Author: lain
Title: In the Darkness
Pairings: ?+2, 1+2, 3+4, (others)
Warnings: What are the ratings for those cheap horror movies? O.K., that with yaoi thrown in.
Disclaimers: No ownerships or profit being made. No G-boys under my bed. I've looked they're not there.
Archive: Those who can tolerate my writings!

**** =scene change
*~*~ =dream sequence
#### =flashback


Part 4


"Jeez, Kid. Sleep all day why don't 'cha!"

"Solo? Wha..." Duo's dazed state was clearly etched on his face. He rose and looked around. Black. Infinite black as far as the eye can see.

"Who did you expect? Heero?" Solo knelt down next to the confused boy.

"Huh? What are..." The mention of his stoic partner made the confusion even worse. ‘Heero?’

"Ya don't remember do ya?" Solo asked in a low tone, suspicious.

"What does Heero have to do with anythin'? I don't understand," Duo's brows furrowed together in frustration.

"*So* ya really don't remember?" Solo frowned, peering closer at the elfin face from where he knelt.

"What the Hell are you talking about?!" Duo shouted, pushing away from the blond.

"Precisely," the blond gave a knowing smirk.

"Solo! Come on, man! What's going on?" the violet-eyed boy pleaded, exasperated.

"Don't worry! I'll tell ya!" Arms up in a placating manner to the other.

"Where am I? Where's everyone?" The Deathscythe pilot scanned his surroundings.

"Just get your ass in gear and wake-up." Solo scrambled to his feet and gave a chaste kiss on Duo's forehead. "I'll see ya, 'k?" The retreating figure yelled back as he faded in the darkness, a glimpse of his true form was seen and the flap of his wings heard; but all gone unnoticed by the still bewildered Duo.

"I'm asleep?" muttered the braided-boy, looking at the black void around him. "Oh, great! Where's the Perfect Soldier when you need him? Heero?" Duo shouted at the now desolate plane.


"Heero?" a weak voice caught both boy's attention.


Duo slowly opened his eyes only to be faced again with a familiar face he saw only mere moments ago.

"Solo?! Oh...my...god...,” Duo gasped, his eyes fluttered closed, slumping on said boy’s arms.

"Kid," Solo fondly ruffled Duo's head and softly chuckled, "don't faint on me again."

The violet-eyed boy slowly opened his eyes to look up at the one holding him. "But aren't you? I-I mean...h-how?" Duo stammered.

"Um, let's talk about this later," Solo whispered near Duo's ear as he glanced down at the seated Heero. "We've got some catching up to do."

The blond smirked as the Japanese boy's back stiffened at the statement.

’Jealous, aren't we? Too bad. I've waited so long for this.’ Solo stroked the top of Duo's head. ‘Too long and I'm not the only one.’


’Who does he think he is? That bastard!’ Heero gritted his teeth. His folded arms on his chest strategically hid his tightly clenched fists. ‘I have to leave before I create any irreparable damage.’

"Duo?" He cleared his suddenly dry throat. "Duo. I'm returning to the dorm." Heero stated, walking to the door. ‘I guess, I never really had a chance.’

Heero glanced back at the two embracing figures on the table, he turned the doorknob and slipped out of the room.

"Huh?" Duo looked up from Solo's entwined arms around him. "Where'd Heero go?"

"Beats me, Kid." Solo grinned, marveling at the softness of the chestnut head.

"Solo, why are you here?" violet eyes narrowed, disentangling from his best friend’s embrace.

"Oh, ya hurt me, Kid. I thought ya missed me. Here I am, promised to be back for ya and you ain't even happy to see me." Solo dramatically placed a hand on his heart.

Duo rolled his eyes at his antics. He jumped from his perch on the examining table and stood in front of his still playing friend.

"Oh my heart. You wound me, Kid. Ya wound me. Aww, the humanity…the hu~maa~nity," Solo grinned up at the gundam pilot from his fetal position on the floor, sucking his thumb like a two-year old.

"Of course, I missed you! You've been gone for so long," the braided-boy knelt by the prone figure, smiling.

His eyes went from overjoyed to close to tears as he spoke, "You died in my arms, Solo. You promised me you wouldn't leave. B-but you went away and l-left me behind," Duo looked down at Solo, sobbing. His tears falling on the other boy's cheek, making pattering sound as it made contact.

The blond boy was struck at the pain on Duo; he was close to tears himself. ‘No! He doesn't remember, he doesn't remember. So all these years he thought I left him! My God.’

Solo reached with shaking fingers to wipe Duo's tears. "I'm so sorry, Kid. I am so very sorry. ‘I promised to never leave you again. I'll make it up to you, I promise.’

"Christ, I'm blubbering like a baby," the violet eyed boy furiously swiped at his still flowing tears, chuckling half-heartedly. "Forget it man. It doesn't matter; I'm just glad you're back," Duo stood on his feet and held out his hand to help the other up.

"Kid, you deserve an explanation. But for now, let's start where we left off," Solo leered, eyes sparkling as he dipped Duo in his arms and proceeded to plunder the shorter youth's mouth. Duo ‘eeped’ in surprise. Struggling for a moment but quickly forgot as the passionate kiss made his brain turn to mush.

"Uh, right. Explain...later," Duo dazedly slurred up at the youth above him.

Both were unaware by the creaking of a closing door.

‘K'so. Damn him!’


‘He did not even hear me. He didn't even look up. Heero no baka, you only have yourself to blame. All those times you have treated him so badly: telling him to shut-up all the time; threatening to kill him, that would make anyone hate you. It is a miracle that he even talks to you--- if I only had listened to him that day...’


Duo shifted on his feet, toying with the end of his braid. ‘Duo, you have to do this. You *must* do this. Shinigami never backs down from a fight! What’s the worse he can do? Kill me. With his track record with that Peacecraft girl I may even have a chance considering he does acknowledge me…well, I think. “Hn” is a greeting, right?’

Resolve strengthened he proceeded to head for battle.

"Ano, Heero? Can I talk to you?" Duo asked, stepping in to the unlit room. His voice somehow steady despite his nervous fidgeting.

"Hn. What’s stopping you. You've been talking all day and asking you to shut-up apparently does not work," Heero said in monotone, not even looking away from typing on his laptop. He didn't even look up to see Duo's pained expression from his harsh words.

"Right, I guess I had been talking too much but this is important.” Breathing deeply, he continued. “ Hee-chan, please I..."

"Baka. Don't call me that!"

"G-gomen, Heero. But this is important, please..."

"Baka. Just hurry up then, we have a meeting in a few minutes with the others and I still have to send this report. Hurry, you're wasting my time!" Heero scowled at the apparent hesitation of the other.

"HeeroIhavefeelingsforyou," Duo said in one breath.

Tightly closing his eyes, Duo braced himself for a blow physically or verbally, and even the chance appearance of a gun. None came but silence. He risked a glance at Heero.

The cobalt-eyed boy sat stiffly on his chair, fingers above the keys stopped midair. A look of dawning horror as he stared blanking at the screen was on his face but quickly repressed before Duo could see.

‘Feelings? For me? He can't! This will endanger the missions...Him. Weakness such as this is not an option from either of us.’ Now with a countenance of indifference, Heero turned to Duo.

"Hn. Baka. That is a weakness that can be easily exploited in the times of war."

"I-I'm sorry, Heero. I just wanted to let you know 'cause we could die tomorrow and..."

"Enough! This discussion is pointless, feelings are not needed in a war," Heero snapped. He gripped the edges of the desk and fought with himself to keep his back from the longhaired boy. He could not face the pain he knowingly caused in Duo. Said boy took a step back.

"I shouldn't have...sorry, I'm sorry..." Duo turned on his heel and swiftly left the room.

Heero was left in the room only with the illumination of the computer screen. His fists clenched tightly on his desk, head bowed. Tears glistening on his cheeks.

‘Feelings are not needed...feelings is a weakness...I am sorry, Duo. I rather have your hatred than your love, I'm not worth it. Don't waste your love on me.’


‘I should not have done that. I should have told him that I cared for him as well. He acted his normal, baka self the next day; laughing and joking with the rest of the pilots. No one noticed the light died in his eyes. And I made it worse when I left for a mission to avoid him.’

Heero slumped against the wall by the nurse's door. His arms hugging his knees.

‘Nevertheless, Duo is still my partner. I still need to watch his back as he does mine and Solo... I don't trust him.’

Worry for his partner alone in a room with a "close" friend, the Wing pilot got up and headed for the door. He turned the doorknob to peer in and what he saw made him see red.

‘K'so. Damn him!’