like it was common knowledge. "I was in a gang with him as the leader on L2. He found me when I was small when..." Duo choked at the end, then continued.

"Anyway, what's any of it to you?" Duo demanded, suddenly feeling defensive under all this scrutiny of Heero's icy glare boring into him. "Oh, I get it, now. You're jealous." He flinched at the glare by Heero but pressed on.

'Yes' the cobalt-eyed boy militantly thought but did not wished for Duo to ever know.

"Look I still care for you but..." He looked down for a moment and looked up evenly at Heero. "I've lost him before I'm not going to lose him again."

In the back of his mind, Duo's unsettling thoughts reared its ugly head. The logical side of him could not simply forget about Solo's unexplained, sudden appearance. ‘He did die in my arms, right?’ he thought. ‘There's no other explanation for it unless I...damnit, I'm not sure anymore.’

No one could have survived that Plague, maybe except him. But Duo have been doing an excellent job pushing these disturbing thoughts firmly tucked behind his mind.


"What?" the violet-eyed boy whipped his head away from the others gaze, willing the tears at bay.

"The dead can't come back to life, Duo," Heero replied, "It goes against logic."

"How would *you* know that?" Duo growled, glancing at the glowing laptop screen. "You've been looking him up?" he asked dubiously.

He read the headline on the screen and saw the prone body of a memory he had been willing himself for years now to never picture again---Solo's dead body, lying prone on a squalid street of one of the many slums of L2.

Enraged beyond reason, he lunged at Heero, knocking the Japanese boy down. The latter was caught off guard but quickly recovered control of the thrashing boy above him.

"Duo, I care for you and this Solo person is not who claims to be," Heero said as he struggled with Duo.

"You don't know shit about him, you don't know shit about me," Duo spat out, thrashing from Heero's vise-like grip on his wrists.

"You're wrong Duo. I know about your past. I know about your life on the streets. I know about the Maxwell Church, the massacre..." Heero recounted, trailing off as Duo's body shook from his quaking sobs. He crawled up from under the distraught boy and gathered him in his arms.

"Shh... Duo." Heero said in a soothing tone, as he rubbed the shaking boy's back. "You've lost him before and you don't want to lose him again but him being back without so much as an explanation is wrong."

"I know, but I don't care," Duo peered up at him with tear-streaked face. ‘Huh. Is this what it takes to get a reaction from him? I would be laughing my head if only it didn't hurt so much’ Duo idly thought even as his quaking sobs continued wracking his slender form.

"Duo, you know I'm right," Heero tightened his embrace, "Ask him," lightly pressing his forehead on the other, cobalt pleading with amethyst.

Suddenly, Duo wrenched from the embrace and pushed Heero away from him causing himself to fall backwards. "You know, for all I know this is just some dream," the violet-eyed boy chuckled, hint of hysteria lining the unexpected reaction even Heero was taken back. "It’s a dream. I'll wake up any minute now and it'll be like any other day with you calling me baka, ignoring me, telling me to shut up," he smiled, eyes glazed and unfocused. "And the dead can come back to life because I want them to, right, Heero? Tell me I'm right. Please? Tell me I'm right," Duo pleaded to the other like a child begging for assurance from a parent that things will be fine. Eyes red, cheeks glistening with still-flowing tears; Duo's bottom lip quivering as he bit down to suppress another sob.

Heero stared dumbfounded at the lightly rocking boy on the floor, whimpering noises could be heard echoing hollowly in the small room. Every mewling whimper like a stab in his heart.

’Did I have a hand in this?’

Uncertain in what actions to take, he faltered as he took a step. Stooping in front of the other, he held his arms out and Duo instinctively went to him. He gathered the braided-boy in his arms, whispering anything that came to mind to calm the other.

"Things will be fine; I'll be here," Heero whispered, lightly rocking the both of them. Rubbing comforting circles on the other's back, Heero heard the even breathing of Duo against his shoulder.

The braided-boy felt the effects of his eventful day exhausting him to slumber and went limp against Heero. Cradling Duo, Heero got up and made way for his bed. Gently laying the sleeping beauty down, he laid down beside him arms still around the other. "I love you, Duo," the Wing pilot murmured, resting his chin on top of the smaller boy’s head. "I'll be hear for you, always."

Duo snuggled closer to the welcoming warmth of the Japanese boy, nuzzling Heero's neck. The dark-haired boy watched as Duo slept; content in just having him within his arms but soon even, he could not elude the power of sleep. He closed his eyes, a smile on his normally scowling face.

A slender gloved hand gripped the goblet making creaking noises from the black leather. ‘This will not do.’ Amethyst eyes flashed with anger and quickly became thoughtful. ‘He is my son after all.’